Amazon: 25 Bottles of Joy Dishwash for $7.41?

This is not available anymore.
Hey! Amazon currently has this Joy Non-Ultra Dishwashing Liquid, Lemon Scent, 14 Ounce (Pack of 25) for just $7.41. It seemed it has been a price mistake in the past when it was offered by a third party supplier. But this time Amazon is selling it and shipping it. I don’t know, the worst that could happen is that you get your ordered canceled and your money refunded. I guess what I am saying it may be worth a try.

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  • Angie Frank

    I looked at the reviews of this on Amazon and lots of people are stating that they never got a refund or the JOY… please beware! Thanks!

  • Erika

    Well, this time it seems the offer is through Amazon, not a third party seller, which is good :). Also, the price is down from 35.00 and some change…I honestly think this is a legit offer. Just my opinion though.

    • Tim

      It doesn’t look like it is being offered by Amazon , but by a company called BZB GLOBAL, and this outfit has 38 one stars, one two star and one 5 star. That’s the lowest rating I’ve ever seen on Amazon.
      Buyer beware, but that’s just my opinion.

      • Thanks for letting me know Tim!


        • Erika

          I don’t know, I checked my order (mind you this isn’t available anymore), but it said “Sold an shipped by, LLC). I’m thinking a third party did sell this in the past, which led to the bad 1 star ratings on I even asked an online chat person and they said that indeed the current listing (that has since expired since they are out of stock and back listed) was through itself, not a third party seller. Hope that helps anyone who ordered this to feel a little bit better about their order :).

          • Erika,

            Please make sure and come back to tell me what you got. The reason I shared this deal is because it was sold directly by Amazon, so hopefully they do honor it.


  • sue

    I just tried it… I have some SwagBucks I was willing to part with… It’s out of stock and they don’t know when or if it’ll be back in stock. Bummer

    • Erika

      I ordered it anyway, because they’ll honor the price on something if it is out of stock (the same thing happened with the case of tuna fish with me…took them like two months to ship it to me, but oh so worth the price!). I’m happy I did it, I just hope they ship the rest of my stuff that I ordered to get it up to 25.00 before so I don’t have to wait on movies forever.

  • Kent

    This has been going on for some time now. I have checked this Amazon link daily for weeks and I have only seen this low price listing by one seller and it was not Amazon. The seller is actually BZB Global (there was one other several weeks ago that may have been the same company using another name). They take your order then cancel your order a few days later. I’ve tried this 3 times now just to see if it would work. I’ve ordered 22, 10, and only 1. All were canceled. As far as “This is not available anymore,” It seems it never was. No one seems to know WHY they are doing this or WHY Amazon continues to allow it.