Another Cheap Holiday Present idea: The Magic Bullet

Regularly there’s nothing cheap about the Magic Bullet. Since it usually retails for $59.99 and I have never found it cheaper than $49.99.

Today I found it on clearance at Walgreens for $15.49!! I am not the only one to have found it that cheap either. I am so happy! I have been coveting one, yes coveting one for TWO years! But $50 was always too much for me to pay for this. $15.49, I can pay easily. Now I can make my oldest all fruit smoothies he wants.

Happy deal hunting!

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  • April

    I’ve been wanting one…I need to check my Walgreens. I could never justify the high price tag before.

  • Justine

    Thanks I’ll be on the lookout for this since Mike has a fascination with it! lol

  • Leslie

    I am such a dork – I absolutely love my Magic Bullet! My husband is just happy that I make smoothies all the time now!

    -Leslie @ The Healthy Hearth

  • Nancy

    Thanks for the update – I’m going to check out our Walgreens to see if they have it! I’ve always wanted one but like you, could not see spending that amount of money!

    Woo Hoo! Fruit smoothies for breakfast on the run here I come!


  • Heather

    oh, I hope I hope I hope!!

  • JANE4girls

    I was able to find two at my store at the clearance price too. Make sure you have them price checked because mine was still marked $59.99 but scan at the clearance price.

    this will make a nice gift for my oldest dd.

  • Justine

    found one today… was marked 59.99 but I scanned it just in case. BINGO! $15.49! Mike is getting this for Christmas… and I’m still on the search, now Mom wants one too!
    Thank you SO MUCH for the tip!

  • Mercedes

    Yay! I am glad other people have gotten lucky as well.

  • Tatiana

    I had to call around , but i did it! I bought one for my mom and one for a gift. I purchased one for my husband and my mother in law at regular price last year :(.

    This was a pretty sweet deal. My store has a $3/10 purchase with no limitations! So it cost me about $12 + tax. Thanks for the heads up!

  • momof2girls

    Thanks for the heads-up…hope I can find one tomorrow when I head into the city.