Amazon: Free Kaplan Study Guides for Kindle

Amazon is currently offering Kaplan’s Study Books for Kindle for absolutely free. There are study guides for the MCAT, GRE, GMAT, SAT, ACT, Writing, Biology, Chemistry, you name it! Plus remember that you do not need a Kindle to read these books. You can download the application to be able to read on your own computer.

Thanks My frugal Adventures!

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  • Hi. Just an FYI – There are many Kindle ebooks they reduce to free for a period of time. Some goods ones to grab when they go free.

    You can follow the free Kindle ebooks stuff on various sites like or

  • tam

    I don’t have Kindle. When I click to buy , it is asked for registering Kindle before purchasing/

    Can you pls advise me what should I do in order that I can download them

  • @tam
    You should be able to just use Kindle for PC/Mac/etc and download to that.