$1/1 Temptations Cat Treats Coupon

Here is another printable coupon I don’t want you to miss if you have a kitty (or two): $1/1 Temptations MixUps Treats for Cats coupon.  I believe these sell for around $1.50/bag at Walmart and probably around the same at Target.  but I have seen them on sale at grocery store for as low as $1 or $1.25.  So, you are looking at a very nice discount.

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  • Nicki S.

    I was at Target last night with my coupon from the paper for this treat and didn’t see it on the shelves yet. It’s a new flavor, so it could be hit or miss for the next month.

    My guys love temptations treats and I love that I can find them for seriously cheap!

  • CJ

    I can never get Red Plum coupons to print, it just keeps processing and never prints 🙁

    • CJ,
      Try using another web browser.


      • CJ

        Unfortunately not an option with my computers but thanks!

  • Jen

    When I click the link, no Temptations coupon comes up. Any suggestions?

  • Jessica

    These are on sale at Petsmart for $1.00. I noticed them while I was checking out.

  • Hilary Ferguson

    If U have any coupons for Friskies cat Food, or Tempations treats $1.00 off , Please send me the extra, I Have 4 Cats, and Feed approxiatellllllllly 13 Homeless cats,it would be greatly appricated Send too Hilary Ferguson 1928 Sunrise Ave 1-A, Las Vegas Nv. 89101 God Bless