DEAD? Another FREE Card from


Update 9:30 Am CST 5/12, it seems code is not working anymore.  Hopefully another code will become available before Father’s Day.

Get another FREE personalized greeting card fom Hallmark.  All you need to is visit  If you have already created an account all you need to use is use the code ICTCARD at checkout.  If you have not created an account you will need to do that.

Did you get the free card for Mother’s Day?  I have heard some people have problems with delayed delivery.  Use this code NOW and order a Father’s Day Card.  Instead of having it arrive early, have it mailed to you and mail it out when you are ready.

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  • Jem

    Do you know when this code expires?

    Thank you.

    • No idea Jem. If you want to use it I wouldn’t put it off.

  • I think you can also pick the date you want it to arrive. So you can still use the code now and have it arrive for Father’s Day.

    • You are a genius Heather! thanks for sharing that.


  • Shawn

    I did this on Mother’s Day & it worked perfectly. My mom received her card the Friday before Mother’s Day, which is the date I selected.

  • Kris

    I did not get my Mother’s Day card. It was from my son to my mom – so he just made her a construction paper card – but what a bummer!

  • Rebecca

    I’m excited to get another free card however, I will definitely be ordering the father’s day card now!
    My kids were SO excited to make a special card for grandma for mother’s day and she didn’t get it on time. She just called a little while ago and said it came in the mail today, and we are glad, but still wish it would have been there sooner!!

  • Kristianne

    Did this work for anyone? I got the following message: The promotion code you have entered is invalid or has expired. However, if you recently received the ICTCARD promotion code from a customer service agent, please contact 1-800-Hallmark for a valid code. Please have your original order number available when you call. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Lyndi

    It didn’t work for me either. I haven’t had a problem before.

  • rachel

    didnt work for me either, i received the same error.

  • MrsShepard

    Didn’t work for me either. 🙁

  • Shawn

    I called the customer service number as instructed on the website. I was told that they will not provide another valid code unless you received the original code directly from Hallmark 🙁 Maybe we’ll get a “valid” code as it gets closer to father’s day.

  • Angela

    I wasn’t able to use the code either.

  • Bugaboo

    Code didn’t work for me either. Poo.

  • Lindy

    This code DID work for me because I ordered right away. I had seen this code posted on dozens of blogs and knew it wouldn’t last long. I ordered a Father’s Day card for my dad. I HOPE it gets there BEFORE Father’s Day! I ordered a Mother’s Day card from the last free code and had it mailed on May 1st ~ she did NOT get it for Mother’s Day!

  • Meichelle

    I am glad I grabbed it when I did then. 🙂

  • Claire at Choyster Cash

    I couldn’t get it either;)

  • Michelle

    ICTCARD worked for me Monday afternoon. Glad I got it quickly! I ordered 4 Mother’s Day cards, and they all got there in time. One was even a week early! I’m pleased with Hallmark!