$2/1 Renu Fresh Printable Coupons | Free at Walgreens (starting on 11/11)

Use this new Renu Fresh Printable Coupon to get a full size bottle of multi-purpose lotion for free at Walgreens starting on 11/11:

Bausch & Lomb Renu Sensitive Multi-purpose Solution 12 oz $6.99, Get a $5 Register Rewards when you buy one
Use $2.00 off renu fresh multi-purpose solution or here
Pay $4.99 and get back a $5 Register Rewards

Pretty great deal on this solution.  We have not seen it this cheap for a while, so stock up!  Check out other upcoming Walgreens deals here.

Thanks Extremely Wild for Savings!

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  • Lisa

    I was shopping at Walgreens yesterday and was told by the manager that they no longer allow the use of manufacture coupons with the Register Rewards items. This apparently is a new policy. So, if you use a manufacture coupon on the item, the Register Rewards will not print. Has anyone else encountered this?

    • Lisa,
      I think he was just giving you lip service. I can’t tell you how long that “new policy rumor” has been in place. I think we have all heard it at one point in our shopping lives. In fact Walgreens often advertises the use of coupons with their Register Rewards offers.


      • Janice

        About a month ago when they ran the Cepacol 4 packs for $1 I didn’t get a RR when I used the coupon. If I didn’t use the coupon I did get the RR. That’s the first time that had happened to me… ?

  • Tracy

    I also have ran into that at my local walgreens. I could NOT use a coupon and receive a RR for that product.

  • I FORMERLY had all of the above enumerated MISinformation doled out to me until I started CARRYING a copy of their national policy AND getting the store mgr’s. name as well as the regional mgr’s. name and then FOLLOWING UP by calling customer service. I was ALWAYS in the right and I knew it and I have always prevailed, ultimately. Now they finally have a cashier, BOB, who is TOTALLY informed about all of the coupon policies AND will point out potential savings to the uninitiated! This is at Washington St. in Hartford,Ct. and their clerks AND acting mgrs. used to infuriate me, but not any more. Do NOT give up until you get your way-the right amount off or the item free. I once had $1 off coupons on “Puff” tissues, which were on sale for $.89. They said I could not have them for free since the coupon exceeded the item’s price, but rather, would have to wait to use my coupons when the price returned to normal!! Stop laughing! pure idiocy! Of course you know how much I paid for them!!!