Amazon: $6 off Quilted Northern and Angel Soft Toilet Paper (Pay as low as 15 ¢ per Roll)

angel soft coupons
Amazon currently offers a great discount Quilted Northern and Angel Soft Toilet Paper.  Hed to the Amazon Grocery coupon page where you can find two coupon for $5 off and $1 off for Angel soft toilet paper.  For Quilted Northern you will find a coupon for $5 off that brand of toilet paper.  But after you clip it and click on the product link, you will find an ecoupon for an additional $1 off on the product page.  That makes for $6 off each of these products.  So to get this deal:

If you order using subscribe and save you will get free shipping.  And you will pay $18.64 for 48 double rolls of Quilted Northern (39¢ per double roll or 20 cents per single roll).  For the Angel Soft you would pay $15.50 for 48 double rolls (or 32¢ per double roll or 16¢ per single roll).

You can see below that both the $5 and $1 ecoupons are applied at checkout for this great discount.

angel soft coupons

Thanks Crystal!

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  • Shauna

    I couldn’t see the $5.00 off coupon.

  • Christy

    I couldn’t see the $5 coupon either. I did a search to find a direct link to the coupon, but the one I found said I did not qualify for the offer. I’m wondering if it’s only available to Prime members???

  • sue killgore

    There was no $5 coupon for Northern, only a $1 one. Do you know where wwe can get the $5 coupon?

  • Hi guys,

    I don’t know what to tell you about the $5 coupon. I guess it was only available to some? I do not know how Amazon decides to make these coupons available. But it was there as you can see I added the pic to it. I would say maybe keep checking in the next few days to see if it is made available later on your account.