$60 Voucher to Ecomom for $21 (Or As Low As $11) + Free Shipping

Very sweet deal from Plum District today.  You can get a $60 voucher to Ecomom for $30.  But use coupon code plumlove to get it for just $21.  And if you created a new account and nabbed a free $10 credit as I suggested last week, you get it for just $11 out of pocket.

Ecomom sells natural and green products for the whole family and for the home.  From organic snacks to eco-friendly diaper.  With a discount this nice, you should stop by the website and check it out.

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  • Laura

    Thanks! I wasn’t sure if I would do it for $30, but for $21 you can’t pass it up!

    • Jaime

      Where do you put in the coupon code? Thanks!

  • Jaime

    Where do you put in the coupon code? I don’t see a spot or promo code box. 🙁 Thanks!

    • JAime,
      It looks like Plum District has now disabled the ability to use this promo code on this deal. I am sorry.