Amazon: Pampers Diapers for $3.84/pack or Even Lower

There is a nice deal on Pampers diapers on Amazon right now. You can pay $3.84 per jumbo pack or even lower if you have any 20% off coupon from baby Talk or Parenting Magazine or the sweet $10 off. This is a very low cost per pack, so follow these steps to get this deal:

1) Start by visiting this page and clipping this Amazon coupon good for $1.50 off Pampers diapers or pants. You may need to refresh the page a couple of times if you don’t see the coupon at once.

2) After you have “clipped” this e-coupon, click to this page to shop Pampers Cruisers Dry Max or Pampers Baby Dry Diapers on Amazon and select the size you need. Combine 15% Subscribe & Save* discount with 15% Amazon Mom discount to get 30% off.

This should make your total around $28 and around $3.84 per jumbo pack. Now, if you have a 20% off Amazon coupon code or a $10 off coupon code or both!!? you are looking at a super sweet deal.  Oh! and let’s not forget if you got the $20 Amazon gift card for just $10 available last week, the deal is even better.

Thanks Moms by Heart!

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  • Heather

    How do I get Amazon coupon codes?

    • Meghan

      You have to have a Parenting or Baby Talk Magazine. Amazon has an add in these magazines with unique coupon codes.

  • Meghan

    I’ve never actually done a Subscribe & Save, will your order be cancelled if you unsubscribe to Subscribe & Save right after you place your order?

    • ACMommy

      I believe so Meghan. You have to wait until your order is confirmed shipped (you’ll receive an email), then you can cancel. I just wait until my box of diapers comes in the mail, then I cancel if needed. 🙂 Hope this helps!

  • Judy

    Awesome!! Just got 176 Pampers babydry (size 4) for $4.62 total!!! I got 30% for subscribe and save/amazon mom, used 20%code, $10 code, $5 amazon gc (from swagbucks) plus $1.50 coupon!! Thanks!

  • Julie

    I bought the $10/ $20 amazon gift card but haven’t recieved it yet. Does it come in the mail or an email?

    • Julie,
      It doesn’t come in the mail. Julie, check your email for instructions from Living Social on how to get your code.


      • Julie

        thanks! It was in my span folder.

  • Roxana

    Ok, I don’t have either magazine yet. But I have ordered them. How do I find out the promo codes? And how do I find out how long the sale is for?

  • Margret

    You can apply only 1 promotion code at a time. I tried the amazon coupon and 20% promo code together and it takes just one. I chatted online with amazon CR and he said only 1 promo code at a time…:(.

    • Blaire Ruch

      it’s still a phenomenal deal, even without the $1.50 coupon. The 20% off code took off $8.18 on my order.

  • Blaire Ruch

    Sweet! Just got 204 size 3 baby dry diapers for .64!
    Used 30% off Subscribe & Save/Amazon Mom, 20% Parenting Early Years code (taken off the $40.88 price, rather than the already reduced amount…wow!), $1.50 coupon and $20 Living Social gift card purchased for $10!!!!! And I get them on Wednesday! Amazing! Mercedes, you rock!

    • Margret

      Hey Blaire, how did u manage to apply multiple codes? The rep I spoke to said I couldn’t do that :-(. Tell me how for future buys. Thanks.

      • Blaire Ruch

        i followed mercedes’ steps of instructions, and clipped the coupon first.
        after selecting the item, and choosing the subscribe and save option, i entered the code in the box, and it took it off.

        sorry it didn’t work for you 🙁

  • Kate

    I just got 204 size 3 pampers baby dry and my total was only $18.84 (30% off with subscribe & Save, 20% amazon coupon and $1.50 amazon ecoupon)! I used my $20 amazon gift card that I got for $10 last week from living social, so 204 diapers for $9! Thanks so much!

  • M W

    Great find…but I’ve tried for two days to get the coupon to show up! I can only get the one that doesn’t include Baby Dry and that’s the brand I prefer and you get more diapers for the buck. It’s like Amazon knows!

  • brandi

    SWEET. I just ordered mine. 1.50 off for coupon, 15% for amazon mom, 15% for subscribe and save…and my 20% coupon….TOTAL 18.94 for size 3 204 count diapers!!!

  • Nicole

    Is the e-coupon random or all gone? It doesn’t show up when I go to the page…

    • Kim

      You can hit the refresh button to change the coupons…I had to hit it twice for the diaper q to show up. Hope this helps!

  • A. Nony. Mouse

    If youre buying swaddlers i sometimes find that you can find two $1.50 coupons and apply them both to your purchase.

  • Latoya T.

    I visited my OB and she gave me a Baby Talk magazine. I asked for permission to use the coupon code from the Parents Magazine, but somebody swiped it before I had a chance to use it. I purchased a pack of 84 size Newborn pampers, priced at $18.94, I used the 30% off from the Amazon Moms & Subscribe & Save subscription combination. Finally I used the $10 off coupon from the Baby Talk Magazine & I got a case of diapers for $2.94. Woohoo. I have been so happy about this all week. Shipping was free and I got it in less than 2 days.