4 Reasons You Should Sign Up for Subscription Boxes


Subscription boxes are all the rage these days.  From food, to clothes, to beauty supplies and even survival gear, there is a subscription box service for just about anything.  If you have been considering signing up for one, there are definitely some benefits.

Here are 4 reasons you should sign up for subscription boxes:

  1. Discover new products at a lower price.  The monthly cost of subscription boxes are typically relatively low.  When a new product or food comes to your door each month, you don’t know whether or not you will like it, so it’s always a risk.  If you don’t like it, you will know that you didn’t spend a fortune to learn that lesson.
  2. They are convenient.  One of the best things about subscription boxes is their level of convenience.  I mean, you don’t even have to order them monthly, they just magically show up on your doorstep.  (Okay, I know it’s not actual magic, but seriously, after your initial order, there is virtually no work involved in receiving your box).
  3. You can spoil yourself on a monthly budget.  When you have a subscription box service come to you monthly, it is almost like you are spoiling yourself each and every month.  If you are subscribing to a service such as Ipsy, etc, you know that you are only paying out $10 a month.  An amount that small will seem like a totally reasonable amount to spend on yourself monthly, whereas going out and buying yourself new makeup each and every month is going to be far more expensive than that.
  4. The make great gifts.  Subscription boxes make an excellent gift for friends and loved ones.   It’s a fresh new take on the “Jelly of the Month Club” (any Christmas Vacation fans out there?).  Gifting someone with a subscription service is a great way to let someone know that you are thinking of them all year long.

Do you have any subscription boxes?  What are your favorite things about them?

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