$3/1 LED Lights Coupon

Use this coupon to save $3/1 GE LED lights at Lowes.  It seems the white ones sell at Lowe’s for as little as $3.33 per set.  So use this coupon to pick them up for 33 cents.

Thanks Money Saving Madness!

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  • Stacey

    Is this a valid coupon to be printing? Looks a little blurry when I pull it up on my computer…or is that my eyes???

    • Robert

      It worked for me at 4 different Lowe’s. Only had one that wanted to be a grinch they would only sell me 5 boxes… Every other store sold me what they had on the shelf… Got all my lights for $.33 a box (while Lowe’s had them on sale fore $3.33)

      • Robert

        Also, I showed up to each lowes with a stack of 50 coupons… Only used 50 at one store but they took all of them.. I live in SC. The coupon said 1 per item.. It’s a manufacturers coupon so It can be used anywhere… (Or at least should be able to). When I first started all my buying I used the ad from Home Depot for the $3 off with trade in and lowes did a competitor price match… Then when I went back to get more they said they needed a actual coupon and they showed me one, thats when I found this coupon.

        • Sandra

          they’re not on sale anymore right? Is there anywhere else right now that has these at such a low price? I look at for them to fit all the criteria of the coupon I have just found +$10 lights.

  • what about combining this with Home depot buyback program – free lights???

  • Amanda

    the website the coupon is found on is “it a scam an trap . com”

    McAfee went all crazy with it.

    • Veronica

      It is “Itasca”… as in Itasca County, MN and Itasca Mantrap an electrical co-op. Funnnnnny that it happens to have “scam” and “trap” in it’s parent name!!!

      Now re: the validity, it looks to me like it’s a scanned image of their November newsletter, which may be improper to be printing and attempting to use the coupon. I’d want more information before I show up at Lowe’s using a fraudulent coupon — but hey! I love that it’s not for Home Depot!!

  • Shannon O

    I got one of these in my electric bill this month. Looks like a regular coupon. I dont know that printing it off this newsletter is not reproducing it which it states on there you can not do.

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  • I looked a little bit into this coupon and it was available in the same format last year.


  • Karen

    I’m getting a bad vibe from this one. I feel guilty printing it. It was intended for Minnesota Electric Customers, not the World Wide Web customers. I think I’ll pass on this one.

    • Veronica


    • Shannon O

      Well keep your eyes out when you get your bill. We have Connexus Energy and there was one in the envelope with our last bill.

  • Kristina L.

    Last year I got LED lights at Walmart for 3.00 may make for some free lights.

  • shuchi

    So ladies, yay or nay on this one?

  • Angela

    I will be trying it tomorrow and i will let everyone know.

  • Laura_in_TX

    Our weekly Lowe’s ad has 3 for $10 (was $6.47) each 50-count mulitcolor or white LED micro Christmas lights #20876, 20646. Doesn’t state manufacturer though.

  • guest

    This coupon is obviously not meant for everyone. It says may not be reproduced! How is printing out a coupon from a pdf format newsletter that was sent out to specific people in Minnesota not reproducing?

  • Miriam

    The coupon also says that offer limited to one purchase in the USA, its territories and military exchanges. Don’t believe that there are any military exchanges in Minnesota.

    • guest

      Actually, there are 2 in Minnesota. That statement is saying that the coupon is only good in the United States, unless it is used on the part of a military exchange purchase.

  • Peter

    went to Lowes this morning and the $3.33 sets are GE but when I went through the self checkout the machine ‘beeped’ at my coupon. The cashier came over and said she could only take one coupon because it says “cannot be reproduced” and printing multiples is ‘reproducing’. I pointed out that the coupon doesn’t say anything about using more than one and the website didn’t limit the number of prints. No luck. I ended up just getting one box for 33c.

    • Sandra

      Thats what I was afraid they would say… :/

  • S

    Where’s the coupon on the pdf page? There’s a big blank section where you say the coupon is.

  • Steve

    I think they removed the coupon. I did a search of their website for other pdf files and found their October newsletter which has two coupons for $3/1 GE LED light strings. These coupons also expire 12/24/10.

    • joann

      Actually they expire on 12/24/2009. I researched this am!

  • I just tried this today, and this is what I got…
    Bandwidth Limit Exceeded
    The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.

  • Robert

    http://www.itasca-mantrap.com/pdf/oct2009.pdf this one works if it doesnt shoot me a email trebor_kcalb@yahoo.com I saved the flyer. They cant take it off my computer! lol