Anniversary Giveaway: Two $40 Vouchers to Fairytale Brownies

OMGosh! yesterday I forgot to post the yummiest of the anniversary giveaways I had lined up for you.  Calling all brownie lovers with this one!  Two CSwM readers will win one $40 voucher to Fairytale Brownies that can be used towards shipping ($6.95).  Yum, I bet this would be a prize that would be hard to wait for to come in the mail!

  • To enter to this giveaway share your favorite indulgence!

This giveaway closes on 9/30 at 3PM EST and it is open to US. residents 18 and older. If you are reading this entry in an email or reader, please click through this post to enter this giveaway.  Emails are not a valid form of entry.

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  • Michele

    pie or cheese cake

  • brandy

    My fave would have to be dove ice cream bars.

  • Amanda D

    I love to indulge in ice cream!

  • Andrea

    I love to splurge on girl scout cookies! Plus it helps a good cause.

  • Stefanie

    My favorite indulgence would have to be the ice cream sanwiches with chocolate chip cookies on each side… mmmm

  • Paula

    Darrell Lea soft licorice

  • cindy l

    Marble Slab ice cream

  • Kim T.

    I love indulging in the sweetness of a hot fudge Sunday. MMm—mmmm good.

  • Marcella

    I LOVE peanut butter fudge <3

  • Beth

    Lindt truffles!

  • Nithya

    Cheesecake and anything chocolate!!

  • Amanda Bosque

    Any kind of dark chocolate is my indulgence! My hubby knows me so well – when he brings me a treat from the gas station, it’s a dark chocolate hershey bar!

  • Patty

    Any kind of chocolate!

  • Lindsey

    cookies with icing and sprinkles…still a kid at heart

  • OnMyWay2Glory

    Brownies with caramel and walnuts!

  • Kim

    ice cream

  • Sonia Beshiri

    Brownies are my favorite! Especially with a hot fudge sundae.

  • Rebecca Hall

    Hmmm, I love to endulge with key lime pie or cheesecake, of course, I love brownies too :-).

  • Jessica Niccoli

    I just love chocolate! Any type, yummy!

  • Shannon Driscoll Stout

    I am a chocolate lover, so I really love those mile-high fudgy layercakes from the restaurants. Though, a close second, even if not chocolate, is the banana’s foster from Dave and Busters.


    any dark chocolate

  • Denise

    I like just about everything chocolate. However, the Dove chocolates are the bomb!

  • sheri grennille

    i love tiramisu when it’s made right! but, brownies are a close second, especially with ice cream.

  • Amber

    anything really chocolate covered pretzels are really good

  • Chris D

    Anything with chocolate! Now, I’m craving brownies.

  • Safa

    my favorite indulgence is dark chocolate

  • Brittany

    I’m a sucker for homemade chocolate chip cookies! I also really love the new pretzel M&Ms.

  • Kim Adams

    The new Pilsbury sweet sensations are amazing.. but truely, my favorite treat is just some whipped cream over cherries 🙂

  • George

    i can eat anything really lets just say all junk food

  • ann


  • Jessica

    German Chocolate is my favorite…but any chocolate is just fine in my books!

  • Sam

    Cheesecake brownies and pistachios!

  • Christa Muro

    I know it’s not a food, but I LOVE pedicures! I guess my favorite food indulgence would have to be ANY kind of cheesecake.

  • Tracy Hawk

    My favorite indulgence would be warm Fresh Blueberry Pie a la mode! Yummmmmy

  • Sara

    Fresh out of the oven fudgey brownies tossed in a glass of ice cold milk. SO GOOD!

  • Brenda Adair

    Its a draw between brownies and vanilla cheesecake with blueberry topping. Yummy.

  • Stephani

    my favorite will be hard… I will have to say it is Brownies with carmel sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

  • Lea M.

    My husband made homemade Chocolate Molten Cake. Delicious!

  • Kathy C.

    Fresh-baked bread!

  • Bill Persinger

    warm brownies and vanilla ice cream! Yum

  • Jackie

    My indulgence would have to be anything with peanut butter and chocolate!

  • Sarah B

    dove dark chocolate 🙂

  • Kelly

    I love to splurge on cookies!!

  • Rachel Whipkey

    Cheese Cake factory’s godiva chocolate cheesecake!

  • Jene

    I good, rich piece of chocolate…and I don’t mean like a grocery store brand, but a really good one, like a fresh Godiva or even a Lindt one. Doesn’t have to be big, just decadent!

  • April S

    DQ’s Peanut Buster Parfait.

  • Stacey Payne

    dove chocolate

  • Kathy

    Almond M&Ms! I can eat a whole bag (the big one).

  • Kari C


  • Tanya Fenier

    Frozen Cookies!! homemade chocolate chip or girlscout thin mints. SOOO Yummy.

  • Natalie W

    Wow this is so something I am entering for my hubby! His indulgence pick would be brownies for sure! I would love to win this and order him some brownies to indulge upon after our daughter is born in November. A treat for my sweet!

    For me I am partial to pumpkin rolls or pumpkin cookies.

  • melony

    Mmmmm… brownies♥

  • vic

    My favorite has got to be pie a la mode’ YUM!!!

  • kathleen

    wawa’s brownines. they are so yummy! I LOVE brownies!

  • Beth B

    Dark chocolate, and white cake with berry layers topped with butter cream frosting.

  • janna

    anything dark chocolate! and chips and queso!

  • Becky

    Nothing beats a warm, delicious chocolate chip cookie!

  • Cindy

    My indugence is banana cream pie.

  • Sharon Edwards

    Anything chocolate, especially dark chocolate!

  • Sharonna M.

    Girl Scout – Thin Mints. (need I say more?? 🙂

  • Alicia

    I love to warm up brownies, top with ice cream, chocolate syrup, carmel if we have it, nuts, and cherries…Very rich, but YUMMY!!!!

  • Pamela M.

    I am a sucker for chocolate and peanut butter. The BEST is when it has some nuts added to it!

  • libby

    I love Peanut Butter Pie:)

  • randi

    we LOVE homemade apple crisp topped with ice cream.

  • Tammy


  • Stephanie

    chocolate raspberry truffle cheesecake, oh my!

  • Charity

    Warm brownine with melted peanut butter on top.

  • Jennifer M.

    I am a sucker for a box of Milk Duds!! They are my sin… just look as my rearend!!

  • Amber

    MMMMM….Brownies! Gotta be my favorite! Just wonderful!! 🙂

  • Kelly

    Brownies and chocolate chip cookies baked together with icing on top, YUMMMY!

  • Tracy

    Apple Pie and Brownies!

  • Amber C

    Tazo Organic Chai Tea. I buy the concentrate & all I have to add is milk & ice. I drink it daily in the mornings & at night for a refreshing treat. FYI, Starbucks uses Tazo for their Chai drink & I pay LESS for the concentrate from Publix that makes around 8-10 servings. They have it marked down t0 $2.99- $1.00 coupon = Stocked Up
    my Pantry!!Definately a frugal indulgence~

  • chelpa

    i would have to pick TOM’S MOMS’ COOKIES from harbor springs, mi. they are the best cookie i’ve ever had! the center is full of godiva chocolate……..YUM!! a few bucks apiece but i need them every time i go up north!

  • Alan

    Milk Chocolate with cashews.

  • Laurie

    Cheesecake, and lots of it!

  • Right now our indulgence is eating out. We set a strict budget two months ago so it’s a treat for us!

  • Emillie

    My favorite indulgence would have to be oreos and icecream!!

  • dove chocolate!

  • jim glass

    ice cream!

  • veronica

    I love BROWNIES …topped with ice cream and cool whip!

  • Heather W

    Homemade chocolate chip cookies! YUM!!

  • Alicia

    I would have to say chocolate brownies with peanut butter frosting!!!!!!!

  • Alice Benter

    Dark chocolate with nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sharon k


  • jamie stanley

    peanutbutter m&m’s!!!

  • Stephanie

    Girl Scout Cookies!

  • Angel

    Anything with CHOCOLATE!!!!

  • Jenea


  • cody stanley


  • Courtney

    Chocolate – and licorice – heavenly escapes!

  • Teri


  • Megan J

    PB M&Ms are one of my favorites too!

  • Geraldine T

    My real favorite indulgence is shoes…but I also love Snickers bars!

  • Jenny

    I love these blueberry acai berries with dark chocolate coating…they are soooo good!

  • Jules

    CHOCOLATE!!! Brownies, cookies, candy, cake … you name it! I LOVE CHOCOLATE!! = )

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  • Lane

    I love brownies with nuts and chocolate icing!

  • Becki

    I love to indulge with anything that has caramel with it.

  • Esther

    I love lemon bars..and cheesecake….wondering if they make a lemon cheesecake?

  • HasturTorres

    Rich, creamy and full fat ice cream.

  • Brigette

    Definately cheesecake…cheesecake brownies are good too 😀

  • Nicole

    Homemade cheesecake with chocolate and peanut butter chips!! I also love brownies with frosting…they have to be cold though!

  • Adrienne S.

    Brownies are my favorite indulgeance, followed closely by soft, gooey cookies, and light fluffy cake (preferably in cupcake form). Yum!

  • Karina House

    My favorite comfort treat is Chex Muddy Buddies. But the best indulgence is a dark chocolate pate with raspberry sauce I make at Christmas time!

  • Aaron H.

    I love all of the local sweets here in New Orleans! I could spend all day eating pecan pralines, white-chocolate bread pudding, banana fosters cheesecake, and when it’s almost Mardi Gras season… Gotta have my King Cake! Delish!

  • Sandy

    I love coconut cream pie!

  • Chocolate. A piece of plain ole chocolate is what I love to indulge in

  • JEssica Murphy

    I am a fool for anything peanut butter and chocolate

  • marcia s fox

    My favorite indulgence would have to be anything chocolate.

  • jennifer horn

    My favorite indulgance is Starbucks frappiccino.

  • Robert

    Starbucks mocha frapp with a drizzle of chocolate for sure!

  • My favorite indulgence? Anything chocolate and/or peanut butter. My husband and I routinely catch each other in the kitchen sneaking a spoonful of PB. 🙂

  • Samantha F

    Carrot cake… I try to imagine that because it has the word carrot in the name and usually one drawn on the top that it’s healthy… 🙂

  • Brittany Chao

    My favorite indulgences is fresh brownies, imagine that! Yummy! Just made a batch last night!

  • Sarah T

    As a busy mommy my very favorite indulgence is curling up on the sofa with a steaming mug of coffee and a good book! Adding brownies to the mix sounds like a recipe for perfection!

  • Rachel

    Anything with chocolate or peanut butter. Or heck just peanut butter on a spoon with chocolate chips sprinkled on top! (I’m that bad)

  • Allison

    Brownies or Texas sheet cake

  • Clarence

    I am addict to my wife’s orange juice cake! I can eat it every single day all day long. I warm it up or eat it cold. It’s really chewy when its cold. Either I love it!

  • Pamela

    My all time fave are fudgey brownies loaded with walnuts and rich chocolate frosting!

  • Samantha F

    Carrot Cake… I try to convince myself because it has carrot in the name and usually one drawn on top that it’s somewhat healthy… 🙂

  • Christina P.

    CHEESECAKE!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Shauna

    Cheesecake! Any flavor 🙂

  • Laura

    My favorite is ice cream!

  • Mary

    Brownie Fudge Sundae – I love ice cream and brownies so together I get the best of both worlds.

  • carrie

    chocolate croissants or turtles

  • Holly Krause

    My favorite indulgence is brownie cheesecake! Yum!!!

  • Julie

    I love homemade chocolate mousse – made by my husband – it is simply the best

  • Alison

    Chocolate 🙂

  • kristi

    right out of the oven chocolate chip cookies…yum!

  • Tina M

    I love chocolate!!

  • Beth

    Brownie Obsession Sundae from TGI Friday’s. Sooooo goooood!! I only get it once or twice a year.

  • Staci D.

    Anything chocolate!!! YUMMAY!

  • conna smith

    anything sweet will work for me………

  • robin

    Cinnamon Rolls are my absolute favorite!!

  • Sarah

    Chocolate anything! (With cream cheese frosting on top!)

  • Regina Marker

    Anything with mint and chocolate!

  • Heidi

    Homemade, gardenfresh salsa!!!

  • Sheri M

    Key Lime Pie with a cup of coffee . . . . .

  • Julissa

    Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting!! Yummy!!!

  • Heather

    I love all sweets……my diet downfall! However, a warm brownie with vanilla ice cream, gooey caramel and some walnuts is to die for!!!

  • kara

    dinner out is my favorite indulgence…for now!

  • morgan rayl

    peanut m&m’s!!!!!

  • Angela Black

    My favorite indulgence is homemade blackberry pie with blue bell blackberry cobbler ice cream… yummy!

  • Melissa

    I think it is definitely cookies and cream hershey’s bars! Oh man now I want one…

  • Lindsay

    Frappuccino! Yummy!

  • jane fague


  • Nikki

    My favorite indulgence is def ice cream. I get a craving and have to have it. I usually like Vanilla w/ choc syrup. Neopolitan is good too. Ben and Jerry’s though make the best “fun flavors.” Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Bethany

    My favorite for fall is a caramel apple with chocolate drizzle…Yummy!

  • megan

    Homemade chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven with an ice cold glass of milk…..and after my kids have gone to bed so I don’t have to share!!!!

  • Teresa M

    my favorite is rich brownies with peanut butter melted on top!!

  • Peggy

    My favorite indulgence is custard!

  • Laci

    Mine would have to be peanut busters and brownies! I’m not much of a sweets person but yum yum!

  • Heather B.

    I love key lime pie, but my absolute favorite indulgence has to be eggnog lattes! Only around in the fall and I could drink several of them a day!!

  • Leslie Petersen

    Anything chocolate! 🙂

  • Wendy T

    Dark chocolate is my favorite.

  • Heather

    My favorite would have to be homemade chocolate chips cookies…but pretty much anything chocolate will do!!

  • kristine

    I love cake!!

  • jamie

    Where do I start chocolate, ice cream, cheese puffs, crackers and cream cheese! I think that is all.

  • Andrea F.

    My favorite thing to indulge in is ice cream… Grocery store, Ice Cream Shop. It doesn’t matter. 🙂

  • dina howell

    Chocolate you can never go wrong with any flavor thanks

  • AngelaRS1973

    My favorite indulgence is either Banana Creme Pie or Pumpkin Pie Blizzard from Dairy Queen.

  • erin h

    ice cream cake is my absolute fav, but i’ll take an ice cream sandwich in a pinch!

  • Melody

    Bittersweet chocolate and coffee. Two things I have very regularly and help give me my “personality.” : – )

  • Kristen

    Dove Dark Chocolate Promises! YUM!

  • Andrea

    My indulgence is any kind of chocolate!

  • CrystalGB

    My favorite indulgence is ice cream. Thank you for the giveaway.

  • shuchi

    I am a Junk Foodie!

  • Schib02

    Chocolate covered raisins. Can’t ever get enough!!!!!

  • Barb


  • Elizabeth Neale

    Brownies with pecans!

  • Pamela Garcia

    Turtle Cheesecake yummmmmmmmm

  • Michelle

    Anything with chocolate!!

  • Karen

    cookies with frosting on top

  • Rebecca L

    Chocolate. And I love fresh bread.

  • Jules

    Starbucks pumpkin spice latte and caramel corn! Not necessarily together.

  • Phoenix

    Hot fudge sundae!

  • amber

    anything with whip cream. 🙂

  • Melissa A.

    chocolate candies are my favorite

  • Bev

    I love chocolate anything!!!

  • Diana

    I am a brownie FIEND! Everyone knows that if I’m bringing dessert to a function, it’s always brownies!

  • Janet

    Brownie sundae

  • My favorite indulgence is a good root beer float! Yum
    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  • A glass of white wine!

  • sarah t

    my favorite induldence is pumpkin pie ice cream.

  • stacy

    Hmmm…it’s rare around our house, but homemade cheesecake with a sour cream topping would be right up there on my list!

  • Sonya

    A warm brownie, a la mode, with whipped cream, and hot fudge. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

  • Jennifer P

    Chocolate Almond Ice Cream!!!! YUMMMMM

  • michelle

    Cheesecake! YUM

  • Laura W.

    Chocolate! Anything chocolate!

  • Lauren K.

    mmm … anything chocolate. but especially chocolate cake/cupcake with chocolate frosting.

  • Velvet Hubler

    My favorite indulgence is Chocolate covered Macaroons.

  • Shonda

    My favorite indulgence would have to be chocolate cake with chocolate icing.

  • Vivian

    ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!

  • Laura Miller

    My favorite indulgence is BROWNIES! Love, love, love them! Also Reese’s Peanut Butter cups or better yet a combo of both of them together. 🙂

  • Alex

    Jelly Bellys, too many choices but Peach is my favorite!

  • Tricia

    I love anything chocolate…yum.

  • Oanh

    Watch soap opera with a pint of Ben & Jerrys ice cream.

  • tammie r.

    Anything chocolate!!

  • camilla wilson

    Ilove cake.

  • Tina

    Chocolate, chocolate chip ice cream, and not the cheap stuff 😉

  • Jennifer S.

    Starbucks and chocolate!!

  • Alisha

    Peanut butter no bake cookies!

  • Amanda

    I love jelly bellies.

  • Benita Fuentes

    ohhhh I love love love anything with caramel!!! its just yummy!! But Im really big on cheesecake too. Ohhh decisions decisions…..

  • Laura W.

    chocolate. Anything chocolate.

  • Traci Cooley

    cookies, cookies and more cookies

  • Trish

    Cheese cake with fudge drizzled over the top – oh my!

  • Beth

    I love chocolate chip cookie dough (raw)! 🙂

  • Julie Nguy

    My husband loves chocolate! Thanks!

  • Emilie

    My favorite indulgence is Oreos and reality television!

  • Virginia

    Chocolate, especially dark chocolate!

  • rose

    I love circus peanuts.

  • nipa

    I love to indulge in chocolate cheesecake

  • Kim Bowen

    My favorite cake is Homemade Black Walnut

  • Monique Remy

    cream puffs

  • VIckie Jones

    bosten cream pie, love it

  • Sandy

    cheesecake is my favorite.

  • Noel

    I am the worst sweet eater…but my favorite is ice cream! And then brownies probably 🙂

  • Lindsey

    Anything chocolate… without nuts, please!

  • Laura

    My favorite indulgence is chocolate cake and brownies!!!!!

  • Amy

    chocolate covered strawberries

  • Debbie


  • sumi

    My favorite ones are tiramisu and brownies.

  • Tanya

    My favorite indulgence is definitely cake!

  • Katie P

    Definitely dark chocolate!

  • kathie

    I love fudge and ice cream (but not necessarily together)

  • Alicia Scott

    My favorite indulgence is Hershey’s Bliss chocolates, and brown sugar powdered donuts!! mmmm….can’t do this to me! 😉

  • Probably cheesecake, you’re making me hungry! 🙂

  • pamela james

    I love,love, love dobosh torte-all the layers of chocolate-it doesn’t get any better than this!

  • heidi

    I love homemade desserts. They are always worth the calories.

  • Ginger

    That’s a tough one as I have so many favorites but I guess I would have to say peanut butter fudge yum

  • Donna W


  • Christen

    My favorite indulgence? Warm chocolate chip brownies with vanilla ice cream!

  • Laurene

    As soon as I read this post my mouth watered. Need I say more.

  • Becky

    Turtles from are AMAZING!!

  • Jennifer M.

    Caramel Machiatos from Atlanta Bread Company are my fav. indulgence!

  • Kara

    a butter yellow cake with my homemade chocolate frosting!

  • Lisa

    I loveeeeeeeeee tiramisu.

  • lynn cook

    hot fudge sundaes, not very often but every once in a while yum!!!!

  • Tina

    Anything chocolate!!

  • misty

    Cheesecake, rich chocolate cake, any dessert with cream cheese as an ingredient, key lime pie, coldstone or bruester’s icecream, pasta, the list could go on…

  • Diane G

    Any chocolate.

  • Jenna Hilgers

    I love my Mint White Mochas but b/c they are so full of SUGAR I don’t get them very often!


    my favorite indulgence is brownies with peanut butter spread on top …especially when they are slightly warmed in the microwave 🙂

  • Rebecca

    Anything CHOCOLATE!

  • Maura

    Dark Chocolate

  • Ruth Baareman

    Anything that has gooey chocolate as part of it.

  • Gretchen in HB

    We received these as a business gift once and they are seriously SCRUMPTIOUS! The cream cheese brownies are delicious! My favorite indulgence is an iced white mocha, a hot bath and a good book.

  • Dodi

    Coffee and chocolate!!!!

  • Jennifer Lee

    homemade chocolate chip cookies – yum!


    OHHH those Pilsbury Moment Brownie bites. Yummmyyy!

  • Amy

    Cold Stone Creamery Cake Batter Ice cream with brownies and snickers! Mmhhh… i want one now!

  • I love anything with moist chocolate involved, so brownies are wonderful!

  • Sue D

    Vanilla ice cream with homemade chocolate fudge sauce on top.

  • Kindra

    dark chocolate!

  • Josh S

    I’d love to win these for my very pregnant wife, she’s got a terrible sweet tooth lately! 🙂 Our favorite indulgence is frozen yogurt with lots of fruit toppings.

  • Melody

    I love anything with chocolate!!

  • P Rowell

    Hands down – caramel brownies…..mmmmmmm

  • Natalie J. Vandenberghe

    Call it “power of suggestion”…I’d say my favorite indulgence would be a moist, delicious, brownie. I also make some bars that have chocolate, toffee bits, and caramel–they’re pretty darn good. I like cheesecake and fresh fruit. oh, and I love fresh strawberry o’cheese pie. Now you’ve got me going! Sorry, so hard to limit it to just one indulgence! I have a sweet tooth!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • CHEESE!!! Oh man, a really good cheese. :drool:

  • Sarah

    chocolate – love to sneak the chocolate chips

  • michelle

    molton choco cake

  • Heather

    Buckeye brownies!!!!!

  • Rei

    I’m a chocoholic!! Anything with chocolate & caramel…YUM!

  • homemade key lime pie – the old fasioned way – not baked! so yummy!!!

  • Devon

    It would have to be Dairy Queen blizzards

  • Melissa

    Peanut Butter Cookies, using my homemade recipe. One of the reasons I love the Holidays lots of yummy treats!

  • Joyce

    Warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and carmel sauce is the best!

  • Jael Adams

    I love truffles! Just about any kind, homemade or from a store.

  • Dinah

    Chocolate Chip cookies

  • alyssa

    Banana Blueberry Pie, yum! My mom still makes it for my birthday rather than a cake.

  • Jenna

    Raw cookie dough!!!! Would rather eat it than bake it!

  • krista

    My favorite is anything chocolate.

  • Elizabeth N

    As the mother of 10 (honest!) my fave is QUIET!!! OH, YOU MEAN FOOD? Okay, that would have to be a fresh batch of snickerdoodle cookies 🙂

  • Liz

    My favorite indulgence is a these rocky road brownies I haven’t made in ages. Take a pan of brownies out of the oven and sprinkle them with min marshmallows, mini chocolate chips and peanut chunks. The hot brownies will melt the chocolate and marshmallows and you get an ooey-gooey wonderful treat!

  • Chocolate ice cream with chocolate syrup and mini M&Ms !!!! so good!

  • Kambre

    My first love is chocolate. I can feel it flowing through my veins…

  • Peanut butter brownies

  • Diana

    Chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream on top!

  • Laura W.


  • Tessy

    I love brownies

  • Mike

    I like white cake with chocolate icing.

  • Sandy Smith

    Oreo’s & Pretzels dipped in white chocolate……

  • Laura Ranck

    I cannot resist my aunt’s chocoalte chip cookies…whatever she does I can’t do but I sure can eat them up!

  • AngieJ

    Warm brownies a’la mode.

  • Cindy

    Anything warm, gooey, and chocolately.

  • Kim


  • Brett

    Hmm tough one but brownies are on my mind!

  • Janet W.


  • Jennifer H.

    Samoa girl scout cookies!

  • Amy

    Homemade cookies… any kind!

  • Nicole

    DQ blizzard!!

  • Elena

    i’m a chocoholic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jess B

    Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkins (or any of their regular holiday shapes – Christmas trees, hearts, Easter eggs, etc).

  • michelle f

    Sadly enough, all it takes to make me happy is a LONG hot shower and an icey cold Coke to enjoy afterwards. But trust me, I can down a box of Girl Scout cookies in no time too…

  • M Beta

    Chocolate covered fruit and honey

  • Susan Laura

    Dark chocolate frozen yogurt with crushed oreos on top.

  • Elizabeth

    vanilla ice cream (softened) with (lots!) chocolate peanut butter cups cut into tiny pieces! And some whip cream, if I’m feeling daring lol

  • Maren Lee

    Anything chocolate!

  • Rachel

    My favorite indulgence is probably a homemade blueberry crisp (warm from the oven) over some locally made vanilla ice cream. Delicious!!

  • Doug

    Cold apple pie.

  • lizi serrano

    i love brownies and fairytale brownies is my go to place for christmas deliveries… yum!

    lizi serrano /

  • erin

    Chocolate in most any shape or form!

  • Pat Pattillo

    My favorite indulgence is Gelato–any kind but any with chocolate is the one! Gelato is wonderful with brownies, so bring it on!!!!

  • JEN C

    I love to indulge anything chocolate.

  • Melissa

    Time by myself with a book!


    Key lime pie!

  • peanut butter pie!

  • Kateryna Verlan

    chocolate covered strawberries

  • Emily

    Hot from the oven cookies!

  • Katie

    My favorite indulgence is chocolate -really any form will do!

  • Cindy

    My favorite indulgence is a warm brownie with vanilla ice cream, sliced strawberries and caramel syrup drizzled on top! YUMMM!

  • Kd

    Donuts with buttercreme icing. We have a local bakery and she makes the best icing I have ever had. I could eat it by the bucket.

  • Ann

    I like dark chocolate.

  • eM

    I love cheesecake!

  • Alicia

    My favorite indulgence is chewy chocolate brownies loaded with pecans, warm out of the oven with a small scoop of vanilla ice cream. YUMMMM!

  • Betsy

    Cake with the butter cream frosting on it!

  • tamara rayner

    Anything chocolate, haha! But fairytale brownies are by far the best…i send them to all my family members for holidays and birthdays and they send them to me in return 😛 My darling sister sent me a box of sprites after the birth of my son back in January. She knows how to warm my heart 🙂 Looking forward to the holidays so I can eat them up!!!

  • Sarah

    Anything dark chocolate!

  • My favorite indulgence is a good cup of coffee (which would go great with brownies!)

  • Amanda

    Brownies or cheesecake!

  • Jennifer B.

    I love anything chocolate but my favorite is brownies with chocolate icing on top.

  • Michelle

    My favorite indulgence is Ice Cream!!!

  • Sarah LaVigne

    I love to indulge in homemade cookies!

  • Jennifer Crowell

    anything chocolate, I love chocolate, especially things made with chocolate that are warm, chewy and homemade.

  • michelle

    i love peanut butter and chocolate together…i love anything sweet though…pumpkin, peanut butter, sugar cookies, ice cream, apple crisp…anything!

  • Emily O.

    Dark chocolate.

  • Heather M.

    I love cheesecake – especially chocolate!

  • Amanda Simon

    Wow I think this is the hardest question I have had to answer today 🙂 And I am homeschooling a special needs 2nd grader! I love anything gooey from the oven, Blue Bell Pralines and Cream Ice Cream, and Mint Milanos 🙂 Just to name a few.

  • Karis

    ice-cream!! specifically graeters ice-cream when i’m home :O)

  • Sarah

    Chik-fil-a hand spun milkshakes—especially the peppermint chocholate chip!

  • Tiffany J

    Chocolate anything!!

  • Jen

    My favorite indulgence is running. I know it sounds crazy, but it is amazing to be a part of something bigger than myself. I put my headphones on, and just go. Especially being a Stay at Home Mum, that is a feat in itself!:)

  • Ellen

    Hot fudge brownie sundae – haven’t had one in a very long time though.

  • Loraleigh Anderson

    Brownies with icing. 🙂

  • Melody

    chocolate is my downfall! I love it so much…chocolate anything unless it has peanut butter in it. Ooh, and I love cheesecake, peach cobbler, any fruit cobbler…hee! Let’s just say I love sweets!

  • Tammi

    ice cream!

  • Tracy


  • Crystal Mullins

    My favorite is brownies and ice cream. Yummy!

  • Susan

    I scream for ice cream!

  • Teresa

    coffee and cheesecake!

  • Sarah Hartwig

    Anything chocolate!

  • Allison

    Anything Chocolate Rocks!!!!!

  • Adrianne

    Keebler Soft Batch chocolate chip cookies… non-homemade indulgence out there : )

  • Tricia T.

    After Eight dinner mints. But anything chocolate will do.

  • Kim

    I love FLUFF and RITZ crackers!

  • Shani

    Hershey’s Ovation Mint Sticks or Milano cookies

  • jamie k

    milano cookies yummm

  • JessicaC


  • Amie


  • Amanda

    Any and all forms of chocolate!

  • Karen Dorris

    I love a hot fudge sundae w/lots of fudge sauce, nuts and whipped cream!!

  • Adrian

    anything both sweet and salty. Yummy

  • Fran K

    Home made cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting!

  • Cathy

    Chocolate cake with chocolate icing.

  • Shelley

    My favorite indulgence is definitely cheesecake…preferably from the Cheesecake Factory!

  • Pollyana

    any kind of brownies, which makes this giveaway perfect.

  • Connie


  • Georgi

    Fudge brownies with fudge frosting. YUM!

  • laura fassoth

    Dark chocolate ANYTHING!!!! LOL

  • Wendi P

    I love anything chocolate. I would really like to try Fairytale’s Espresso Brownie, mmmmm!

  • Jeanne


  • Rebecca

    World Market makes these crispy toffee/almond dark chocolate lacy cookies. I can eat the whole container!

  • Rachelle R

    apple pie a la mode! mmmmm!!

  • Kristi

    Starbucks vente white chocolate mocha, skim with light whip.

  • Sarah Ulfers

    I love caramel but if you add chocolate its even better.

  • My husband and I love warm dewberry pie topped with vanilla ice cream. YUM 🙂

  • sabrina

    I love peanut butter and chocolate together… yummy!

  • cortney ragsdale

    I love coconut cake!!!

  • kim

    banana split. yum!

  • Heather Chandler

    Ice cream or hot chocolate (with a splash of Butterscotch schnapps.)

  • amber k

    Thin Mint Cookies – stashed in the freezer behind the frozen broccoli!

  • andrea

    i love no bake cookies, hmm maybe i should make some??

  • Joanne

    Chocolate ice cream

  • Susan Salerno

    A brownie sundae covered in Hot Fudge!! Yummmmmmm.

  • Helen Berkowitz

    Molten chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream!!!!!!!!!

  • Natalie


  • Carrie

    Scotchmallows from See’s Candy

  • shannon o


    Costco makes a great cheese cake

  • julita


  • Liz

    high quality vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce and candied pecans.

  • brownies right out of the oven with vanilla ice cream.

  • Scarlett

    I would have to say ice cream…could eat it everyday, but I shouldn’t

  • Kelly

    Sea salt caramels!

  • Tia

    i love peanut butter cookies with a hershey kiss!

  • Ashley

    Im pregnant so its kind of changing on a weekly basis at the moment. Last week it was the cinnamon melts from McDonalds, this week its a tie between candy corn and toast with strawberry jelly. For a while it was bagels and cream cheese and rotisserie chicken 🙂

  • Could be anything sweet but I love ice cream!

  • katie

    Ice cream for sure!

  • Bree

    My favorite would have to be coconut custard pie … and brownies!!

  • melinda

    brownies with nuts!! yummy!

  • Christian

    Strawberry ice cream!

  • Jen


  • Pam

    My favorite edible indulgence is chocolate truffles! Non-edible is a nice hot (steaming) bath; ahhhh relaxing.

  • Tracy

    anything sweet, but especially ice cream!!!!

  • Pam

    See’s dark chocolate. yum!

  • Kristina L.

    Strawberry Cheesecake Yum!

  • Carina

    Definitely ice cream.

  • brenda

    My favorite indulgence would have to be chocolate dipped strawberries.

  • Beth

    I used to make this crazy dessert when I was a teenager while babysitting. The kids I babysat just loved it. We would take ice cream and brownies then cover them with chocolate syrup and whatever kid cereal we had on hand. It felt very indulgent! Now I have kids of my own, and we sometimes get crazy too with our desserts!

  • nancy

    definitely cheesecake!

  • Sarah Lou

    Give me 5 minutes of quiet time…no kids, no dogs… provide anything chocolate and I am one happy momma!

  • Amy T.

    Chocolate peanut butter ice cream!

  • Brittany

    I love birthday cake ice cream! I can eat a whole container myself!!

  • Lindsay

    Pecan pie… mmm….

  • Bethany

    Only one indulgence? lol Pretty much anything dark chocolate is a wonderful indulgence for me. Or anything chocolate. Or anything sweet. Okay, I REALLY want those brownies!! 😀

  • Candace

    So many to choose from. Ice cream, I guess. But pasta with some kind of cheesy cream sauce is up there too.

  • haely

    any chocolate that has almonds 🙂

  • orli

    quiet time!

  • Jamey

    I am a sucker for almost anything sweet….chocolate, ice cream, pie, cookies, cake, you name it!!

  • Cindy

    Brownies or peanut butter-chocolate fudge 🙂

  • Galia

    Brownies an lindt chocolate 🙂

  • Debbie

    Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream

  • Sandra Dallon

    Chocolate covered gummy bears are the best!

  • angela

    chocolate cheesecake!!

  • Maggie

    The coconut cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory. So yum!

  • Lindsay

    We love anything chocolate, and pumpkin pie is a recent hit with my kids, too!

  • Sarah

    white wedding cake! and anything “cake” flavored!

  • Rice Krispie treats. I don’t think they make it a day in this house…

  • Angie

    Since starting to coupon in the spring I have discovered Carmel Bugles….can eat the whole bag!

  • Barbara A

    chocolate, ice cream ,pie, cheesecake…I could keep going…

  • laura

    Grape Pie in the fall!!

  • Danielle

    Carrot Cake!

  • Chocolate brownies and chocolate chip cookies
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  • brittany

    ice cream with chocolate chip cookies! yum

  • Randi

    I cannot say no to brownies or cookies!

  • Sonya

    Dark chocolate!

  • Crystal

    Cupcakes or brownies! Thx for the giveaway!

  • Amy

    Chocolate or cheesecake (or sometimes a combination of the two)!

  • My favorite indulgence is anything chocolate!

  • kristine

    starbucks or anything chocolate/peanut butter

  • Diane

    Peanut butter cheesecake with chocolate ganache ………… Oh and peanut butter cups and peanut butter and bananna sandwich or peanut butter and fluff. Are you seeing a theme here!!!!!!!

  • Kelly B

    mmmmmmmmmmmmm, any kind of chocolate or fudge, makes my mouth water.

  • Anything with peanut butter!


    My favorite indulgence is pecan clusters!

  • jaiuser

    pecan bar from Corner Bakery

  • Cynthia

    Homemade cookies or brownies hot out of the oven.

  • Annabell

    Nice warm cookies with a cold glass of milk!

  • Katie

    Ice cream or pumpkin rolls… yummy 🙂

  • Becky D

    Cheesecake! Even had it at the head table for my wedding!

  • Bethany M

    My favorite indulgence is salty, potato chips. I can just eat and eat them.

  • Lois Niss

    Trader Joe’s dark chocolate covered almonds.

  • Crystal S.

    Mmmm, no bake cookies!

  • Michelle

    dark chocolate!!!!

  • Celina

    Definately Triple Chunk Brownies!!

  • jade


  • Tracey

    For me there is nothing else.

  • Julie A.

    I enjoy a peppermint pattie and a Coca-Cola every once in a while! We love Fairytale Brownies, but don’t get them very often.

  • Emily McMullen

    WOW!! Reading those answers made me hungry. 🙂 I would have to say dark chocolate & coconut… yumm

  • Toni

    ‘Ohana’s bread pudding with bananas foster sauce is my FAVORITE treat!!

  • Leslie

    I would have to say for sure…ANYTHING CHOCOLATE!!!!

  • Toni Claus

    I love ice-cream drumsticks! Anthing chocolate is delicous too.

  • Jenn B.

    hot chocolate

  • Ella

    Nutella. Definitely Nutella. Sometimes on something, if even makes it off the spoon!

  • Erika


  • Kelly

    PF Chang’s Great Wall of Chocolate!

  • Nancy

    reading a book in a tub while eating anything chocolate and coconut! 🙂

  • mindy

    anything chocolate! particularly Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream.

  • Amy

    Cheesecake and Angel Food Cake. Yummy!

  • Mandy

    Homemade chocolate chip cookies with a huge glass of milk!

  • Emily

    ICE CREAM!!!

  • nikki wilson

    I like just about anything with pumpkin or chocolate. I also love buttermilk pie! Add coffee with any of the above and I am in heaven.

  • Molly

    Mint Chip Ice Cream. Yummy!

  • dee

    chocolate bon bons

  • Ashley

    I love taking 2 chocolate chip cookies and putting icing in the middle! So So good!

  • Holly Lawson

    Hot Fudge Cake w/vanilla ice cream

  • Kayla

    Cheesecake and birthday cakes are my favorite indulgence.

  • amber g

    Peanut butter and chocolate ice cream!

  • Kelly

    It’s nothing fancy but I LOVE peanut butter cookies.

  • Cami

    A Nice Chewy Brownie with Edys’ Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream and Mrs Richardson’s Hot Fudge on Top.

  • Jamilla

    Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate!!!

  • Shivaprasad

    My favourite sparetime indulgence is to eat icecream from Starbucks…

  • Valerie


  • Debra H.

    MMMMM…caramel or espresso…or both, combined! I love the Fall looking gift assortments! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Margaret

    Gummy bears! Bags and bags of them.

  • Barb Crispens

    Chocolate is my indulgence!

  • Tracey

    chocolate peanut butter ice cream!

  • eunice b

    brownie cheesecake! 🙂

    ~eunice b
    tigergal01 @gmail .com

  • theresa

    I love, love, LOVE pumpkin pie with whipped topping!

  • Marcie

    dark chocolate

  • Noel

    cheesecake brownies

  • carol

    Definitely pecan pie

  • Will

    I love chocolate covered raisins

  • Lucy

    My pick is always ice cream

  • Bev Rico

    I favorite indulgence is Marie Callender’s coconut cream pie-I eat it chilled for breakfast or whenever I can find any left that someone else hasn’t already eaten!! My next favorite is bridge mix chocolate candy-great to eat while on the computer!

  • Jennifer P

    Anything CHOCOLATE!!

  • mila

    is it wrong to say brownies? Not the cakey ones but the gooey ones, though

  • Beth

    Apple pie ala mode

  • Mocha anything! YUM!
    email in profile!

  • Frances

    Soft serve vanilla ice cream in a cone and dipped in chocolate. So fun to see if you can eat it before it drips all over your hand and trying to get all the soft serve and chocolate before it reaches my elbow. To die for!!!!

  • laurie

    i cannot say no to cheetos!!!

  • Carolyn

    Molten lava cake–totally decadent!

  • Stefanie L.

    my entire family is hooked on ice cream

  • Margie

    Anything sweet!

  • Sarah J

    Anything Chocolate….but right now since I am pregnant, I have been craving ding-dongs!

  • Lisa Weedman Newell

    I’d say chocolate peanut butter ice cream… but I probably have it too often to consider it a true indulgence! lol

  • Dawn in NE

    Starbucks Java Chip ice cream with a shot of espresso on top- delish!

  • Elaine Pool

    Warm, iced espresso brownies!

  • maia

    I Love chocolate fudge covered brownies.

  • Sarah A.

    MY favorite indulgence would be brownies, or cheesecake. YUM!!

  • Donald

    Frozen hot chocolate

  • MB

    Blueberry pie!!!

  • Bridget

    Banana split ice-cream, yum!

  • Karen

    ….almost anything chocolate!

  • Chelsea


  • Julie

    I love pie. I also love brownies!

  • Allyson

    Ice cream….and anything chocolate 🙂

  • Karen

    butter pecan ice cream with chocolate syrup

  • Judy

    Brownies or chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven.

  • Stacey

    Love brownies

  • Karen R

    I love a soft White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie.

  • Bethany C.

    warm, gooey brownies!!

  • Cathy

    My favorite indulgence would be warm chocolate brownies with ice cream!!!

  • Michelle

    Starbucks hot chocolate ice cream…………yum

  • Dark chocolate caramels.

  • Michelle

    I love flamin hot cheetos, that is my indulgence.

  • nicole

    cookies and icecream, preferably together!

  • Jill

    I love anything chocolate but cookies and brownies are my favorites.

  • Amber

    I love vanilla ice cream mixed with crushed up butterfinger! I have had Fairytale Brownies before, and the peanutbutter ones are to DIE FOR!! I would be beyond excited if I won this!! 🙂

  • SamanthaW

    I love anything chocolate, but my favorite is chocolate chip cookies, especially warm from the oven!!!!

  • Lynn

    anything chocolate and with ice cream alongside it’s even better

  • Jennifer h

    It is totally chocolate! Wow, those look so scrumptious!!

  • becky barley

    I would have to say hot fudge cake with some vanilla ice cream on top…..YUM!

  • Lisa

    Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!! Even better…Chocolate and Peanut Butter. Yum.

  • Jeanette

    My favorite indulgence is White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake.

  • susan

    chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven

  • tinap

    Oh my gosh, I just love my mom’s Chocolate crunch carmel fudge cake. No one can bake like my mom! She has been doing this for over 60 years!

  • Ginger

    Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake…aah!!

  • Joyce T.

    This is a hard one, but would have to say a gooey brownie topped with ice cream and hot fudge sauce! Can taste it now!

  • Gina Randle

    Turtle brownies ALL THE WAY!!!!!!

  • Lyanne

    I love a chocolate decadence cake. I don’t even think about calories!

  • Emily

    By far the greatest food known to mankind is Zucchini Bread with pineapples! Definitely worth the time to make it!

  • mary ellen

    Starbucks ice cream!!

  • crystal j

    Hands down Murphys from Spokandy! We are military so getting them is a luxury.

  • Saralyn

    Mint chocolate of any kind!

  • Carrie

    Godiva Milk Chocolate… or Frozen Custard

  • greta

    im a sucker for a good brownie yum!

  • nicky

    hot fudge brownie sundae!

  • Teri

    Turtle brownies are my favorite!!

  • julia


  • Candice

    I love to indulge in Tiramisu! It always feels like such a treat, something rare and delish. I <3 it!

  • april

    my favorite indulgence is a diet coke with a reese’s cup…kind of contradictory I know! The last thing I need is $40 worth of brownies…but they look sooooo good! Yumm Yumm

  • Jessica

    I love to indulge in “fruity” candy of any kind… Twizzlers, Skittles, Swedish fish, you name it! PS) I have tried Fairytale brownies and they are awesome!

  • Mylia

    Ice cream!!

  • Chili’s Molten chocolate cake!

  • Jenna

    Chocolate!! Any kind of chocolate! 🙂

  • Heather

    Snickers Coffee from a local coffee shop.

  • angie

    melting chocolate cake

  • bbee

    butter pecan ice cream while I am thinking about brownies!!

  • Nancy

    Peanut butter and chocolate ice cream and warm homemade shortbread cookies!!

  • Linda Kish

    I buy a slice of cake at the market and enjoy it over 3-4 days. A bite or two is all I need for pleasure.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  • dawn w

    Torrone nougat candy from Italy! Goes good with brownies;)

  • megan

    chocolate covered pineapple!!

  • Amanda Y.

    TOo many to name-peanut butter cups or Lindt Dark Chocolate filled balls. Or Chili’s molten cake (chocolate or vanilla!!)

  • Michelle

    Ice cream! So dangerous!

  • Rebekah favorite indulgence? Anything chocolate. Or apple crisp!

  • Bethany


  • Tristie

    Milk chocolate truffles from Godiva…with Sea Salt, OHHH the best

  • Allison G.

    Pretzels dipped in Nutella!

  • Melanie L.

    Coffee ice cream and chewy brownies…yum.

  • krista schraufnagel

    chocolate icecream, but only late at night so i dont have to share with the kiddos!

  • Sarah

    Mmmm…dessert! Brownies are one of my very favorites. Preferably with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge. I’m dairy free right now because my 7 month old is intolerant and still nursing, so the thought of a bowl of ice cream is almost too much! It’s been waaaay too long!

  • Lisa Kaplan

    Brownies with nuts!

  • Jennifer

    I love ice cream.

  • Marie

    Milk and Oreos!!!!!!! 🙂

  • Angie

    These! These would be my favorite indulgence! They look just like chocolate should be – rich, gooey and decadent! I would LOVE to win these goodies!!!!!

  • Mandy

    cookies and coffee, my Saturday morning breakfast:)

  • Rene

    Dark chocolate!

  • Jodi


  • Ashley L.


  • Simone

    anything that has peanut butter with chocolate!

  • DrLadybug

    Favorite indulgence is NOT food-related: it’s being able to watch my favorite baseball team daily (the Chicago Cubs) from Washington state! 🙂

  • Ice cream!

  • Sara


  • Christina Greiner

    My favorite indulgence is a long bubble bath, and of course maybe some chocolate.

  • Mary

    Ice Cream – Edy’s Caramel Delight is my favorite 🙂

  • Jill

    I love warm brownies with cool whip!

  • Kim Cate

    I love cheesecake factory cheesecake.


    Dark Chocolate….yummy!!!

  • Heidi Mc

    My indulgence that I love is a double chocolate fudge shake from Steak n’ Shake. Yum!
    Thank You for the chance to win this fun giveaway! : )
    tyson 2468 (at) charter (dot) net

  • Carrie

    Oh man, I just had my baby 4 weeks ago, I didn’t have cravings during my pregnancy, but I made sure to indulge in my fair share of CHOCOLATE! lol I’m not a fan of dark chocolate, but anything else, I’ll eat it! Tonight, I made a peanut butter chocolate pudding pie. Can’t wait until it’s set so I can indulge in that!

  • Michelle

    Ohhhhh any scrumdeliumcious chocolate anything!!!

  • Lucy Blea

    Chocolate cookies, chocolate brownies, chocolate cake, chocolate muffins, etc.

  • Karen

    Coldstsone creamery has always been an indulgence!

  • Kristi

    any chocolate

  • Alison

    i <3 anything chocolate.

  • Shruti

    Warm Brownies with Ice-cream. Yummm!!

  • Kim

    I love sugary kids cereal!

  • michelle helton

    cheesecake and brownies

  • Sue

    Homemade sugar cookies-yum!

  • Christine

    Anything chocolate!!

  • Barb Jolly

    Anything chocolate!

  • Bridgett

    Anything chocolate–I like to indulge in a little chocolate every day!

  • turkey hill rocky road icecream mixed with turkey hill chocolate chip cookie dough icecream!

  • Lanora

    Cheese….Lovvvve it!

  • Kristen

    Dark chocolate or chocolate ice cream!

  • Kristi

    Dove Peanut Butter candy. I hide the bag from my husband.

  • Tina

    definitely pie, any pie.

  • michelle helton


  • Samantha

    white powdered dougnuts dipped in milk. Sooooo GOOOOD!

  • My favorite indulgence is definitely ice cream! Brusters is the best! But those brownies look pretty awesome too…

    Amy Lauren

  • Deb

    chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!!

  • julia

    I can “vouch” that candied nuts is my favorite indulgence. The combo of sweet and salty just makes “Common Sense.”

  • Felicia

    I love chocolate!

  • Jessica

    Starbucks Caramel Macchiato

  • Melissa D

    ohhhhhhh pretzel m&ms!!!!

  • jodi

    tortilla chips with pineapple salsa! yumness indeed.

  • Lou

    heart shaped chocolate Raspberry Bliss candies by Nestle…oooohhhhh wow!

  • Tracy

    Caramel-filled milk chocolates. Yum.

  • raniah

    ice cream…yummmm!

  • Tyler Reavis

    Anything chocolate!!

  • Lisa

    hot brownies topped with ice cream, nuts, caramel syrup, and chocolate syrup!

  • Amy

    Eclairs… yummmm… Thanks! =)

  • Bobbie

    Cheesecake, thanks!

  • Stephanie

    Brownies are the best!

  • Lea

    Love all things sweet and lemony!

  • Brad

    M&Ms are the best, thank you.

  • TamiV

    One of my favorite goodies is FUDGE!

  • Cookies and Cream ice cream


  • Sherie

    They all look delicious! Love the brownie morsels – all chocolate!!!

  • Makenzie


  • Nicole

    Coffee…lots of it!

  • Liz

    i love love love brownies!

  • Shannon

    sour candy

  • Herlinda

    The one indulgence that I will allow myself no matter how much we are trying to save money is chocolate… I will buy whatever is on sale and with whatever coupons I can get ahold of, but CHOCOLATE it is!!!

  • Christine Arcidiacono

    I love brownies right now! I also can’t wait to start making Christmas cookies!

  • Bambi

    I like cheesecake.

  • Ann Wilson

    Caramel Brownies!

  • shravanti

    anyThing wiTh chocolaTe…..yummy

  • Letty

    I really love Bluebell Tin Roof ice cream. 🙂 YUMMY

  • Amy in AL

    Ice cream! Mmmmm….

  • Crystal

    mmmmm…. chocolate is my favorite!!

  • Tasia

    This looks DELISH! I’m dying to try the dove ice cream bars!!

  • Nancy V.

    My favorite is definitely Cafe Lechero –> ***Veracruz Style Coffeeblend***
    This is the SMOOTHEST COFFEE I have ever had!!!

    “Cafe Lechero a trational Mexican coffee drink prepared at your table by pouring a small amount of expresso and then scalding milk is poured over the coffee high above the glass making for a frothy latte taste.”

  • Like this question, only it is making me hungry reading everyone’s responses! My favorite indulgence is ice cream…if I am really indulging it would be from Cold Stone.

  • *Amanda

    I pink puffy heart brownie cheesecake!

  • Crystal K.

    Chocolate! Pretty much any kind.

  • joan

    pumpkin shakes at Culver’s
    pumpkin pie at McDonald’s

  • Cynthia

    Chocolate chip cookie dough!

  • Seven layer bars (made 0f graham crackers, butter, condensed milk, chocolate, butterscotch chips, coconut and nuts). So rich and WAY too easy to eat!

  • Jon

    Awesome! This sounds delicious!

  • Ui

    As a certified sugar addict, I’d love to indulge in a chunk of homemade Nestle Brownies w/ macadamia nuts, topped off with a large scoop of vanilla ice cream, and drizzled w/ caramel sauce. Yum!

  • Cynthia

    My favorite indulgence? Erm… Chinese food. The authentic stuff. Sweet or savory, it’s (mostly) all good to me!

  • brianna

    a bath!!!

  • Mary C.

    i love See’s Candies nuts and chews.

  • Carey

    My favorite is German Chocolate Cake, yum!

  • AC

    Chocolate is my favorite indulgence 🙂

  • Hostess chocolate donuts… I know not the best quality, but a pregnancy craving 😉

  • Elaine M

    Oh boy are these good. The co. I used to work for got them as a corporate gift at Christmas. I haven’t had one in a couple of years. These are a great indulgence. One of my favorites!

  • Robin D

    my favorite indulgence is chocolate, chocolate and chocolate!

  • Renee

    I love dark chocolate brownies.

  • John


  • Oni

    Grandma’s pineapple cake! YUM!

  • Melissa

    I love Kit Kat bars!

  • Melissa Y

    I love Friendly’s Nuts Over Caramel Ice Cream. YUMMM

  • Kris

    I love Heath Bar Crunch ice cream. It’s the best. Thanks,

  • Jennifer S

    “Blondies” brownies or apple pie!

  • Christine

    I would like some brownies!

  • Kelly

    Love anything with dark chocolate and walnuts or pecans…one big favorite – Esther Price dark chocolate pecan and carmel turtles – YUM

  • Tatiana

    dark chocolate

  • Yummy! Sounds like a great giveaway!! They all sound wonderful! Apple Pie would be great!

  • Emily

    Anything w/toffee!

  • jeni

    my fav has got 2b fudge. of any kind

  • I love warm chocolate chip cookies

  • Stephanie

    I have a huge sweet tooth, I can never answer this question. I love them all!! Cake, cupcakes, brownies, pie, cookies, ice cream. All so very good 🙂

  • HappyMomC

    my favorite is Chocolate!

  • Sally

    Blue Bell Key Lime Pie Ice Cream. Oh, yeah!

  • cris berina

    frozen cho coverd puffs….. yummmmmmmmm……

  • Hi Mercedes!
    My favorite indulgence is to not set the alarm and sleep in on a weekend morning- and when I say sleep in, I mean sleep in- till like 11:00 or so!
    My favorite food indulgence has to be a classic hot fudge sundae- vanilla ice cream, HOT fudge, whipped cream and walnuts! OMG! If it weren’t only 9:oo in the morning, I think I would run to the local creamery and get one!

  • Carrie

    freshly ground coffee made in a french press with any pastry/cookie warm from the oven

  • Holly G

    Pillsbury Sweet Moments.

  • Jacqueline Sayers

    My favorite indulgence is a homemade carrot cake with cream cheese icing. And, a cup of coffee.

  • Tracey

    Homemade cookies hot from the oven!

  • Christina

    That’s a tough one….home made choc chip cookies fresh out of the oven would probably be it!

  • Marlenda

    Just about anything that combines dark chocolate with peanut butter!

  • Nichole

    Another huge cookie fan, all kinds. Some never make it to the oven 🙂
    I also love the Halloween & Christmas Oreos!

  • Rachel W

    I love vanilla ice cream with peanut butter on top and a little bit of brown sugar sprinkled over it. Sounds crazy, but it’s delicious!

  • Mikey Mayhem

    Gimme All Of It!! XD Haha

  • Ashley

    Pretty much anything sweet!! But I especially love white and milk chocolate!

  • Sherri

    My indulgence is Blue Diamond Habanero BBQ flavored almonds. Yum!

  • chantel

    Nutella eaten straight from the jar with a spoon.

  • Rachel

    Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake!

  • Michelle M.

    Anything Chocolate!!!!

  • Jamie Hill

    I once had flourless chocolate cake… O.M.G! It was THE BEST thing I have ever tasted!

  • Jen

    Anything chocolate… I do love warm brownies with ice cream, though.

  • Nina

    Reese’s Peanut Butter cups. mmmmmmmmmmm…

  • Marisa

    peanut butter cookies!

  • erika h.

    My favorite indulgence has nothing to do with dessert-I love to indulge in pizza!

  • misty

    my fav is blue bell ice cream

  • Heather

    My favorite indulgence is late night, after the kids are in bed ice cream…hence the need for the 30 day shred 🙂

  • Jeanne

    Texas Sheet Cake – My mouth is watering just by thinking about it!

  • Amie Keller

    Hot fudge sundae with extra whipped cream!

  • Talia

    I LOVE Oreo’s with a cup of milk! I put about 5 Oreo’s in a cup of milk, let them get a little soggy in the milk and eat them with a spoon.

  • Cheesecake!!

  • Marie Adderly

    Butter almond ice cream.

  • Amy

    It’s gotta be CHOCOLATE!!! Anything chocolate, yum!

  • Brittany

    Anything with chocolate and caramel. 😀

  • Kathy

    I love Dove dark chocolate … just had one!! 😉 YUM, YUM!! Now if I could just stop at ONE!! 😉

  • Shawn M.

    OMG…these look sooo good! Pretty much anything with chocolate, caramel, & nuts. You can never go wrong with that combination.

  • Victoria

    My favorite is caramel apple cheesecake!

  • Christine B

    My favorite has to be cake …chocolate has to be the main ingredient.

  • lori schuette

    thank you so much for your work. love to win

  • Renee

    Chocolate chip ice cream!

  • Theresa

    Mint Milanos – frozen!

  • Laurie

    dark chocolate raspberry truffles with port

  • Kristin

    New york cheesecake with strawberries on top!

  • Christine


  • Camiele

    I LOVE cheesecake!! Plain is the best 🙂

  • Kristel

    Belgian chocolates.

  • Kristel

    Belgian Chocolate

  • Thabal

    Anything with chocolate in it 😉 Congrats on the 3 year anniversary. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • DWC

    Hot chocolate – my way of making sure I get my calcium for the day! Only the real cocoa and milk will do it – forget the packet stuff!

  • Kristen

    Yummm fresh cookies, right out of the oven and a nice glass of milk!

  • brandi

    i have to say cookies

  • misty

    Key lime pie

  • Summer

    That’s really hard, but I’m gonna say cheesecake.

  • Melanie

    Godiva truffles!!!

  • Diana

    Anything with chocolate is good for me!

  • Tanya

    I love to eat a big bowl of chocolate ice cream while soaking in a warm bath. Sounds silly I know, but it’s really nice. Otherwise I’ll take anything chocolate, any time, any where.