$1/1 Oreo Coupon

There is a new $1/1 Oreo Cookies coupon available.  Play the Let’s Twist for It game and aafter you play you will have a chance to print a coupon for $1/1 Double Stuff Oreos Heads or Tails.  How funny that this coupon should be available today as just yesterday my husband told me he was out of “his cookies.”  You know I printed that coupon!

Thanks Marcia!

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  • pr

    This seems like a scam. After clicking to play a “game” which is clearly not a game of chance, I was directed to download a coupon printer. The fine print reads that data will be sent to the operator of the coupon printer even if you delete the program; perhaps it’s worth the risk? No. After four or five times of “successfully” downloading and installing the coupon printer, using various methods, it continued to require downloading of the coupon printer, with no option of choosing, “I already have it.” This suspicious program even asked me to download the coupon printer when I clicked on the “Coupon Bar” that it had added to my web browswer toolbar when I downloaded the coupon printer. Such shoddy operation is either a scam or simply not worth it. A complete waste of time is not worth whatever pitiful savings might be achieved, especially if the alleged coupons are “no longer available” but still listed.

    While I believe this site (“Common Sense with Money”) might be a useful resource, I am completely unimpressed with the whole idea of this coupon printer software.

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  • suzanne

    My coupon printed without any problems at all. I chose Eli and received my $1 coupon. I was able to print the coupon twice.
    PR, this does not seem to be a scam. It is a legitimate Kraft website featuring the Oreo brand using the images and voices of known athletes. All the coupon sites require a coupon printer to have been intstalled on your computer in order to work properly. It sounds like you are having trouble installing the coupon printer application on to your computer.

    • Joy

      I agree with Suzanne. I had no problems. I chose Eli as well. This is a legit Kraft Web site so not sure why you think it’s a scam.

      Most Internet coupons require you to download a coupon printer software to print the coupons.

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