Amazon: $10 off $50 Purchase When You Use a Citi Card

Screen Shot 2012 12 03 at 7.38.07 AM Amazon: $10 off $50 Purchase When You Use a Citi Card

Citi card is offering $10 off your purchase of $50 or more on Amazon.  To get this discount make a $50 purchase through the end of today 12/3.  Pay for this purchase with a Citi Card and use the coupon code CITIBNK3 at checkout.  By 12/18 you will get an email with a unique coupon code that will help you get the $10 off a second $50 purchase from Amazon.  So, for all intends and purposes spend $100 and get $10 off.  But since Amazon very rarely offers these types of discounts it’s worth considering particularly if you had a purchase planned and have a Citi card.


  1. You can also get 1 day shipping on Amazon when you use your Discover card

  2. marco says:

    not working…any specifics?

    • Mercedes says:

      what is not working? The use of the code. Like i said use the code today and get the discount later. The details are in the post and also the landing page.

  3. Lingon says:

    It also didn’t work for me – said something like “code cannot by applied to this order”. I tried chatting with amazon help, and they said that it looked like it should work, but it’s not, and they didn’t know why. Did anyone else get it to work?

  4. Susan Pesotski says:

    When I insert the code and click Enter, I get a message that says the code cannot be applied to the order. Disappointing.

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