$40 Voucher to Diapers.com for as low as $20

There is a HOT deal available today only on Plum District.  You can get a $40 voucher to Diapers.com for $20.    Diapers.com offer free shipping on orders $49 or more.  Plus make sure to check the e-coupons they available to stretch your voucher to the max!

This would make a GREAT baby shower present.  Or just a great way to save and have those diapers delivered to your door.  Those of you who get your diapers at warehouse stores because you don’t want to bother working the deals, it doesn’t get any easier and cheaper than this.  Get your voucher now.

Update: This deal is now considered a Plum Steal and therefore no initial sign up credit can be applied.

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  • Holly

    Do you think my friend and I could use both of our vouchers on one order from Diapers.com? We were thinking of each getting a box of Pampers, and if we order together we will get free shipping, and 30% cash back. TIA!

    • Hi Holly

      I don’t think so because you can only use one voucher per order and household.


    • Susie

      Who do you get 30% cash back from? TIA!

  • Susie

    My $5 credit is not showing up. Per reading the side of the page when I go into buy, it looks like no credits are given (for the referree or the referrer) when you are buying a Plum Steal, only when buying a Plum Deal.

    • Hi Susie,
      Thanks for letting me know! This deal did not start as a plum steal. but they switched it to one.


  • AC

    I just signed up but no $5 initial credit shows up in my account either. How long it takes to see $5 credit to my account? Thank you.