Aldi Matchups 10/2 – 10/8

aldiCheck out this weeks Aldi matchup. Remember, sales and prices may vary slightly by location. Make sure you double check our prices with your local Aldi ad to avoid any surprises at the register. Aldi does not accept manufacturer coupons. Don’t forget to bring your own bags, or you will be charged a small fee.
Cool Gear Halloween Double Wall Cup w/ Straw, $2.99

Pumpkin Masters Pumpkin Carving Kit, $2.99

Grafix Glow Sword, Wand or Bracelets, $1.49

Huntington Home 36″ Tombstone Assortment, $9.99

Huntington Home 21″ Light Up Pumpkin, $9.99

Huntington Home 4′ Halloween Inflatables, $9.99

Children’s Haloween Costumes, $12.99


Large Pumpkins, each, $2.39

Red Grapes, per lb, 74 cents

Pears, per lb, 68 cents

Bananas, per lb, 29 cents

Caramel Apples 4-pack, $1.39

Caramel Apples, each, 39 cents

Apples, per lb, 53 cents


Belmont Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream, 48 oz, $2.49


90/10 Ground Sirloin, per lb, $3.59

Kirkwood Ground Turkey, 16 oz, $1.69

Beef Bottom Round Roast, per lb, $3.99

80/20 Ground Beef, per lb, $2.79

Boneless Pork Country Style Ribs, per lb, $2.49

Boneless Center Cut Pork Chops, per lb, $3.49

Pork Tenderloin, per lb, $3.99

Chicken Thighs, per lb, $1.19

Chicken Drumsticks, per lb, $1.19

Chicken Tenderloins, per lb, $2.89

Chicken Breasts, per lb, $1.89

Dairy & Refrigerated

Reggano Parmesan Cheese, 8 oz, $2.59

Happy Farms Shredded Cheese, 12 oz, $2.99

Canned and Nonperishable

Berryhill Apple Butter, 28 oz, $2.29

Aunt Maple’s Pumpkin Spice or Banana Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix, 16 oz, $2.49

Fit & Active Whole Grain Spaghetti, 12.25 oz,89 cents

Reggano Spaghetti or Angel Hair, 32 oz, $1.49

Reggano Elbow Macaroni, 32 oz, $1.49

Priano Farfalle or Tri Color Rotini, 16 oz, 89 cents

Priano Penne Rigate, 16 oz, 89 cents

Baker’s Corner Coconut Flakes, 14 oz, $1.29

Priano Bronze Cut Pasta, 16 oz, $1.29

Reggano Pasta Sauce, 24 oz, 99 cents

Priano Gourmet Pasta Sauce, 24 oz, $1.49

Southern Grove Chopped Walnuts, 8 oz, $3.99

Happy Harvest Crushed Tomatoes, 28 oz, 99 cents

Specially Selected Butternut Squash or Pumpkin Chipotle Pasta Sauce, 24 oz, $2.49

Fit & Active Reduced Sodium Chicken Broth, 32 oz, $1.49

Chef’s Cupboard Chicken , Vegetable or Beef Cooking Stock, 32 oz, $1.89

Chef’s Cupboard Beef or Chicken Broth, 32 oz, $1.49

Chef’s Cupboard Homestyle Soup, 19 oz, $1.29

Chef’s Cupboard Chunky Soup, 18-19 oz, $1.29

Chef’s Cupboard Cream or Mushroom or Cream of Chicken Soup, 10.5 oz, 59 cents

Chef’s Cupboard Condensed French Onion Soup, 10.5 oz, 89 cents

Chef’s Cupboard Butternut Squash or Roasted Tomatoes & Red Pepper Soup, 32 oz, $1.99

Chef’s Cupboard Tomato Basil or Southwestern Black Bean Soup, 17.3 oz, $1.69

Bread & Bakery

L’Oven Fresh Garlic Bread, 10 oz, $1.79


Beamont Pumpkin Spice or Dark Roast Coffee, 12 oz bag, $4.99

Beaumont Pumpkin Spice or Caramel Ready to Drink Coffee, 9.5 oz, $1.19

Nature’s Nectar Orange Juice, 6 pack 6.75 oz cartons, $2.69


Southern Grove in-shell Dry Roasted Pistachios, 16 oz, $5.69

Savoritz Oyster Crackers, 10 oz, 89 cents


Kitchen Living Popcorn Popper, $14.99

Soup Mug, $2.99

Pressure Cooker, 6-quart, $39.99

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  • Cheryl Belcher

    Question on Aldis… I’ve heard their prices are great… wondering if their meats are all natural; e.g., hormone free and NOT shot full of sodium water or the beef slime mix??? Thanks for the feedback.

    • Mercedes

      To be honest the answer to your question is I don’t really know. I have purchased Tyson chicken there in the past. Aldi is like a TJ Maxx of the grocery world. They get overstock on popular brands but then they have their own line on meats as well. I purchase an organic 1/2 of beef from a local farmer so I tend not to buy meat in the stores. Sorry I couldn’t have been more help.

  • Cheryl

    Thank you, Mercedes, for all of the info. I’ll check out Aldis next time I’m near the store.