Amazon: Buy One Game or Accessory, Get One at 50% Off

Right now you can buy one video game or accessory at Amazon and get the second one half off.  There are a lot of titles available from PSP, XBox, Wii, PS3, etc.

On another note I wanted to share the super deal I got by luck. Remember the wii game and free remote deal I shared last week?  This was $41 for the set.  Well, it seems they ran out of controllers so they deducted the full price of the remote controllers from my order.  This ended up making the game I bought only $15!  This game has never been less than $40 so I was very pleased by the surprise.  Did this happen to anyone else?

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  • Jean S

    It happened to me….Sweet Deal. Mario Galaxy 2 for only $15 – That’s better than a Black Friday deal!!!! lol

  • Amy phillips

    I just put two games in my cart and am at the screen just before checkout, but it doesn’t say any discounts are on it. Will it come out once I process? My bank account is limited, so I don’t want this whole amount on there… Has anyone done this and the discount shows once you process the order? Thanks!

    • Amy,
      The discount should show at the end of the process but before you submit your order. Do not submit your order without the discount showing up.

      Let me know what games are you trying and I can see if it works for me.


  • catherine

    it happened to me, but instead of getting the game, i got the remote….an okay deal on it, but i really wanted the game vs the remote! 🙁

  • Adriane

    It looks like I got both. I ordered on the same day you posted about the deal. I wouldn’t have minded just getting the game for $15 LOL!! Oh well, still a really good deal!

  • Dean

    I got confirmation that both my controller and game shipped… should have bought more! Epic Mickey is certainly worth the $40 alone. I looked back on the deal the next day to consider buying another (had seen this babysitting game in there the first time that my daughter would love) and at that time the Epic Mickey was a “+$35” option making it $70!! Many other titles seemed by be upcharging or sold out as well. Goes to show you… when you see a good deal, sometimes you have to grab it!