4checks: Two Hundred Checks for $4.05

In need of new checks? or will need some soon? Well, here is a deal for you.  First, I want to say that I did this deal back in July and am now enjoying my cheap checks.  So here is the deal:  get two boxes with 100 checks each from 4checks.com.  Just use code DE0378 at checkout.  Make sure to select “no” to fraud protection to get this price.  You can get check duplicates for an additional $1.

Thanks to Tricia for letting me know this deal is available again.  I have had a few people asked me for a deal on these, so here you go.

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  • Natalie

    Thank you!

  • i was very excited to see this offer! UNFORTUNATELY…… 🙁 i have used styles website before and this offer is only for NEW customers dangit! i need checks so bad! i guess they know you from your bank account info. boo

  • James

    Information that would have been good to know A MONTH AGO!

    • I am sorry James!!
      What happened is that I caught the end of the deal last time. I wanted to make sure that it was a reputable deal before sharing with you. By the time I got my checks the deal had ended. I know the feeling though.


  • Margie

    AWESOME! I have been meaning to get checks for my new address for a couple months. Comparison shopping is hard to do when I’m so busy! Thanks for solving yet ANOTHER dilemma.

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  • Jessica

    Thank you!! Needed new checks, but have been procrastinating for a while trying to find a good deal. It won’t get better than this.

  • Hannah

    Mercedes, as always you have the BEST deal tips! I love this one. Can’t believe that the personalized photo one was included too : )

  • Great deal! Thanks! We just moved and I needed new checks.

  • Sara

    I went thru ebates and got 12.5% back besides so thanks, great deal!!!!!

    • Sara,

      I checked on Ebates too. the thing about Ebates is that you can only use the coupon codes they have listed or your purchase doesn’t qualify for the cashback. I could not find this coupon code in their list. That’s why I didn’t suggest using ebates.


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  • Dodi

    Thank u sooo much! Ordered mine right away! What a great deal!

  • MaryBeth

    Thank you so much for this deal. I’ve known for awhile we were in need of more checks but dreaded ordering them because I knew how expensive they were last time we got them. I hate these types of purchases because there isn’t much way around having to buy them, even if it isn’t quite in the budget. With this promo, though, they were a great deal and I was able to get some cute ones, not the plain cheap ones!

  • Tammi

    Thank you so much for posting this deal……my husband just told me last week that we were getting low.

  • AC

    Thank you!!!

  • Mindy

    FYI I just did this deal 10-21-10 and it is still valid!

  • Sheila

    Thanks for posting your used date Mindy!! I tried it 11/5 and it still works!!

    1 Box 1-part $3.95 Duplicate $4.95
    2 Boxes $4.05 Duplicate $5.05
    4 Boxes 1-part $11.00 Duplicate $13.00

    I thought I’d ordered checks from every source and wouldn’t be able to find a super deal any more. Thank you for posting this offer!! I bought 4 boxes for $13 and got FREE shipping (sloooow), but so glad for the deal!! I did go through Ebates just in case =-)

  • Thank you!! The code is still working. 🙂