Allure Giveaways: 50,000 Free P&G Beauty products Available

This whole week Allure will be giving away 50,000 P&G Beauty products.  You can enter these giveaways each dat at 12 Noon EST.  So stop by the Allure website each day at that time to try to win the following:

9/26 – Day 1: Free Pantene Medium-Thick Hair Solutions Professional Level Damage Repair Ampoules (First 10,000)
9/27 – Day 2: Free Covergirl Mascara (first 10,000)
9/28 – Day 3: Free Secret Deodorant (first 10,000)
9/29 – Day 4: Free Olay Body Bar (first 10,000)
9/30 – Day 5: Free Olay Moisturizer (first 10,000)

Allow 6-8 weeks to get your prize in the mail.

Thanks ILFT!

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  • I just went to look at the giveaways and it says the giveaway would start at noon, but it also said enter now. I clicked on it and it took me to a form, I filled it out, and then it said the giveaway is over. Are they doing it earlier than noon even though they are advertising noon or was that just a fluke thing for today?

    • Heartland Hannah

      Same for me – it let me enter at 11am EDT and it gave me a “Thank you for Entering” screen

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