$10 Babies R Us Gift Card for 500 Points on Recycle Bank

Right now you can get a $10 gift card to Babies R Us for just 500 points on Recycle Bank.  This is a pretty good deal as most gift cards start at 2500 points.  If you have been banking points, you may want to consider this reward.

To find this reward on the Recycle Bank site, click on Aveeno under “Our Featured Partners”. Scroll down a bit and you will see it. Thanks Stephanie!

Thanks, Rose Knows Coupons!

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  • Matt

    Looks to be gone already and their servers are down now. : (

  • Emily

    Look under “Earn Points” then “Aveeno” (click on “See All”) after you sign-in to RecycleBank to order. It doesn’t show up under rewards.

  • Emily

    Okay this is really frustrating. I really need this but I am not seeing it anywhere. HELP!

    • I added the instructions at the bottom of the post.


  • Gloria

    It must be gone because I followed your instructions and it’s not there. The only two things there are a coupon for Aveeno and a tote bag with Baby Talk with a lotion sample.

  • Emily

    Still no luck on this. Very disappointed – I really could have used this and wasted so much time going back to see if there site was up and running again. Deal is no where to be found this morning.

  • Jennifer Morbeto

    First, I had trouble finding it …. and now it looks like it is gone! Come on! No fair. They should have a lot of these gift cards because it was such a great deal!