60 Photo Cards Shipped Overnight for $4.90

Remember the photo card deal I shared with you yesterday?  Well, it is actually better than I thought.  if you order 60 4×8 photocards, instead of 50, you get them shipped overnight for $4.90.  Here is how to work this deal:

::: Sign up or Login to your Seehere account.

::: Upload your photos and create your Photo Cards

::: Order 50 photo cards and at checkout use the code 50cards (case sensitive) to pay $0.00 for your order.

Overnight Shipping should be $4.90 your order of 60 cards. Offer expires 12/12/10 at 11:59 pm PST.

Thanks, Keeping The Kingdom First!

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  • pennyscents

    I just created my cards & went to go checkout. When I enter the code it tells me that the code is invalid. I have tried entering it, and copy/pasting it several times.

  • Anna

    AMAZING! Totally just took advantage of this! With tax it was $5.18 for 60 cards!!! Thank you so much- I wasn’t even going to do card this year because of the cost- this just made my day!!!

  • Jessy

    Never been so happy to procrastinate on printing my Christmas cards! 60 cards created exactly as I wanted, overnight shipping with tax for a total of $ 5.25 with tax. Thank you!!

  • Kim S

    I just ordered mine! 60 cards for $5.30 shipped overnight. I was even more excited to see that they accept paypal, so my cards were free. My paypal is just money that I make from doing surveys! Thank for you posting this deal!

  • Shaena

    Yes!!! Score!! Thank you!

    Just designed my own and uploaded using the blank template… What a deal for 60 custom cards, with envelopes. Can’t beat it!

    Thanks for posting this and all the other great deals you find!

  • Kirsten

    There website isn’t cooperating right now, grr!

  • Rachel

    I can’t get the site to work either 🙂