Amazon: Buy Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Video Game, Get Free $10 Credit + Lego Toy

Amazon is offering a $10 credit plus a credit towards the purchase of a Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Mini Figurine when you pre-order Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Video game.  This game is coming out.  The game is as low as $29.99 depending for what gaming console you are buying.  Here is the figurine.  How cute is that?  I want one!

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  • Manda has the same deal, but unlike Amazon the Lego figurine comes with the game. Amazon will wait until after they’ve shipped the game to credit your account for the value of the figurine (less than $3). Whether or not you use that credit to buy lil’ Captain Jack is up to you. Unfortunately Walmart doesn’t have ship-to-store available for this, though, and the $10 credit can only be used at or, not in-store.