24-Hour Giveaway: All You’s Eat Well, Save Big Cookbook

It’s a big giving day around here so might as well have giveaways too.  Today I have a great cookbook to share with you. The wonderful writers if All You Magazine have worked to put together this new Cookbook: Eat Well, Save Big. The book comes with 148 easy meals and when they say easy they mean it. The ingredients are simple and the recipes are easy to follow. But may you have any questions about the techniques used, the cookbook also has smart tips and tutorials to master them.

If you are a very visual person you will love this book because it’s full of photos. Every recipe comes with a photo of the dish PLUS there are photo tutorials on how to keep a cast iron in tip-top shape or how chop hers with ease among others.

But you know the folks at All You want to make sure you are enjoying life for less in several ways:

  • First, each of these meals is $2.50 or less per serving.  So perfect for us budget conscious people.
  • The book includes six manufacturer coupons for $6 in total savings for brands such as Reames Egg Noodles, Mahatma Rice and Jack Daniels Barbecue among others.
  • Finally, the book itself sells for only $12 at your local Walmart. But if that is not enough for you, you can save an additional dollar by using this printable coupon for $1 off.

Win it!

I am so happy today to be able to have a chance to giveaway five copies of this book on my blog.  To enter this giveaway:

1)  Leave a comment sharing your favorite budget conscious meal .

This way you can earn up to four entries. Just please remember to come back and leave me a separate comment for each additional action you have taken (leave comment, share on Twitter, share on Facebook, etc).

If you are reading this entry via email updates or via RSS reader please CLICK HERE to visit my blog to enter. Emailing me is not a valid entry for this giveaway. This giveaway is open to residents of the United States only. Please enter only if you are 18 years or older.  This giveaway ends on 1/16/10 at 10AM CST.  At that time I will close the giveaway and select two winners randomly.

All You provided me with a copy of Eat Well, Save Big Cookbook for me to check out and five copies to giveaway to my readers.

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  • Stephanie


  • Jen

    I make a bag of egg noodles, a pound of ground turkey and a can of gravy for a different kind of pasta dish. Makes a lot and seems inexpensive enough for us!

  • salsa chicken, all i did to make it was chicken breast i got on sale, can of mushroom soup, homemade salsa, sour cream and I had a nice lil meal to put over rice

  • Chicken quesadillas, rice and beans. I almost always have the shredded cheese, beans and rice on hand. If I don’t have any leftover chicken then we go without and I only need to pick up the tortillas. It’s fast, easy and everyone in the house will eat it!

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  • Denise

    My husband calls this “Poor Man’s Tuna Casserole”, but we just make a box of Mac and Cheese and add a can/pouch of tuna! It’s actually not too bad. We add a side of mixed veggies and it’s pretty cheap and fast to get on the table.

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  • Alisia

    Rice and beans, or chicken cooked in a crushed tomato sauce and whatever vegetables are on hand.

  • Sandy

    Pasta dishes made budget conscious meals.

  • Maureen

    It would have to be Pasta Carbonara (eggs, peas, pasta and some cheese) protein and nutrition.

  • Christy

    We make a giant batch of Chicken Soup. We boil frozen chicken purchased on sale, add 3 bags of frozen stew veggies, and use 1 box of Mrs. Grass chicken soup mix. I figured it to be about $6 for the whole pot – and we get 15 servings from that. Not too bad for $.40/serving! And the best part is that everyone in the family loves it.

  • Kelly

    Any foods I can get free or almost free because of all of your great work.

  • Lina

    I love to make stroganoff!!

  • Pam

    Any type of pasta dishes.

  • My favorite budget conscious meal is Chicken Parmesan. Bake a cut-up chicken in a casserole dish filled with spaghetti sauce and serve over hot spaghetti. Quick, easy and yummy!

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  • Lasagna Roll-ups. I always have everything on hand for that!

  • Merritt

    Sometimes we eat pancakes for dinner.

  • K

    Crock pot chili or stew 🙂

  • K

    I subscribe via RSS feed 🙂

  • Kathy Tipton

    Spaghetti with meat sauce along with tossed salad is an economic meal for us.

  • pennyscents

    Eggs, hashbrowns, toast & sausage. Fast & inexpensive!

  • Amy A.

    Anything with eggs and beans & rice!

  • Sarah Stine

    my favorite budget meal is spaghetti!

  • Georgette

    Spaghetti and meatballs.

  • NJ.

    Homemade meatballs. They make great roll-over meals!

  • Eunice B

    we enjoy baked chicken and rice.

  • Stephanie

    Spaghetti! Buy store brand items for extra savings!!! Makes great leftovers too!!

  • Eunice B

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  • Eunice B
  • Michelle

    I would have to say a roasted chicken. After the first day we can shred it and make tacos, and then use the rest for chicken stock. It is so much cheaper than buying a cut up chicken.

  • Brianne

    Spaghetti or crepes!

  • rose

    Lemon Spaghetti – lemon juice & zest, olive oil, parmesan cheese, basil tossed with spaghetti (or your favorite pasta). Yummy!

  • rose

    I’m a subscriber!

  • Karla

    We make breakfast food when we need cheaper and quick.

  • Karen

    My favorite budget meal is homemade waffles. I’d love to win the cookbook. I read your blog through google readler. Love it.

  • catie

    we are really into the rotisserie chicken you can buy at sam’s club. we eat it with mashed potatoes and veggies the first day, then we use the leftovers to make chicken salad sandwiches, toppings for salads, chicken egg rolls, the possibilities are endless!

  • Melanie B.

    We like baked macaroni and cheese….i get the pasta free with double coupon days, and then all I need is a can of cheese soup, some milk, seasonings, and a little shredded cheese. It’s good because it’s meatless, and we try to make an effort to have some meatless meals each week.

  • Georgette
  • catie

    i follow you on google reader!

  • Maria R

    I have to say that in our household pasta is a budget saver. It’s easy to make and affordable

  • Sarah

    Breakfast for dinner is a cheap, easy budget dinner that our family enjoys.

  • lilcee

    Pasta is my lazy go to cheap and easy meals

  • Laura J.

    Pancakes…easy…fast…and tastes good anytime of day.

    Thanks for all you do.

  • carrie

    We love spaghetti and meatballs. I freeze the leftovers and make a quick second meal of meatball sandwiches.

  • kristen

    cheap meal the family loves: Dice up a package of Hillshire Farms kielbasa sausage ($2.50 or less), 4-5 (or more!) potatoes ($2.00?), and a package of frozen corn ($1.00). Dice the potatoes and kielbasa and put in the oven on a large pan, seasoned with season salt and pepper and drizzled with olive or canola oil. Bake at 400 for 20-30 minutes. Then serve with frozen corn. Very yummy — and sometimes we even have leftovers for our family of 5!

  • Natalie

    A favorite here is sausage “foil dinners”. This is a great “fridge cleaner”. I get out all the odds and ends veggies from the fridge and chop them up – tomatoes, onions, peppers, carrots, potatoes, celery, mushrooms – whatever. I get the hillshire farms smoked sausage for $1.50/pkg on sale and slice it up. Everyone takes a piece of foil and makes their own dinner adding salt and pepper and balsamic dressing if we have it. Wrap them up and cook them in the oven. The sausage flavors the veggies. YUM!!

  • Talia

    I think breakfast or having brakfast for dinner can be pretty cheap.

  • denise

    I would have to say chili.

    denise_22315 at yahoo dot com

  • nil

    chicken soup

  • Colleen

    I love making something once and serve it twice!

  • angie

    chicken and rice with mushroom soup!

  • Chelle


  • Chelle

    RT this on my Twitter! 🙂

  • April Boyer


  • Holly

    Pasta!!! VERY CHEAP MEALS!! The best part of pasta is that you can add ANY type of meat, have it plain or add cream to the sauce and you have a huge variety of dishes!!

  • Debbie Boyd

    taco salad with “about to go bad” chips, ground beef on sale, and the works!!!!

  • Beth

    My husbands and kids favorite food is Mac and cheese.

  • Brianne

    My favorite budget conscious meal is chili! It’s cheap and easy to make! Love it!

  • Amber

    Homemade pizza is a go-to in my house. I make my own crust and stock up on cheese when it’s on sale.

  • Michelle M.

    I want this cookbook soooo bad!!

  • Sarah C

    It varies so much because of the different “deals” available at different times. . . but actually one that is delicious and super cheap is stir fried chicken ($.79/lb) with frozen stir fry vegetables (about $1.79), complete with cheap or free soy sauce and free Fisher peanuts. Delicious and makes enough for more than one meal for my and my hubby.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • My favorite budget conscious meal is breakfast foods- omelette’s, pancakes, waffles, etc. The foods are cheap and they’re really yummy to eat for dinner on chilly winter nights 🙂

  • Lauren

    I take Mac and Cheese and add tuna and spinach. It’s cheap and you get your carb, protein, and vegetable. It’s delicious too!!

  • Black beans and rice. Just season them up and it’s yummy.

  • Kaila

    Tuna casserole…feeds my husband and I for a week!

  • It’s my big dinner casseroll.

  • jamiej

    Anything created with what I found FREE or on sale that week. My favorite on a slow week is breakfast for dinner. Toast, eggs, fruit.YUMMY!

  • Lauren

    I tweeted about this giveaway on twitter http://twitter.com/lauren238

  • Tosha

    Our meal is usually spaghetti or chili. I always have the stuff on hand and always get everything but the meat for free. So it makes them cheap and easy and my family loves it!

  • Tosha

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  • tinap

    I also use left over chicken and make a pasta casserole along with what ever leftover veggies that I have.

  • Lauren
  • MeghanM

    Chicken salad sandwiches served with a side of baked potato wedges and veggie medley.

    Baked potato wedges (potatoes are so cheap – like 5# for $1), chicken salad sandwiches (made with canned chicken from food storage and ingredients you already have i.e. spices, mayo), fresh cooked veggies (also very cheap from the produce section).

  • jamiej

    Tweeted this!!

  • jamiej

    shared on Facebook!

  • Lisa

    We love a recipe we got from “All You”. It is a Mexican casserole and I used 1/2 of a whole chicken cooked instead of canned chicken. It is tasty, filling and cooks for a crowd. With two teenage boys, I need that!

  • Mindy Holt

    MY favorites for bfast are eggs and oatmeal
    For dinner I like cooking with beans and lentils

  • Sarah G

    I love making tacos – I can usually pick up all the ingredients during triple coupon days for free (or very cheap) and freeze them (or put them in my pantry) until I need a quick meal.

  • Diana

    I like anything putting frozen veggies and rice in a pan to warm it all up.

  • Betsy

    I love to make soup in the slow cooker – great to come home too and cheap too!

  • Diana

    I like putting frozen veggies and rice in a pan to warm it all up.

  • Ann

    I like to make spagetti. It really seems to last for several meals.

  • Karen

    Chicken Enchiladas in the crockpot. quick & easy!

  • Suzanne

    We like the cooked Rotisserie Chickens from our local store. We slice, serve with potatos (baked or mashed) and a salad. Then we use the leftover chicken to make Chicken casserole, or chicken and dumplings or chicken rice/noodle soup, chicken chili or mix with Mayo for chicken salad or with Bar-B-Q sauce and put on a bun for something quick and easy. Use the leftover carcass and boil with onions, carrots, celery and whatever seasonings you have on hand to make chicken stock/broth to use in the the soup/chili/dumplings. Delish! and very quick, easy and frugal for busy famililes.

  • My favorite now is pizza made with dough from my bread machine. I top it with broccoli, artichoke hearts, Italian seasoning, mushrooms, tomatoes and cheese. Yummy!

  • Andrea

    booga sandwhich (my kid’s name for it…it’s actually stromboli). Dough in the bread machine then leftover chicken, turkey, ham, etc., cheese, and italian dressing or mustard or cream cheese all rolled up and baked into something entirely new…

  • Michelle B.

    I make a whole chicken in the crock with potatos. The next night, I use the leftover chicken, 1 cup salsa or picante sauce, and 1 brick of cream cheese. I either eat it plain or in tortillas.

  • Tammy L.

    We often have breakfast for dinner. It’s cheap and fast!

  • Amber C

    I love to make tacos! Easy and affordable!

  • Lee Ann

    Hmmm… budget conscious dinner… hamburger, frozen veggies, barley, beef broth… delicious soup! just add your own seasonings!

  • Terri L

    We stock up on chicken and ground beef when it’s on sale. Pair up with rice, pasta, Campbells soup or spaghetti sauce from a good deal (with coupons of course) and it makes for a very inexpensive dinner.

  • Sue H.

    ramen noodles with cooked veggies and/or any leftover meat or chicken stirred in.

  • elena

    chicken dishes I can make on a great budget

  • Sara

    Pasta with garlic and canned tuna

  • Selena

    We love scrambled eggs for a cheap supper. I’d give this book to my brother and his new wife– they are quickly finding out how fast money goes!

  • Summer

    I love using canned beans. They’re a good source of fiber and protein, they’re inexpensive, versatile, and don’t require cooking!

  • Nancy B

    I like to use up leftovers by cooking them into something else. I am the queen of rice a roni casserole, and clean out the refrigerator soup. The only problem is when it’s so good we want more, and it was a truly one of a kind recipe.

  • Deb

    Ground beef or turkey 1 lb or less brown, drain add 2 cans vegtable soup with 1 can water, serve over toast. Fast,cheap, and easy

  • Lenore Crouse-Gambito

    I love grilled cheese and soup, especially during this time of year. Yum!

  • julia

    Red beans and rice – yum!

  • Me, please! ~~~ Kraft Mac & Cheese!

  • Heather

    Pasta is great. It tastes better as leftovers and streatches your $.

  • staceyk

    I like making frittatas with veggies.

  • Caroline K

    I stock up on the frozen veggies whenever they are on sale. It’s a great way to stretch a meal for free or pennies.

  • jaime

    mexican dip

  • melissah

    My favorite is spaghetti casserole. I take a jar of ragu ( i like to season it with my own seasoning), a pound of ground beef (browned) 1/2 cup of water and rotini noodles. mix it, bake it in the oven for 35 min at 375 then top with shredded colby jack cheese and baked 5 min. It is delicious, easy, and cheap. Great paired with a salad and bread.

  • Norka Torres

    I use a pasta, ground beef, sauce, cheese and 1 big pot to make a quick, easy, cheap dinner for 2 or more.

  • Andrea Watts

    Sour cream enchillidas. Sour cream, chicken and chillies and broth. Very good!

  • Rachel


  • Aimee

    Breakfast of any sort is a great budget saving dinner for us!

  • Tanya

    I love making the Buitoni pasta meals. So cheap when they are on sale and I use double coupons.

  • MaryCatherine

    Tacos– I can always use bits and pieces to create a yummy meal

  • Spaghetti is a cheap meal–especially when I can get the noodles for better than free!

  • Jennifer H

    A package of boneless skinless chicken on sale w/Kraft mac n cheese. The kids love it!

  • kristi

    i love to make what i call, gulosh…its different every time! its a little bit of everything that i have in the pantry. beans, rice, diced tomatoes, can of soup, any leftover meats (chicken, roast, even hamburger), can of corn or any other veggies…its all stuff that i always have on hand! yummy!! =)

  • I always have pasta and veggies in the house and that makes for a quick and inexpensive meal. Plus, my kids will always eat it.

  • Tammy

    Five Bean Soup…Black, Great Northern, Pinto, Garbanzo and Kidney. Add a can of diced tomatoes, some diced onion, and a can of Chicken Broth. Put it in the slow cooker and it is an cheap, easy feast.

  • alh1203

    I love to throw chicken, rice and veggies in the crockpot – the sauce is what changes the meal, whether it’s cream of chicken, tomatoes, alfredo or even sweet & sour sauce.

  • alh1203
  • Marlena U.

    We love to make soup in the crock pot…it’s super easy and we can stretch it for several meals!

  • alh1203

    google follow

  • Julie Nguy

    My step daughters like basic marinara sauce with pasta. We can eat that once or twice a week and they won’t get tired of it.

  • Diane G

    Pasta or breakfast for dinner (eggs) is very frugal for our family.

  • Heather

    my husband cooks.. anything in the croc pot!

  • Anything that is on sale when I bought it is a frugal dinner in my house!

  • Stephen

    Make a large batch of spaghetti, the leftover sauce is used in chili the next night, the leftover chili is used in chili mac the thirdnight..

  • Jen F

    I love making breakfast for dinner! I always make extra so we can it for breakfast the next couple of days!

  • theresa g

    Spaghetti w/garlic bread and salad. We have it once a week.

  • Mine is vegetable beef soup. all week i collect the left over vegies ans then use them with some beef broth, tomato sauce, ground chuck, and seasoning. my family loves it.

  • Dot

    Pasta with pesto and french bread.

  • Barbara Gierzak

    My favorite budget-conscious meal is spaghetti (with veggies and/or turkey in the sauce) and whole grain pasta; salad on the side. (I always get Ragu/Prego,etc., pasta, and salad, when they are B1G1, and I use my coupons with it; so it makes for a very economical meal!

    Barb in Jax FL

  • Olga

    breakfast for dinner! given all the great deals on breakfast items I get from your blog…it makes it an economical and EASY dinner. we have this once a wekk!

  • Linda Palmieri

    Spaghetti with garlic bread

    egg sandwiches

  • Olga

    i am a subscriber! could not live without my emails from you!!!

  • Crystal

    santa fe soup / chili

  • katie


  • Crystal

    I subscribe to your emails 🙂

  • Salmon Patties with cheese.

  • Ashley B

    Cheesy Tuna noodle casserole. Take a box of mac n cheese, make how the box says to. Add a can of carrots(drained), peas(drained), and a can of tuna(drained), mix it up and serve with a salad. My kids love it!!!!!

  • Ashley B

    I’m an e-mail subscriber!!!!!

  • Jennifer E

    Lentil soup

  • SmlTwnLdy

    breakfast! Eggs and pancakes/toast/waffles with whatever fruit we have.

  • Pam B.

    I am alot like the other readers, I love to figure out that I have made a meal that was almost completely free from all the work that you guys do! But one of our favorite meals is diced up cooked chicken placed in the bottom of a dish, layered with cheese (whatever is on hand), and then stuffing (already prepared) on top. Bake until cheese is melted and heated through! There are usually no leftovers!

  • Sol

    I love polenta! It’s inexpensive, each serving is very filling, and you can serve it as a side with almost anything!

  • Pam B.

    I’m a facebook fan!!

  • Kelly K

    I would say speghetti for us, i always use whatever leftover meat we have, my kids just call it surprise!

  • eggs!

  • lisa

    tuna casserole is great!

  • Robin D

    Any meal created with items I got for free!

  • Carole Spring

    I cook 1 lb of Barilla Piccolini (mini penne). Then stir the hot cooked pasta with 4 Tblsp of margarine. After the margarine is melted, I add an 8oz pkg of finely shredded Kraft Mexican (4 cheese variety) cheese, gently stir & serve. This makes a filling meatless meal and tastes like the mac’n’cheese that is served at Noodles Restaurants.

  • Robin D
  • Robin D
  • Kari

    We are making a lot of tuna casserole because the stores in our area had tuna on coupon for 28 cents! I use egg noodles, cream of mushroom soup, peas, and tuna! It makes for a very thrifty meal with my tuna sale!

  • Maria Perez

    left over night

  • Maria Perez


  • Bear

    My favorite meal is fried eggs with hash browns on the side. Easy, quick, and cheap.

    • Bear

      I subscribe via RSS.

  • Susan Laura

    Just last night we found a new favorite – from the latest All You magazine, too! Try the recipe for “Porcupines” – it’s basically ground turkey and rice balls in a chicken broth soup. Very good! We added some fresh lime juice at the table and that made it even better.

  • Carole Spring

    I posted on FB – cspring31971

  • Carole Spring

    I tweeted about the cookbook giveaway: http://twitter.com/cspring31971/status/7800624752

  • i have to agree with another commentator about our favorite meal being whatever we got for free with sales and coupons. other than that, sometimes i crave peanut butter sandwiches. 🙂

  • My favorite budget-conscious meals are spaghetti and breakfast for supper.

  • Emily

    Anymeal that my picky husband will eat that I was able to get for cheap either by sales, coupons or both.

  • Connie

    Purchasing and preparing a WHOLE CHICKEN vs. just buying the breast or just the legs and thighs will make your meals stretch further.

    Thank you so much!!

  • Jaclyn

    For a budget friendly meal- spagetti with red sauce, green olives (you HAVE to try this- whole or slice with an egg slicer), with either ground beef (.99 cents per Lb) or ground turkey. I have a huge stockpile of pasta (.25 cents or less) & sauce (.38 cents or less) that I got super cheap, I wait for the ground meat to go cheap & stockpile it in the freezer. The green olives I get as a “filler item” for 99 cents at Walgreens. My family LOVES this, feeds a lot, filling, & best of all budget friendly. I would LOVE to win this cookbook!!! PICK ME! 😛

  • bbee

    chicken kiev and rice

  • Catherine

    Seasoned beans over brown rice – inexpensive, tasty, and healthy! I purchase both the beans and the rice from the bulk bins at the local co-op, which reduces the cost to mere pennies per serving.

  • Sarah

    Breakfast for dinner is one of my favorite budget conscious meals. I also like to cook mexican meals, because I can substitute most or all of the protein with beans.

  • Laurette

    always, Pasta!

  • Renee S.

    Our favorite is spaghetti. I got a lot of it for 20 cents & the sauce I usually get cheap at Walgreens with a RR promotion.

  • I love plain old spaghetti with butter and parmesan cheese. yummy. We also love smoked sausage on the grill!

  • Cfosh

    Anything cheap! I am cooking challenged, so any help I can get would be great!


  • Miranda S.

    Pasta it’s delish!!!

  • Joyce

    I throw various beans (black/kidney/chickpeas/pinto) into a skillet with diced tomatoes and/or Rotel-type combos to make easy chili. Usually boil some pasta or bake potatoes to provide additional “filler” items for the family. This and a salad make a great veggie meal.

  • Laura

    BBQ beef on bun…land o’ frost or other beef meat, mix with bbq sauce and cook over medium heat until meat is warm and bbq sauce is mixed well. Put on bun for a delicious bbq beef sandwich. Add mac & cheese for a more filling meal. Meal apprx. $4.

  • Jennifer

    Cereal for supper.

  • Tammi

    Chicken Noodle casserole – can of veggies, can of chicken, egg noodles, and a can of cream soup…..

  • Linda Kish

    bean and cheese burritos

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  • Filippa

    eggs, beans

  • Nikki D

    use beans instead of meat.

  • Chris P

    Anything that is free or nearly free-served with Pasta that is bought with coupons!

  • Chris P

    I subscribe via google reader

  • Katherine

    Bean soup!

  • Valerie

    Can’t go wrong with eggs or pasta, never tried them together though, might be good!

  • I love chili. Beans, tomato puree, onions are cheap. I buy stew meat on sale. Add a chipotle pepper or 2 and few other ingredients I always have on hand and put it in the crock pot. Mmm.

  • Candace

    My favorite budget meal is beans and rice. Made from dry beans and mixed with spices and a little taco sauce. Mmmm! Hearty, healthy, and cheap.

  • Elizabeth Sue

    My favorite budget meal is Mac & Cheese with ground meat and some mixed in grozen veggies. It is super easy and pretty cheap to throw together!

  • mm

    I would have to say breakfast for dinner and pasta!

  • Tiffany

    Chicken and rice is our fave cheap dinner, it’s quick, easy and cheap!

  • We like to cook up some dirty rice with sliced sausages.

  • Kathryn

    Breakfast for dinner..nothing like waffles to help a budget 🙂

  • Melody Carpenter

    I love making tacos!

  • Kim C.

    Sloppy joes with ground turkey instead of ground beef.

  • Anita

    chicken breasts that I purched on sale, cooking them on my George Forman grill, make a pouch of Uncle Bens rice and a can of vegtables

  • yolanda

    My favorite budget meal is cold cereal! Mmmmm….

  • Melanie


  • Jennifer

    A huge pot of vegetable soup.

  • Latifa

    Crockpot chili! Especially this time of year.

  • varline crum


  • I love spaghetti, cheap and easy!

  • Melissa

    Soup made out of the bits of leftover veggies & meat I have stuck in the freezer.

  • Amy

    I’ve been buying whole chickens and cooking them in the crock pot. Throw in some potatoes and carrots and you have a great meal – with plenty of left overs too!

  • Connie

    We love spaghetti with homemade sauce for an inexpensive meal!

  • Sue D

    My favorite budget meal is breakfast foods like eggs or pancakes.

  • Connie

    Just posted the giveaway on FB!

  • Connie

    I subsscribe to your emails. . . is that a way to get an entry?

  • Jennifer B

    chicken & dumplings!

  • Laura

    Spaghetti and Ragu with frozen veggies! They are always on sale and very easy to make.

  • Laura
  • varline crum


  • pixie13

    Boil a bg of egg noodles, stir fry 2 bags of mixed veggies, add about a pound of cooked chicken or ham & shred some cheese on top. This will feed four people (one of whom is a 6′ 4″ teenager who eats all of half of it) for about $7. And it’s very yummy & super easy.

  • Stacey

    I add rice to taco meat to help stretch it a little further!

  • mila

    Chicken – roasted. very flexible in that you can eat as roasted chicken or added to pasta or rice or make a sandwich, too.

  • erika h.

    Cheese enchiladas with rice and beans-delicious and easy to make!

  • Kristy

    Chicken Enchiladas! Shredded chicken, enchilada sauce, tortillas, & cheese.

  • I buy the pre packaged salads like Fred Meyers just had on sale of $1.00 and bake 2 chicken breast. I dice up the chicken and ad it to the salad such as last night was the BLTblend. It takes 2 packages of the salad and 2 chicken breast to feed 4 of us in my family and the kids love it!

  • Eve

    for budget I like to make meatloaf with salad and greenbeans.

  • Eve
  • Eve

    I facebooked and shared it with you so you know(evelyn D)

  • Eve

    I stumbledupon this post (kissylips)

  • Rebecca

    I like plain old spaghetti with just a tiny bit of meat in with a can of tomato sauce, seasoned up by me! It is delicious and quite cheap.

  • I make veggie breakfast bowls with veggie sausage, eggs, and low fat cheese…when I’m feeling generous I do a handmade shell!


  • I follow with @miscmayzee, and I tweeted:


  • Amanda

    Homemade vegetable soup! It is healthy, and we can add any leftover veggies to it. Add a hot roll or bread, and it’s dinner plus leftovers for lunch and another dinner.

  • Amanda

    I subscribe!

  • Sarah Thompson

    Red Beans and rice.

  • Sarah Thompson

    refried bean and cheese.

  • Kristin

    Pancakes are always a favorite:)

  • steph

    i’m an email subscriber

  • Kim

    First, I will buy a rotisserie chicken on sale at the store. I will add a bag of vegetables that I have gotten for free. Then after we eat the white meat off of the chicken, I will pick the rest of the meat off and make a big batch of chicken corn soup for a second meal.

  • I’d have to go with Chicken & Dumplings because you don’t need that much chicken for this meal to work it’s magic!!!

    Thanks for the giveaway- this is cool!!!
    -barbarabaker 🙂

  • Mary

    I love an easy pasta bake recipe from the pantry that I got from All You magazine!!

  • Our favorite meal is tacos! They are quick and simple, and so much better than fast food tacos!

  • Tomie

    Baked bbq chicken with mac n cheese. Easy to make and cheap too.

  • Laura

    Our favorite is bean-corn-salsa-and chicken rollups