10,000 Secret Deodorant Giveaway Live at Noon EST

Just a reminder about the Allure Giveaways going on this week.  The first 10,000 to sign up on this website at Noon EST today will get a free secret deodorant.  These are the other two upcoming giveaways:

9/29 – Day 4: Free Olay Body Bar (first 10,000)
9/30 – Day 5: Free Olay Moisturizer (first 10,000)

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  • Robin Kitson

    I tried this yesterday (at precisely 12 noon) and when I filled out the form it would not go through. It kept giving me the “working” message. Tried four separate times and on the last try it said “Sorry giveaway is over!”

  • Tina P

    just got mine…deodorant for today!!!
    Yeah finally was unable to get Monday or Tuesday’s.

    • Suzy

      How did you get it? All three days i have been on the page and it won’t let me click on the pic to get one even though i am logged into their site:(

      • Rose

        Suzy, did you refresh your page at noon?

        Tina, how do you know for sure that you got one? I filled out the form, clicked on submit then it stayed on “working” for a couple of minutes, then it went back to the main page and it said giveway was over. I did not get any confirmation. I was done at about 12:04.

        • Lori

          Rose, I had the same thing happened the first 2 days, working and then it said ‘thank-you” and that was it. It never said you got it or anything. I didn’t get any kind of confirmation or anything. I also have had problems with the Allure website before. I emailed them and they never really did say anything that helped it. Before, it took forever for the pages to load and then they’d go up and down. The 2nd day when I did it, it took me 8 minutes just to get to the product to try to finally get it. They need to make it easier and just do it on Facebook or something and they should let you know if you got something or not!

  • Latanya