3M Products Money Maker Deal and Free Zooth Toothbrushes at CVS


This week CVS has an Extra Care Bucks deal: Buy $15 in 3M products and get $5 in extra care bucks back.  One of the products included in the sale is the new 3M Command Metal Hooks for sale 2/$5.  Well, guess what?  There’s a coupon for $2.50/1 available here.  Here’s how your transaction would look like:

$15 buy six 3M Command Metal Hooks
-$15 use six printable coupons available here (there’s no print limit for this coupon)
= Pay $0.00 plus tax out of pocket and get $5 in ECBs back!

The limit on this deal is 1 per card. Thanks Michelle for sharing this great deal!

Oh! but the deals at CVS don’t stop there: You can also get Free Zooth Toothbrushes with this deal:

Buy 2 Zooth Toothbrushes at $1.99 each
Use buy one get one free coupon from 4/5 P&G insert (expires 4/30 so act quickly)
Receive $2 ECBs
Get two toothbrushes FREE!  Thanks Coupon Cravings!

This deal is advertised on the sales circular for Crest Toothpaste and Oral B indicator toothbrushes but it is also working for Zooth Toothbrushes (kids’ toothbrushes).

I am really wishing there was a CVS by me right now.  But those of you who do have one, Enjoy this deal!

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  • Lacey

    My store doesn’t have the metal hooks & I didn’t see them pictured in the ad. Has anyone actually confirmed that CVS carries the metal hooks and they are included on the 2/$5 sale?? Just curious b/c that is the only thing the $2.50 coupon can be used on.

  • Andrea

    So, if I’ve already done the Crest deal I won’t be able to do the Zooth toothbrush deal, right? The Crest was limit 2. I’ve already bought two. Thanks.

    • Sorry Andrea, if you have already bought the crest then you have maxed out this deal.


  • Rebecca

    I live in the Milwaukee area and the last two times I;ve gone to CVS, they do not have the items I am looking for (last week it was the Dove revitalizer for $4) and today I was looking for the 3M hooks – they had ONE they found in the back room.

  • Gloria Brown

    I actually asked for a rain check for the skin vitalizer (my first). The one store I’ve been to did have the metal hooks in two sizes.

    Warning: I got out my ECB’s to pay and they were almost black. PANIC! The manager said they use thermal paper so if you leave thme in your hot car (which I had done) they will turn black. Now they know know me quite well at the few stores I go to so it wasn’t a problem, but they did not scan direct. He had to type them in. So take them in the AC with you if you have a store that is difficult.

  • Annie

    Just came back from 2 different CVS’s. Each store only had 2 hooks per store. I still need to find 2 more hooks to get the deal….unless the $2.50 off q will work on something else???? I am going to try again tomorrow!

    • Hi Annie,

      I hope you can find the last two hooks. I don’t recommend using the coupon on a product it is not intended for.


  • Kacey Batterton

    I did price check the metal hooks, and yeah, they’re $6.99 and of course I never recommend using coupons on products for which they are not intended. Meaning I know some (comments here included) are using the coupons on the plastic hooks that are on sale for $2.50, but I hate to see that since the store will be out so much money as a result.

    I loved your post a while back about why we shouldn’t use coupons, even if they “don’t beep” when the wording on the coupon clearly states it’s for a certain product and we use it for another.

    My thoughts on the subject:

  • I went today to buy the hooks, my store carries the metal hooks, but they are 6.99, however I grabbed the big plastic hooks for 2.50 and still was able to use the coupon. No beeps, it went right through.

    • Hi Brandy,

      Did you price check the metal hooks. I am thinking that they were probably not tagged. But using the coupon on another product is not something I condone.


  • Cjsime

    My CVS had both the medium and large hooks, I scanned the large at the coupon kiosk because it didn’t have a special sale tag. The real trouble came when I went to check out.

    The girl rang everything up and scanned 5 of my 6 coupons and then said, “wait I need to call a manager.” So then they called the 3m number on the back of the hooks. The 3m help person said that it was only good one per transaction. I said “great, I have the time.” (I was very polite and patient the whole time) > The checker girl finally rang up all six with all six coupons in the end because it was easier for her. . . Right. Good thing we called 3m.

    Its times like these I wonder if it is worth it. If I would have walked off they would have thought I was trying to hide something, but at the same time, my time is valuable. Right?

  • Jan Warner

    My CVS had the metal hooks in the cleaning isle/household and they were marked 2/$5.00. I got my 6, thanks for the infomation. I also got my toothbrushes but since I don’t have little girls (they only had Barbie left) I gave one to each of my 6 year old neighbors. I’m the greatest neighbor now in there eyes. LOL
    Thanks for the great tips!!!

  • Jess

    This will be my first trip to CVS, so I have a question. Is CVS like walgreens? Do you have to have the same amount of coupons/ECB’s as items, or does it not matter?

    • Hi Jess,
      No it doesn’t matter. the whole counting items/manufacturer coupons doesn’t apply to CVS which is awesome!


  • Annie

    Okay, Thanks! I guess I will try to find another store that has more metal hooks. I was just wondering how it all worked? I have not used a q that was intended for something else, and actually most of the CVS clerks really scrutinize all the q’s I hand them anyway, Im sure they would catch that I was buying plastic and not metal hooks.

  • Annie

    Oh, and by the way, they had two sizes of metal hooks. The medium size was included in the 2/5 sale, but the large size hooks were priced at $6.99!

  • Sherry

    I went to my CVS and they had the metal hooks, but they were not marked $2/5. The only had 3 medium and 3 large hooks. I took them to the register for a price check and the all were $2.50. I got 6 @ 2.50 and had 6 $2.50 coupons. Total OOP $1.39. I love CVS, but mu store doesn’t always mark their sale items.

  • Shawn

    My store had “large” metal hooks for $6.99, but the “medium” hooks were 2/$5. Unfortunately, they only had 5 of them. So I had to go to another location to get the 6th one. Which, by the way, they were not marked as sale items @ that store, but did ring up for $2.50 @ the register.

    I have been to 2 different stores & have yet to see any band aids for $1. Has anyone found these or am I just overlooking them?

  • Cheryl

    I feel stupid. I never thought about them being cumulative. I always thought that you had to buy all at one time. I checked two stores and only one store carried them and they were out.

    I have a question. How do you work a rain check with the ECB? Are you just out the ECB or is there someway they tag the raincheck to make sure you can get it too?

  • Annie

    Yay!!! Finally got my last two metal hooks this morning and my $5 ecb’s! Thanks for posting the deal!

  • kristina L

    At my CVS they didn’t have the metal hook so I used the plastic ones and the 2.50 off coupon worked on them as well. Got 6 packages of hooks @ 2.50 each and OOP was 0 and got the ECB. Gotta love CVS

  • amy

    I bought all six hooks today. My CVS had them. I got them in the 2 different sizes. It did cost me $1.16 out of pocket for the tax but it is well worth it. I am actually going to do it again. You never can have to many with this deal.

  • Erin

    I went to CVS today (still waiting for the Dove Revit. thing that I have rain check on,that I wont be getting because the coupons that I had that would make it free expired the day after I got the rain check) they didn’t have the metal hooks and I had a hard time with the whole transaction but they did finally agree to use the coupons on other 3M hooks but when I got done with the transactions yes plural they said each coupon had to be done seperately (no prob’s with that if it gets me to the $15) so when I was done I had bought 6 big white ugly hooks that I will just give away for OOP $1.38 (tax I assume)and after all that I have no ECB’s they didn’t print out and the cashier said I must not have gotten $15 yet. WHAT?? I just bought 1 @ $2.50 each, 6 x’s so unless I need to go back to the 3rd grade that = $15
    I do think that after a few months of trying, my days of running around town for things to either be out of stock, the store not carry them, or things just magically not work the way they are supposed to. I will go back to just getting samples and using the coupons I get when I need them, where I’m at with only 1 CVS, 1 Rite-Aid, 1 Walgreens and badly stocked Wal-Marts. Its more economically friendly for our family and MUCH more friendly to my family and my self emotionally and stress -level to just shop smart and be wise with the purchuses I make.