Amazon: Kindle 3G with Special Offers for $139

Amazon has dropped the price Kindle 3G with Special offers to just $139. That means you no longer need to be hunting for wifi hotspots. Use the 3G to get online almost anywhere. I have heard from a LOT of people who owned these kindle devices with the special offers and they are actually very happy with them. I have been keeping track of the offers Amazon makes available and they have been really good offers too. Some of the ones that have been offered in the past are:

$10 for $20 Gift Card
Save up to $500 off Amazon’s already low prices on select HDTVs
$1 for a Kindle book, choose from thousands of books
Spend $10 on Kindle books and get a free $10 Gift Card

If you have been holding out, the price has finally gone down.  Then read the hundreds of free Kindle book downloads.

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  • Emily

    I assume this means that a newer one with more bells and whistles is coming out in time for the holidays? My daughter is asking for one so perhaps this will be good for her in December when the newer one comes out.

  • Elise K

    I just got an awesome special offer on mine yesterday: $25 off a $50 purchase in the Baby department.

    • elliot

      So are most/all of the offers from amazon? Is it kind of like the daily deals kindle edition?

      • Hi Elliot,
        yes, the offers will be for Amazon deals. i do not know what the daily deals kindle edition is though.


        • elliot

          Hi Mercedes,
          Thank you! I don’t know what the daily deals kindle edition is either! I made that up. 🙂
          What I meant was this: is it similar to the daily deals emails I get from amazon, except instead of being emailed to me it is displayed on the kindle as ads. You answered my question, even though I didn’t word it clearly. Thanks!