12 Pairs of socks for $14.99 + Free Shipping

Graveyard mall is offering 12 pairs of (name brand) socks for just $14.99 shipped today! You can order Mens, Womens or even kids socks! These are all name brand socks, and are made in the USA, but the brand isn’t being revealed. The sock will have a logo on it though.

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  • Diane

    Please take this comment in the spirit it was intended which is EXTREMELY LIGHT-HEARTED!

    OK I realize that it the brand of socks are not being reviled (detested) but are they revealed (exposed)?

    Just kidding 😉 I’m only pointing out the error because it brought a much needed smile to my face this morning. My spell-checker is always missing stuff like this as well.

    • Thanks Diane! LOL
      Third messed up today, maybe I need a second cup of coffee 🙂

      • Diane

        Shoot, yesterday morning I was humming an old silly pop song that goes. “Do you suffer from short term memory loss?… I can’t remember.”

        At the same time I was humming this I was trying to decide whether to get a bowl for cereal out of the cupboard or the dishwasher. I decided on the dishwasher but then IMMEDIATELY after getting it out of the dishwasher and setting it down on the counter I reached up and opened the cupboard having already forgotten if I got one out of the dishwasher I had no reason to open the cupboard.

        I couldn’t help but laugh at the irony.