29 Free Valentine Photocards

Update: Sorry guys, code is no longer working and it is now charging shipping.  Thanks Toby!

Last week I shared how you could get 25 free photocards with Seehere only to find out later that Seehere was charging $2.49 for shipping. If that stopped you from ordering I have GREAT news for you. I just tried this so I know it works: if you order 29 4×8 photocards you get the cards and the shipping completely free. OK, so this is how you can take advantage of this offer:

::: Sign up or Login to your Seehere account (you can only use this code once per account). If you have already used this code you will need to create a new account.

::: Upload your photos and create your Photo Cards

::: Order 29 photo cards and at checkout use the code newbaby (case sensitive) to pay $0.00 for your order.

If you are thinking of ordering this I would say order them sooner rather than later in case the code stops working and it starts asking for shipping again.

Thanks RI Mama!

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  • James

    While I’ll be hurting in the morning for staying up an hour later than already too late, I’m glad I found this post.

    You just had to include the exhortation of “sooner rather than later,” didn’t you?! 🙂


    • LOL James! I am sorry! but hey it was free!


      • James

        …in light of Toby’s comment below – maybe it is good after all! Already got an email saying the order had shipped. Not bad! Thanks again!

  • Cheryl

    Thank you so much. I ordered the Christmas Cards last time and paid the shipping. I’m glad this one is totally free now. My son is not in school yet buy it will be nice to give these to family members. I made 2 different cards in one order. 21 of one and 8 of the other.

    P.S. This is my fav blog. 🙂

  • Holly

    Mercedes, some people are reporting a 75 Swagbuck code associated with this deal. I’ve searched high & low on the Swagbucks site and am not finding it. Have you heard anything about it?

    • Hi Holly,

      I have not. Do you have a link I can check out?


      • Holly

        Nope. I just saw it in the comments for the same post on both Deal Seeking Mom & Money Saving Mom. You generally seem to be the fastest (and best, IMO) at finding/answering comments, so I was hoping you’d have the scoop!

        • Hi Holly,

          I checked both threads for comments and saw what you were talking about. Then I checked on Swagbucks under shop and earn and seehere is not posted as one of the stores there. I wonder if the person meant Snapfish instead of Seehere. I’ll look into this more later this afternoon.


      • Carmila

        It isnt in the Shop and Earn. I did this deal, it was under the Special Offers tab on the first wall, and was for 45 SBs I believe. I did the offer and was credited the points within 5 minutes or so. Great deal, and I also earned SBs for the very cheap day planner offer (snapfish was it?) that was posted not long ago too and was awarded 45 SBs as well and only spent $1.49! 😀

        • Thank you so much Carmila! I am going to go check it out now.


        • Carmila is it not available now? I can’t find it.


  • Toby

    Charging for shipping now.

  • Danielle

    I just did this and got 60 cards for $4.90 plus tax