12 Sharpie Permanent Markers for $3 Shipped

This offer is now expired.

These Sharpie® Fine Point Permanent Markers 12ct have been restocked on Staples. Get them for $3 shipped right now. these sold out quickly at the beginning of the week. So don’t hesitate if you need them.  This is also available in Ultra Fine Point Markers.

I checked on these earlier this morning and they were out of stock.  Looks like they decided to add some after all.

Thanks my frugal adventures!

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  • Thanks so very much for posting this!

  • tina m

    thank you so much! just id it!

  • Amanda B

    I bought both the fine point and the ultra fine point for $6.51! Thanks!

  • Brit

    OK, How do the Staples instant savings work? Seems as though I will still be paying $8 OOP.

    • Liz Wilcox

      You should see where it deducts the $5 instant coupon at checkout. It does get confusing ’cause the print is kind of small. I just ordered a set and it took the $5 off.

  • Karen

    Thanks, I ordered some for my classroom!

  • Kimiko

    Sharpies ALWAYS come in handy! Thanks for posting about this, I just ordered a pack.

  • Darci

    both styles are out 🙁

    • Gentle

      Try back every hour or two they go in and out of stock frequently it seems.

  • Sharon

    Thanks. Teachers are always looking for great deals!

  • christine

    just ordered some- shipped to store for free! $3.25 total

  • Charleen

    Thank you!!! New to common sense First Savings!!!! Children thrilled to get own set!

  • Gentle

    I just got a set of each of these and also an Avery View Binder which is 100% cash back with rewards. I used previous rewards to pay for them so I only paid $2.17 OOP and will in turn get $10.99 in rewards. Thanks so much for the post this is a GREAT deal!!!

  • Missey

    Just ordered 2 sets:) free shipping – just $3.25 each.
    Thank You!

  • Teresa

    Looks like the deal is dead. Shows $10.49 for me:{

  • Andrea

    Cant figure it out either…

  • olderwiser

    I ordered these on Jan. 7 and on Jan. 9th I received an email telling me that this item was out of stock.

    • Stephanie

      I got the same e-mail…shady!

    • peanutkla

      Me too! And all my teacher friends that I told!

  • Martha

    Staples cancelled the order. Computer honors the order, takes your payment and later on I receive a cancellation or order. I called and they refuse to honor their order. Very fraudulent practice of Staples!

  • whiteny

    just got my order cancelled buy staples today. They’ve lost my business!

  • Amy

    They cancelled my order too! gggggggrrrrrrrrrrrr

    • I actually got my order today. I think their system didn’t update when the item actually went out of stock and kept allowing orders to be place.


  • Jessica

    My order was canceled too…after I went through the entire checkout process including entering my cc number. That always makes me nervous even with a big company like Staples.

  • Ashley

    my order was canceled byte they are refunding me $5 instead of the three i paid

  • Janet

    yeah just got the cancellation notice on this too!