Amazon: 50% off Diapers Continues

Amazon is continuing their 30% off select diapers when you use subscribe and save to order diapers. In addition to that. the 20% off diapers coupon code that was found on the August Issue of Parents Magazine, can also be found on the September issue of the magazine. Unfortunately the coupon says it is valid once per customer and on one unit. If you already have used a code and have one to spare leave a comment on this post. There were several people looking for these codes before.

Even without 20% off coupon code you can still get:

Huggies overnites size 5 for $10.63

Big box of Huggies pull ups 58ct 2-3T for $13.98

This after 30% off with subscribe and save and they ship free.  If you have the 20% off code you get a sweeter deal.

Thanks Marcia!

  • Stefani

    I can’t seem to get down to this price. My price seems to be more in the $16+ range. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

    • Mercedes

      which one are you trying to buy?


    • Diane

      Stefani – are you hitting the Subscribe Now button, as opposed to the Add to Cart button?

      • Dawn

        I’m getting the $16.49 for the Pull-Ups also, and that’s using the subscribe and save option.

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  • Marcia S

    Time to cash in some swag bucks:)

  • Kelly Pauley

    Awesome I just got a box of Size 5 Huggies shipped to my house for 13.60! Awesome!!!!

  • Christy

    I would love a code if someone has an extra!!! Thanks so much!! :)

  • Miranda

    Hi, I am a mom of twins and could really use a code. I appreciate it so much.

  • Martina



    Please post when you use this code, so other people do not get their hopes up that it is still available.

    • Christy

      Bummer, it’s been used. Thank you though!

  • Sarah B

    I’d love a code. I’m flying out to my moms and would rather not pack diapers for two or pay full price for them at her place :)
    If you’re willing to email one to me here’s my address. Thanks :) at

  • Angela


    • Jess

      used code. thanks angela. :)

  • Cori

    I did this deal when the sale started, without any coupon code, and thought I got a great deal on a couple of gigantic boxes of Pampers. (I know Huggies are cheaper, but I just like Pampers better, when I can get them on the cheap!) I was so excited when the coupon codes came out, I ordered two more giant boxes! I just hope my little guy stays in Size 3 long enough to use 800 diapers, or some food bank will be getting a big donation! =D

  • Avary

    If you have an extra code, please email me

  • Jarae

    I would love a code as well if any of you have an extra. Please email me at

  • Kathleen

    If anyone has an extra code I would love to have it! I have a 8mo old plowing through diapers :)

  • Brianna


    • Sarah B

      I tried this one and it was already used :) I’ll keep watching!

  • Laura Waltz

    Christy, did you end up getting a code yet?

    • christy

      No I didnt! I would LOVE one if you have one! :)

      • christy

        Sorry my email is momtobubby @ if you do. Thanks!

  • Katie

    I would love a code if anyone has a spare. Thanks!!

  • Katie

    Oh sorry…my email is

  • Laura W.

    Christy, I just e-mailed you my extra code.

  • Emily

    Sarah B, I am emailing you my code from Parents magazine. Enjoy!

  • Melissa R

    Do I unsubscribe from ship & save now ?? Or after I recieve my diapers ?
    And Order Total: $7.59! Thanks!!

  • Lanae

    I’m a soon to be mom and I am trying to stock up on diapers. If anyone has a code to spare I would really appreciate it!
    Email me at

    Thanks so much!

  • Andrea

    I’m not able to use both discounts (subscription and coupon code) for the same order. Anyone else having problems? I was able to do it a couple weeks ago…maybe something changed?

  • Chasidy Little

    I could really use a code if anyone has one to spare, my sister just adopted twins and had no idea how fast they would go through diapers!!!!

    My email address is if anyone can help!!

  • Evangeline Magrum

    I could really use a code if anyone has one to spare. I am a mom of twins. I really appreciated it.

  • Chris

    Does anyone have an extra code still? i havent been able to track down parents magazines and we just had our first boy 2 weeks ago and it is amazing how quick the diapers go! another 20% would be awesome on this sale! my email is papareuben @ yahoo . com thanks in advance to anyone who might not be using one!

    stock up while you can!

  • Dee

    Hi everyone, I am a triplet mom and can really use an extra code if you have one, please email me at

    Thanks a lot!