$20 off Any Purchase at The Company Store

Check out this nice discount!  You can get $20 off any purchase at the Company Store when you use the code SLUMBER at checkout.  There is no minimum purchase for the discount.  There’s also quite a few things on clearance as well.  Crystal shares that she got 4 tops for her girls for the cost of shipping only $5.99.

Thanks Crystal!

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  • Sierra Martin

    not working for me.

  • Sierra Martin

    you have to have one of the sale of the day items to get the discount. :)I just got it to work.

  • sarah

    Had no problem using the code…got a personalized messenger bag for my niece for Christmas. Only $8.94 shipped.

  • Danielle

    me either .. is there a trick?

  • JLR

    I just went through the whole site. The things I would have bought were out of stock. The rest is too pricey or not my style.

  • Amy in AL

    It’s not working for me, either – and I do have one of the Sale of the Day items in my cart. Any other suggestions??

    • Amy in AL

      When I added a shirt, it worked! But no other combo worked for me. Crazy – but worth it!

  • Christina

    I’m not sure why but I can’t figure out where to put the code in.

    • Christina

      Nevermind… duh.

  • Sherry J.

    No problem with the code here…

    Just bought sheets, a duvet and a shirt for my daughter for $5.95 total!

    Thanks for posting this!!

  • Christina

    Looks like the key to getting the code to work is one of the Deal Of The Day shirts. I tried everything trying to avoid having to wait on a sold out shirt but that’s the only way I’ve been able to get it to work. HTH!

    • Christina

      Oh… $8.91 total for 3 pair of shorts and a shirt. My 3 neices birthdays are 1/2 way done! 🙂

  • Catherine

    I just got a lovely jute rug for my back hall for only $5.95! Thank you so much for sharing this code!

  • Veronica

    Awesome deal!! Thanks! I got a shirt, shorts & shower curtain liner for $7.28 total!

  • Megan J

    OH wow – what a fantastic deal! The code worked great for me (w/o a “sale of the day” item). I was able to purchase the puppy-opoly game as well as the Owen and Mzee stuffed animals for my nieces’ Christmas gifts. We actually got to see the real Owen and Mzee when we lived in Kenya so that will be a special gift for them. Thanks for helping me to get some Christmas shopping done super-early!

    • Megan J

      oops, forgot to mention that my total was $10.93!

  • Diane

    I couldn’t get the code to work. Didn’t give error message just didn’t subtract anything either

  • Lori

    I couldnt get mine to work, either. I called Customer Service and she said they had just gotten more info on that code – she said that it works on the Company Store merchandise – not on the childrens clothing or clearance section. It works on items like bedding, etc. P
    hooey! i wanted girls clothes!

    • me

      It works if you add one of the shirts that is labeled deal of the day

  • Kristina L.

    I’m having trouble with the code and where to add it. It says that the codes are 8-9 numbers but SLUMBER is 7??? Help

    • Kristina L.

      WOW I can’t believe I didn’t see it the first time. LOL

  • Sierra Martin

    the code SUMMER should work too

  • Sierra Martin

    nevermind couldn’t get SUMMER to work.

  • Angela

    I bought a cinderella dress and tried using the promo code since it was $29.99. It wouldn’t work. Once I added the shower curtain liner that other people seem to be purchasing it worked. So for the cinderella dress and the shower curtain liner which my husband wanted anyway, it was $25.94 shipped. Yeah, they don’t charge tax! I have been wanting to get my daughter a cinderella dress for a long time but didn’t want to pay the $40-50 bucks plus shipping. So I am very happy!

  • Tara

    I couldn’t get it to work either, but then I added the shower curtain and it worked for me too. What a great deal!!

  • Victoria

    Thanks so much. I just got 2 outfits for my daughter for 7.91 shipped!!!! It is back ordered, but who cares, for that price…..I’ll wait!!!

  • Megan

    Thank you, Got 2 shirts & 2 shorts for $8.31.

  • I got a messenger bag, personalized, for myself for under $9 (it’s supposed to be for a kid, but it’s bright polka dots and I’m 24 so I can still pull it off). It will come in great when I go on vacation next month!

  • guest

    I bought 2 of the lil girl shirts that are part of the sale of the day, 1 pair of girls shorts that are part of the sale of the day, and also a boys 2 fer shirt (long sleeve under a short sleeve) all for $13.56!

    The site is running very slow, but I did not have any other problems.

    Thank you Mercedes!!!

  • Backordered four shirts for my four daughters (paying shipping only). Thank goodness they’re young enough for the sizes available!

    Thank you for finding the deal!

    • Did NOT go through – they sent an email claiming “customer cancelled.” I did not. I sent a brief email to customer service and have not received any reply.

  • Laurie

    omg the site is SLLLLLOOOOOOWWW. getting just plain fed-up. and you can’t sort by price, you just have to scroll through all the items in your search???? they need some IT help! thanks, tho, mercedes! i’ll be persistant for a bargain…

  • Tammi

    I just used the code on a boys tshirt (the shark one) that was $16 with free shipping. It took it just fine and my final total was zero….no shipping or anything!

  • Christine Smyth

    Thanks for the code and the post.. I finally got it to work, looking forward to getting my daughter’s new swim suit, for just $4.25 +shipping. I could have bought a suit that cost more but I wanted to buy the cheapest one where I would only be paying a little bit, I think it would have worked out to be near the same price of $9.95. 🙂 Next time there is a great code, I’ll be buying backpacks for next year.. thx so much!

  • Amanda

    I did 3 transactions and used the code 3 times. Each time with the same email/billing/shipping address. So for 30 total, each of my boys will be receiving a personalized tote bag. (the monogram was free also) Great deal. Thank you!

  • Jodi

    Works for me 5 towels and a tote bag total $6.90!!!!!

  • crap ent through the wole site an was rady to check out when I sw this message. The promotional code “SLUMBER” is no longer valid.

  • FREEDLVR is a valid code that will give you free delivery. It isn’t as good a deal as the SLUMBER code, but I was able to snag a Christmas Stocking for only $5.99 (in the Holiday Clearance section).

  • lori

    Last night I ordered a terry coverup in purple for my daughter. What a deal! Free shipping and it was $20 even. Hopefully, they honor all of these.

    I love The Company Store. We received a down crib comforter as a gift when my first baby was born, and it’s high quality.

  • kristi

    i did the order yesterday…the 2 sale shirt and matching shorts for $7.91…got the backlogged email…checked my cc transactions today, there is a pending charge for $17.93…called customer service…said it was only on specific items, not on what i got!!! BEWARE, they didnt notify me of a difference…now comes to 4.48/items (i can get better deals)…so i canceled my order!
    hope others make out better!!

  • MAra

    There’s now a message on the order page saying “slumber” is no longer a valid code! BUMMER!!!!

  • Ci

    Just checked my status. My order is now showing as “customer cancelled”. I never cancelled.

  • Ann

    Just called the company – slumber is no longer valid. They have a new code but it is for $20 off the purchase of $100 or more. For anyone interested the code is tcssleep.

    I can’t believe I missed out on this great deal.

  • there is a note when you go to check out that the code SLUMBER is no longer valid 🙁 Aw man, I got all excited!

  • Sierra Martin

    I just got an email that said the deal of the day item has been cancelled and a new invoice (that says my item has already been shipped) will cost $20! What the hell?! How can they charge a different amount and then try and ship it to you without a confirmation?!

    • mary

      I got a similar message today with a revised total without the $20 discount. They did not give me the opportunity to cancel the order or to agree to the higher amount before shipping it. I fully plan on disputing it with my credit card since I did not authorize the higher amount. What terrible customer service!

      • Amy

        Yea, I got a shipping notice today that is charging me $10.94 not the $5.95 that the confirmation stated. So I called and she said that the purchase had to be between $20-$100. I told her that it didn’t make sense that it gave me the discount on the $14.00 bag I bought but not the kid’s shirt. She said it wasn’t good on Company Kids stuff. Well then if you had to have a $20 min purchase why did it give me the discount on the bag? “Must have been a glitch in the system”. What a crock! I told her I would be refusing the package and wanted my money back that they charged my account. She says “no problem!”. We’ll see……….. Don’t think I will EVER order from that store again!

  • melinda

    so i got my order today and just checked my credit card and they charged me 18.95 not the 5.95 on my invoice that was emailed to me. i called and they said bc it was monogrammed i could not return it. well i will not be ordering from them again. they said the code that was used was a fraudulent code that was posted on different websites. Very Upset!!

  • NMK

    Update- I received an invoice for my cancelled order.

    Backstory.. When my order was to be a total of $5.95 and I was charged $21, I contacted my credit card company (after trying to have this addressed with The Company Store to no avail). They adjusted my total to what it should be; what I authorized and was originally charged when the order was made.

    Today’s invoice was charging me for the unauthorized additional amount which I had taken off the payment. Has anybody else received an invoice yet? I’d imagine they’re coming:( LOL

    And, what opinions do you have for how I should address this after the fact invoice with the company?