Additional Olay Rebate to Sweeten Rite Aid Deal

If you likes the Olay deal I shared with you yesterday I have good news for you. There is yet another rebate you can take advantage of to make this deal even better.  With other rebate offer you can get a free one year subscription to one of 5 different magazines or $12 in cash.  The best part is that you can submit a photocopy of your receipt.    So you can totally double dip (or triple dip if you count the single check rebate).  In short, if you do this Olay deal I shared yesterday you will get:

  • $50+ worth of Olay products
  • $20 back via single check rebate from Rite Aid
  • $30 in coupons via single check rebate offer #4

It total it comes out to be a up to $26 moneymaker deal.  Talk about getting paid to shop!  But remember that this single check rebate offer ends tomorrow, so take advantage of it while you can.  Thanks for the mommas!

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  • erika

    I dont see where it says photocopies are acceptable?

    • Hi Erika,

      Shannon at 4themommas called to confirm. BUT to be safe you should spend some time to confirm if you are going for the cash.


  • Becky

    I filled out the form for the magazine rebate online and did not have to turn in any receipts for it and we received the magazine on Friday. Not sure how it works for the money back but I got Teen Vogue for my daughter. I did it with the covergirl deal at Riteaid a few weeks ago.

  • KimH

    That is EXTRA SWEET!! Thanks!! 😀

  • Shelley

    I’m so excited about this deal. Thanks so much for sharing. I’ve never done the Rite-Aid rebate program before. Just enter the receipt and then they’ll automatically find the appropriate rebates and credit you in a few days? I’m afraid I’m missing something. Thanks!!

  • Laura

    Thanks so much for this awesome deal! I had to go to 2 RiteAids to get it, but it is worth it! The manager had to go to the back to get the serum. It is an new product and they hadn’t put it on the shelf yet. I’m appreciative they found it for me. The $12 is a nice bonus!

  • Sandra

    You know what I realized AFTER I was at rite aid ( of course), you could use a $5 of $25 coupon…;)

  • Sandra

    ANyone else have a problem with this? I submitted the receipt and now it says I did not purchase all the items – they had tags in front of them about the $20 rebate and I got 1 olay regenerist serum and one olay regenerist cream…contacted rite aid (email)….

  • Sandra

    Alright, who did this successfully?

  • Sandra

    Anyone get their condenaste check?