7 Ways to Save Money on Perfume!

Save money on perfumePerfume is expensive! But, smelling pretty is also important. Savvy shoppers know, though, that your favorite perfume doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. There are a few great ways to save money on perfume!

#1. Shop Online

Being able to save money on perfume when you head to the department store is often hit or miss. Shopping online, though? Now that’s a different story! Some websites, like Fragrance Net, specialize in expensive perfumes at a discount. You can also sometimes find discounted perfume on websites like AmazonGroupon, Living Social, and Overstock.com. And, of course, don’t forget about searching for coupon codes to maximize your savings!

#2. Watch for Coupons and Sales

Perfume does go on sale, but you really have to diligent and keep an eye out for sales. Your best bet for a perfume sale would be around Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Sometimes, for instance, CVS offers a percent off fragrances or Extrabucks when you buy certain fragrances. You can also save money on perfume with store coupons.

#3. Browse Holiday Clearance Aisles

One of my favorite ways to save money on perfume is to browse through the Christmas clearance aisles! You can often find perfumes and fragrance gift sets for 50%, 75%, or even 90% off! I usually stock up on a few different fragrances after the holidays.

#4. Buy a Bigger Bottle

When you’re trying to save money on perfume that you know works for you, you’ll usually get more bang for your buck if you buy the biggest bottle you can afford. It may be a bigger investment at first, but you’ll get more bang for your buck since the per ounce price is generally lower on the larger bottles.

#5. Check for Samples

If you’re still trying to find your signature scent, perfume samples are the way to go. You can usually snag these for free, and they allow you to test out a different perfumes to find one you like. If you already have a signature scent, snagging free samples of your favorite perfume can still save you a few bucks.

#6. Look for Testers

Buying testers is a great way to save money on perfume! Testers are large bottles of perfume that retailers use to allow customers to try a fragrance. You can sometimes find tester bottles for sale, though, at a fraction of the price of a regular bottle! The only difference is that tester bottles generally won’t come with boxes or sometimes caps. I’ve had good luck finding perfume testers on eBay, but I’ve also heard of retail stores and perfume shops selling testers as well.

#7. Try the Generics

You know those generic versions of perfumes that claim to smell just like expensive perfumes? Well, there are definitely some duds out there, but I’ve actually picked up quite a few that smelled very similar or even better than their more popular counterparts! If you really need to save money on perfume, don’t be afraid to try the “fakes”. You might just be pleasantly surprised!

Any other ideas for how to save on perfume?

Look for Perfume Testers


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