Amazon: Free $2 MP3 Credit Expires Today

I just wanted to remind you that your FREE $2 MP3 credit expires today.  you can use it on single tracks which means you can get at least two songs free or on albums.  Here is a list of albums that are $5.

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  • PK

    Hi Mercedes, I put the credit in my account the other day and went to use it now but can’t figure out how. I can’t seem to get to a page that will allow me a choice of how to pay and I don’t want to use my gift card credits. It’s no big deal, really, but if you have any suggestions or can suggest a link as to how to accomplish this I would be grateful. I’ve looked all over the Amazon help pages and can’t find any instructions. Hope you enjoyed a Merry Christmas!

    • PK,
      I just used mine myself and the credit I had ($2 from this and $1.29 from bing I posted earlier) applied to this account. The rest came from a gift card balance I had there. after you purchase it, click on “order details” and you should see that the credit was applied. But you are right, there is no way to make sure before you hit purchase.


  • PK

    Thank you, Mercedes! Much appreciated. 🙂

  • Mary

    I just got a “99 Most Essential Christmas Masterpieces” for $1.99.

    What a deal! Free Christmas music!