A Couple More Walgreens Moneymakers: Axe and Fusion Razor


Here’s a couple more moneymaker deals at Walgreens:  This week there is a register reward offer on Axe Products.  Buy two Axe products and get $3 in register rewards back.  You can read all of the details in page 7 of your weekly ad.  A couple of the products that qualify for this promotion are on clearance right now.  The two products are:

AXE bullet essence 4 pack deodorant body spray UPC 079400299802
AXE Vetyver Proximity body fragrance 4oz. UPC 079400384751

You can find them on clearance for as low as $1.39 each.  You would pay $2.78 plus tax out of pocket for two of them and get a $3 RR back!  This new deal really makes the register reward rolling possibilities really good at Walgreens this week.  Don’t forget that Axe products are Unilever products and also qualify for the Free Turkey/Ham rebate.  Right now, it’s looking like between the Degree deodorant, Vaseline body lotion and this Axe deal you can qualify for this rebate for very little if any money out of pocket.

Also, reportedly, Phantom Gillette Fusion Power Razor is on clearance for $3.19.  Use the $2/1 manufacturer coupon from 4/5 P&G insert and the $2/1 Walgreens coupon on page 10 of the Easysaver catalog to get them FREE!  if you hand the manufacturer coupon first and then the Walgreens coupon you could even have $0.81 in overage.

Finally, don’t forget that Easter Candy is on clearance at Walgreens and you can use coupons in the Easysaver catalog on them and submit for the Hershey rebate available this month.

Edited to Add: Here’s one more moneymaker I just found out about on Moneysavingmom:

The trial size Dove Deodorant (0.5oz)  is working on the Unilever RR deal.  Your transaction would look like this:

Buy 6 trial-size Dove deodorants at $0.99 each
Use 3 $1.50/2 coupons from the 3/15 RedPlum insert (this coupon does not exclude trial-sized products)
Spend $1.44 plus tax out of pocket
Get a $6 Register Reward

Another hopping week  at Walgreens, happy savings!

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  • jen

    I couldnt find the axe coupon in 4/5 RP. Is it really there?

  • kim

    coupon database on HCW doesn’t show an axe q that would work with the bodyspray.. just the $1/1 axe shower gel or shower tool. Did someone get another Axe one? The Red plum 4/5 has an adidas one that is $1/1

    • Hi Kim,
      You are right, I thought those coupons where $1 off any. I have edited my post to take off the coupon.


  • Valerie

    I found Intuition Plus 3 pack razor refills on clearance at Walgreens yesterday for about $2.80. Usually they are $10-12. Only the cucumber ones are on clearance (in the locked case, here in MN). I don’t think there are any coupons out there for these right now, but it’s a great deal by itself.

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  • Maya Andrews

    Can the RR roll with the Axe products? (as in you can buy 2, get the RR and then buy 2 more and use the RR to pay for them?)Anyone have a list of what products they are using for the Unilever rebate? I trying to figure out what I’ll get right now.

    • Hi Maya,

      I haven’t heard of the Register Reward rolling. but you could use the colgate RR to pay for this, and then this one to get more colgate toothbrush.


  • fran

    Maya, you can’t pay for an item with the same RR. If you do, the next RR will not print. When I bought 3 Edge last week, I had him ring them up separately. Then I applied my 4 $3.00 RR (one from week before) to the big transaction. I had extra items like 6 coffee filters and 3 spices. I was surprised all four went through, but I guess I had more than enough fillers. I did it this way because I know me-if I tried to roll this RR on that item, and that RR on this item-I would get totally confused. I have been couponing for many years and I even find it overwhelming sometimes. I can imagine how new couponers feel. Anyway, good luck.

  • Heather

    None of those things were on clearance at my Walgreens here in WA. Even the candy was sparse and nothing the coupons applied to. I was disappointed. Maybe next time!

    • Hi Heather,
      Did you try price checking? a lot of times items won’t be tagged on clearance but turn out to be. That’s why I provided the UPC codes.


  • jody

    Can I use a Reg Reward to purchase something that will print a Reg Reward. I was told NO at my Walgreens???

  • Wow..I got some great deals today at WAGS. They had the clearanced Degree for $1.07, used 6 $.75 cpns, and got $6 RR. My other great deal was the Axe. I got two on clearance for $1.29 each, used two $1 cpns and got $3 RR. Thanks for the great tips!!

  • jen

    Jody- yes you can as long as it is not for the same product (no rolling).

  • Susan

    Please expaaine exactly what is “rolling”?

  • Molly

    So for the unilever ham/turkey deal, does the $40 have to be before or after coupons? I tried to find a number or e-mail address to contact the company but couldn’t.

    • This is usually before coupons. Every rebate promotion I have participated in is before coupons.


  • Chris

    Does anyone know if the degree deoderant trial sizes work too, like the dove trial size for RR?

    • Hi Chris,
      I know they were working yesterday. not sure if they are working still.


  • Amanda

    I was at Walgreens and used two RR slips, the cashier told me you can only use one a day. I thought you could use several in a transaction as long as they weren’t for more than the items. I’m really puzzled now, I guess it’s back to Walgreens 101 for me!!

  • jody

    I had to push the sales clerk to run my RR for something for something she siad would not print if I used a RR to get an item with an RR, I said go ahead and try and see if it works. IT DID. I had to explain to the clerk and ASS manager how it works, now they just roll there eyes when I come in. The sales clerk was very nice and wanted more info..so I gave her the website. Now I go to her and she loves me! As for one a day, I think NOT, ask them to show you were on the RR it says one per day! INSIST

  • Chris

    I had a similar situation happen today. I was using a $1 coupon for a colgate toothbrush. The salesperson said I would not get the RR if I used the coupon. I was very kind and said I would like to use the coupon (knowing that I would get the RR). When the RR printed she refused to give it to me. She said “I told you that you weren’t getting it”. I thought she just meant that it wouldn’t print not that she would refuse to give it to me. And she was refusing to give me the AXE RR also. So the manager came over and told her to give it to me. But I was so upset when I left!

  • Amanda

    Thanks Jody, I didn’t think the cashier was right. If it wasn’t for the great deals at Walgreens, I think I’d stick to CVS. Mercedes, thanks for the moneymaker updates!