Amazon Deals, Children’s Shoes, Adult Clothing and Home Items

Well, it seems that Amazon is clearing out their stock because there’s quire a few things they have on sale right now.

For example children’s shoes are on sale for as much as 65% off.  you can find the following brands: Keds, Robeez, Nine West and More.

You can also find some good deals in the Denim Shop.  Jeans are 70% off and as low as $10.80 for select brands and sizes.

Finally, Holly emailed me this deal on Cotton Towels.  You can get a six piece towel set for 82% off or $23.90.

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  • Renee

    The towel link doesn’t work…

  • Becky

    Ditto on the towel link not working…it takes me to the denim deals again.
    Thanks for the deals!

  • I am sorry you guys. I fixed that.


  • Heather

    Link worked great however after reading the reviews I think I’m going to pass on these. Just too many people with problems to take a chance. If anyone takes a leap, pls post your reactions. I’d love to hear someone got a great deal on some really nice looking towels.