4 Completely FREE Items From CVS! (No Credit Card Necessary!)

Vit C Drops

WOW! Hurry over to CVS and grab four completely FREE items! You don’t have to pay shipping or even break out a credit card!

First, add TWO CVS Sugar Free Vitamin C Supplement Drops to your cart and complete your transaction until you get your order confirmation. These are great, and I LOVE them!

After you complete your first order, add TWO CVS Nighttime Maximum Strength Sleep Aid Softgels to your cart and complete this transaction as well. OUT OF STOCK, but you can do two orders of the drops!

For each order, your cart screenshot should look something like this:

CVS Vit C Drops cart

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  • Hanneke

    got it thanks!

  • sarah

    doesnt work anymore 🙁

    • Common Sense With Money

      Are you adding only 2 items to your cart at a time. It’ll charge you, if you have anything more than 2 vitamin drops in your cart.

  • gina detommaso

    Hi, mine isn’t working either. I keep going all the way through the checkout process to submit and then it gives me the screen “cvs.com is temporarily unavailable”. I send out for a lot of samples and coupons and this happens a lot when they give freebies via the web. They should really not do those sort of promos if they are going to waste customer’s time. I am a long time customer of CVS and spend ALOT of money there!

    • Common Sense With Money

      A bottleneck can happen when too many Internet users are trying to access the same website at the same time, which could be the reason why it’s having problems right now. It’s frustrating, I know, but it happens a lot.

  • PurpleFigment

    It appears that it should work – the final screen just looks strange because the itemized adjusted total doesn’t show unless you click on the red coupons/ specials link near bottom. The real problem seems be that there site is having a partial clash, or perhaps a nervous breakdown? Everything works except ‘submit order’, which leaves you in limbo until if and when you get an error message, I’m gonna try again later.

  • k

    My order went through but I just got an email saying it could not be fulfilled. Anyone else get this??

    • k

      Order placed on march 7

    • Common Sense With Money

      Yep. I got the same one. 🙁 It must have been a glitch in the website. On the plus side, it did say that my credit card would not be charged…

    • Trisha

      Me too, no reason just “Unfortunately, we were unable to fulfill your order. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. ” Sucks