Amazon: Envirokidz Organic Bars $1 per 6ct Pack


UPDATE: According to Jaycie, this is a price mistake and Vitamin Shoppe is canceling these orders.  If you want to cancel your order, call 1-800-223-1216 (Push #6 when it prompts you.) You will need your Amazon Order number which you should have received by email or you can find under “My Account” on  I apologize for any inconvenience.  I am  upset about this as I had ordered a case as well.  But on a GOOD note, according to the Thrifty Mama you can pick these up at Whole Foods for $0.82  each which is a much better deal.  Too bad there’s no Whole Foods by me.  Check out The Thrifty Mama’s coupon matches for Whole Foods here.

What a great deal spotted by  Amazon has the case of 6 boxes of Envirokidz Rice Bars for $4.99 plus only $0.99 shipping.  That’s only $6 for 36 bars.  What a great deal on organic bars.   They get rave reviews by other customers.  At this price I am using some of the Amazon gift cards I have gotten through Swagbucks to grab a case to try.

Happy Savings!

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