50 Inexpensive Meal Ideas!


Your food category when it comes to budgeting seems to be the one that can fluctuate the most. So planning cheap meals for the family to eat is sometimes a must. I’ve put together a list of 50 different meals you could choose from when you’re trying to cut back on expenses.

  1. Sloppy Joes
  2. Chicken Roll Ups
  3. Classic Beef Stew
  4. Spaghetti
  5. Soup & Grilled Cheese
  6. Homemade Pizza (this is my absolute favorite pizza dough recipe!)
  7. Chicken Enchilada Rice Casserole
  8. Butter Noodles – spaghetti with butter and parmesan cheese
  9. Goulash
  10. Cheeseburgers
  11. German pancakes
  12. Macaroni and Cheese with Hotdogs
  13. Pancakes
  14. Veggie Stir Fry over Rice
  15. Waffles
  16. Bake Potatoes
  17. English Muffins
  18. Mashed Potatoes over hotdogs topped with canned chili
  19. Tacos (Chicken, Beef or Bean)
  20. French Bread Pizza
  21. Split Pea Soup
  22. Oatmeal
  23. Meatloaf
  24. Shepherd Pie
  25. Chicken Pot Pie
  26. Tuna Casserole
  27. Chicken and Rice
  28. Jumbalaya (box of Jumbalaya box mix and smoked sausage)
  29. Omelets
  30. Nachos
  31. Tater Tot Casserole
  32. Lasagna
  33. Corn Chowder
  34. Enchiladas (Cheese, Bean, Chicken or Beef)
  35. Breakfast Casserole
  36. Chicken Noodle Soup
  37. French Toast
  38. Homemade Hamburger Helper
  39. Steak or Chicken Kabobs
  40. Baking Ziti
  41. Chili
  42. Cheeseburger Pasta
  43. Chicken Spaghetti
  44. Pepperoni Pizza Pasta
  45. Chicken Fried Rice
  46. Stuffed Peppers
  47. Million Dollar Spaghetti
  48. Oven Bake Meatball Sandwiches
  49. Cornbread Chili Waffles
  50. Potato Soup

What meals do you cook for your family when you’re tight on money? Does your family have a favorite that’s easy on the budget?

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