All You Magazine Special: Only $0.75 per Issue

allyou_coverThanks to a lot of free magazine offers I don’t pay for any magazine subscriptions anymore, except for one: my subscription to All You Magazine.   If you have never heard of All You magazine, then let me tell you that you have been missing on a lot of savings.  All You Magazine is sold only at Walmart for $2.24 per issue and it comes filled with some really awesome coupons.  Coupons for free items some around often  Just last month there was a coupon for FREE Rimmel mascara.  If you used this coupon at Walgreens or CVS when they had the product on sale Buy One Get one, you got not one but TWO free.  Last year there was a coupon for free Adidas deodorant that helped make this an incredible moneymaker deal at CVS.  In short, this is one magazine worth subscribing to.

Last week I received an email from a couple of readers wondering if I knew a way to get a free one year subscription to All You Magazine.  I was very sad to informe them that unfortunately there are no current free year subscriptions for this magazine BUT I can offer you a very sweet deal.  Right now, I am offering my readers a very special subscription offer to All You Magazine.  You will receive a two year subscription for only $17.99 TOTAL!  That’s only $0.75 per issue.  That’s almost 70% off the cover price.  That’s the best price I have seen around.  Unfortunately, I can only offer you this special pricing for one week only and through April 20th.  So, you want to act now!

To make this an even better deal I am giving away one  FREE two year subscription to one lucky reader.  If you place an order by following the steps below and before 4/20, you will be entered in the drawing for a free two year subscription.  The winner will be selected at random among all of those who placed orders. If you are the winner, you will be contacted and your money will be refunded.  You could get a lot of savings for two years FREE.

So, how do you order?

1. Go to the Southern Living at HOME website. Note: You must use this link to get the discounted price!.

2. Click on Our Products in the left-hand column and then How To Purchase.

3. Type in COMMON in the hostess first name field then click Continue.


5. In the search box type 40776 then click Go.

6. Click on All You Personal Subscription then Select this Item.

7. Select Finalize and Submit Your Order and follow the screens through to checkout!


* If you receive any errors at the end of your order or have problems placing an order, please contact <>.  She will get your customer information reset and will be able to successfully complete your order.
* Do not select Direct Ship – the $10 shipping fee is not applicable to magazines.
* Your order and the invoice will show $19.95 as the price – I will discount the price after your order is submitted.
* Please pay with a debit/credit card during checkout. Do not click submit more than once as this can cause multiple charges.
* Magazine purchases are non-refundable – but I doubt you’ll find a better deal anywhere else!
* More Frequently Asked Questions for ALL YOU orders.

You can expect your first issue to arrive approximately 6-8 weeks after your payment posts!

Are you already a subscriber?  Let me tell you, by ordering now, you can surprise someone with a very nice and useful Mother’s Day present.  Hey! or even Father’s Day present, I know I have a lot of dads who read this blog.

Good luck!

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  • Julieann

    I’d love a chance at another subscription to this magazine. I want to get two per month, so I think I’ll send it to my grandmother’s house.

  • Mercedes, I tried to order and at the end when I hit submit I got a runtime error of sorts. Could you let me know if it went through or not? I would hate to order it twice. Thanks

    • Hi Stacy,

      Your customer information has been reset. You can try putting your order through now, you will need to re-enter your customer info and it should only go through once.


  • Nicky

    I would love this magazine. If I place my order is it possible for me to get the may issue. 6-8 weeks is about 2 months but i would want it sooner than later.

    • Hi Nicky,
      it’s hard to predict. generally it’s 6-8 weeks from when the order is closed out and processed and will depend somewhat on where all you is at in their label printing process when that happens.


  • Kelly

    Hi..thank you for this offer. The total is showing for $19.95 and how do I know that it’s for 2 years (it doesn’t say it anywhere)?

    • Hi Kelly,

      There’s a bolded comment in the instructions that teh special discount to bring down the price to $17.99 will be made after you make your order. You will only be bileld for the $17.99. Also, when you receive your subscription it will give you all of the details of the subscription (length, etc). the good thing too is that you know where to find me if you have any problems with it.


  • Carrie

    I actually did get this magazine for free a few months ago. I was able to use some of my airline miles for a one year subscription. It was through United Airlines and was one of those things they send in the mail saying your miles are expiring and here’s something you can do with them.

  • Lisa Fischer

    i already have this subscription, is there any way to add the 2 years to my current subscription or is it for new subscribers only?

  • Ashley

    This deal is too good to pass up. Thanks so much!

  • laura

    I subscribe to All You, but here’s my question. People are claiming to be able to use that free Rimmel mascara coupon and both CVS and Walgreens, but I have been refused every time. Walgreens told me that a corporate memo was handed down that they never should’ve accepted these and would not be reimbursed for all that had been accepted to date. CVS basically claims the same. These are multiple stores I’ve tried, not just one. Naturally, Walmart NEVER has the mascara, so now I feel like I’m getting the raw deal by not being able to cash in a great coupon. Advice?? Is it published anywhere that other stores can accept??

    • Hi Laura,

      The folks from Hotcouponworld contacted All You directly a while back regarding these coupons. they were told that they were a manufacturer coupon that could be used anywhere and the store would get reimbursed.


  • ashleyD

    i love all you! i hate that rimmel mascara though!! i bought 2 issues b/c of that coupon. good thing i didn’t pay for it though!

  • thank you mercedes! I am excited to not have to try and remember to buy it now!

  • Angela

    Thanks! This is the best offer I’ve seen.

  • SarahC

    Thanks so much for this offer and all your other helpful posts, Mercedes! My All You subscription JUST expired – perfect timing!

  • Angela

    I am a current subscriber and noticed in this month’s issue that I missed out on a handful of good coupon that were only in newsstand copies. Does anyone know if this is typical or something new they are trying? I think it is rather annoying not to get the same coupons as the copies in the store.

    • Hi Angela,

      I wil pass your question along to All You people and see what they say.


  • Jen

    Thanks! I just submitted my order. I’m pretty sure my current subscription is running out. If I get duplicates for a while, I might use them for a blog giveaway since I’m just starting to do giveaways. Thanks!

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  • Keli

    I just submitted my order and it said $19.95. Even in the conformation email it sent me. Is this right? Thanks!

    • Hi Keli,

      Yes, an additional $2 discount will be applied once your order is placed. You will only be charged for $17.99.


  • Kelly

    I’m so excited. I love this magazine. I’m going to give my Mom a subsciption for Mother’s Day:)

  • Nicole

    My husband does not like for us to use debit cards online – can I use a credit card?

    • Hi Nicole,

      I am looking into that right now. Will email you an answer and leave comment too. Just check your spam ibox as sometimes gmail emails end up there.


  • I did not see an option for debit card – I used my debit card, but as a credit card. I hope it was the right way!

    • Sorry guys for the confusion, you can use a debit or a credit card.


  • Queenie

    Hi – I just placed my order, I’ve been hemming and hawing if I should ‘splurge’ for a subscription or not, this sealed the deal! THANKS!

  • Shawna Kurowski

    I also received an error after submitting. Did my order go throug?

    • Hi Shawna,
      No, your order did not go through. Could you please contact she will get your customer information reset and you will be able to successfully complete your order.


  • Nicky T.

    I just placed my order.

  • Stacey Lee

    I also got the “run time” error message. Did my order go through?

    • Hi Stacy Lee

      No, your order did not go through. Could you please contact she will get your customer information reset and you will be able to successfully complete your order.


  • Martha

    Hi Mercedes! Thanks for the chance to get ALL YOU at such a GREAT price! You are awesome! Heard people talking about you at KMart on Sunday … you are everyone’s hero !!! Can I just follow you around all day and be your shadow ??? 🙂 🙂 ^j^ ^j^

  • Keli

    thanks mercedes! i love your site. 🙂

  • Keli

    Hi again Mercedes. I had another question… All You sent me a bill for $26.75 saying that is what I owe for my 12 issue subscription. Is that right? Or what do I do? Thanks

    • Hi Keli,

      Did you order through the link I provided? If you, can you provide me with more information:
      did you already receive your first issue?
      was this bill notice sent to you via mail?
      do you think you can provide me with a copy?
      was your card charged the $17.99 and then you got this bill?


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  • Lisa

    Was just wondering where the post is on who won the subscription ?
    Love you site Thank you

  • karen

    Is this offer still open somewhere? I saw it on something yesterday as well, and I tried to click through to get it and it gave me errors….my subscription just expired and I LOVE ALL YOU! please help!!!!

  • Because the store All You mag. have more coupons than the subscription mag. I thought I read awhile back about how to get a small refund from ALL YOu. Does anyone remember how to go about getting that refund.

  • Dalene

    Hi, do you think you can offer this deal on All You magazine again? I would like to subscribe, but can’t afford the normal high price. Thank you for you help!