$10 off Amazon Coupon in Parenting Magazine

Great News!  The February Issue of Parenting the Early Years includes a coupon for $10 off your purchase in the Baby Store at Amazon.com.  This issue has Kourtney Kardashian and her son on the cover.  The coupon expires on 2/28/11.

If you remember the February Issue of Baby Talk also includes this coupon.

Don’t get either of these magazines?  I am pretty sure you can get a complimentary issue of Baby Talk Magazine in the Baby Registry are of Babies R Us.  Or sign up for a free subscription here.  This offer to get Parenting Magazine for one year for just $1 is still available.

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  • Barbara A

    My issue has a 20% off Diapers….

  • laura

    This combines with the 20 percent off diaper coupons as well…. Technically after these two coupons, the coupons on amazon.com for pampers, and my discounted gift card, I got 160 ct cruisers for 3.44. Crazy!

  • Elizabeth Horton

    mine just had the 20% off coupon too. No $10 coupon. Bummer!

  • haely

    My baby talk only had a 20% off diapers coupon too.

  • Shelley

    Mine just had 20% off diapers too.

  • lucinda

    i had the $10 off coupon. such a blessing!

  • Anna

    I got the $10 card and got a case of 204 pampers for $18!!!

  • Lanette

    The $1 subscription offer is for Parents magazine, not Parenting.

  • Georgia

    That’s strange! My copy of Parenting Early Years had the usual 20% off at Amazon for diapers 🙁 How sad!

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  • Sandra

    I only had the 20% too 🙁

  • Crystal S.

    My Parenting Early Years only had a 20% coupon and I got the Baby Talk from Babies R Us and it only had a 20% coupn in it.

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  • laura

    If anyone has a coupon that you won’t be using I would love to use it!
    Thanks in advance


  • Laci

    Mine also only had the 20% off code…… but I buy the $10.00 ones on ebay since I never know where to fidn the $10.00 ones 🙁

    • Liz

      Can you use the $10 off more than once? My coupon said one per customer, so I didn’t think if I got another one, I’d be able to use it. Also, can you combine the $10 off with the 20% off?

      • Nicole Peacock

        Yes you can combine them.

      • Laci

        You can combine the 20% off with the $10.00 off. And from what I have found you can do it once a month. The 20% code also says it only good on one package but I have purcahsed twio of the same diapers and had the discount apply to both

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  • ACMommy

    Same here, I recently started receiving Baby Talk, and have only received a 20% off code…still better than nothing. 🙂

    • Laci

      the $10.00 coupon is found in “Fit Pregnancy”

  • Melissa

    This worked on the easy ups as well since my child is potty training! Thanks:) I got pull ups for less than I get was paying for reuglar diapers!

  • Laci

    I used the amazon mom with the scribe and save program along with a $10.00 coupon. I was able to get 68 pampers easy ups for under $4.00 because Amazon had a $1.50 coupon!.
    Boy am Ii glad I have 4 more $10.00 coupons and 3 more 20% coupons that are good until march. Hopefully it will be enough to get my 16 month old potty trained and off diapers.

  • thuy tran

    If you have extra coupons and not using it. Please email the code to me at tynguyen81@hotmail.com
    I have three kids that are still in diapers.

    Thank you,