Attack of the Freebies!


The freebies just keep on coming!  I am not complaining by the way, here are some one I found for you:

  • Free pancakes at Ihop 2/24 only.
  • Free two tacos at Jack in the Box 2/24 only.
  • Free Roastburger with any drink purchase at Arby’s.  Thanks Stephanie!
  • Free VitaZest Water Pack (includes three 20oz bottles and free shipping).  Thanks Discount Heroes.
  • Free Jianchi Tote Bag.  Thanks Discount Heroes.
  • Free Menopause Survival Kit complete with full size sample of products.
  • Get a coupon for Free Apetizer from Boston The Gourmet Pizza when you sign up for their E-Club newsletter.  Find locations near you here.

How are you guys liking this new format? providing list of freebies recently available instead of blogging about them separately?  I love it!  I think it keeps the blog neater, BUT would love to hear what you think.  Of course if I find outstanding freebies I will blog about them as soon as I find out, so don’t worry about that.

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  • Steve

    The free VitaZest Water Pack is listed as ‘temporarily unavailable’ on their website. Have to try it again at a later date.

  • jen

    I got the same message about the VitaZest. Do you think it is dead already?

  • fran

    When I went on their site last night, it asked you to email them at Include name, address, phone #, and flavors. Give it a try.

  • Casey

    Hi, it does read for the VitaZest water that you have to pay shipping. Is this true? If so does anyone know how much? Thank you so much for your blog Mercedes!!

  • Hi Casey,

    It seems they have changed the terms of the offer. It seems they had a lot of people abuse it.


  • dawn

    I’m definitely checking out the menopause survival kit –
    My goodness these hot flashes are getting the best of me 🙂

  • Just thought I’d let you know that I love the new format of your freebies. It makes is so easy to find or to send my mom to check out! I’ve always loved your blog, but this is a nice touch. Thanks for all you do and share!

  • Courtney of The Discount Heroes

    I had some complaints on my post too. I checked it out and here’s what VitaZest is saying about it:

    THE FREE TRIAL PACK promotion is still available for a limited time. However, the Free Shipping promotion has expired. For each new Free Trial request a $6.99 Shipping charge will be assesed and will be credited towards your first 24 Pack order. ALL NEW TRIAL ORDERS THAT PAID SHIPPING will be shipped immediately. A $6.99 discount coupon code will be Emailed to you upon receipt of your Trial Pack order.
    Due to high traffic our site is runing slower than usual. Your patience is appreciated. New Free Trial orders and VitaZest 24 Pack orders will receive shipping priority. Trial orders that have placed with Free Shipping can take up to several weeks to process. Free Trial Orders containing invalid Emails, PO BOX Destinations, or Duplicate Orders/Addresses will be cancelled. We apologize for any inconvenience.

    I hope a lot of you got in on the deal while you could. I think more people signed up for it than they were expecting. So sorry to those of you who may have missed out!

    Oh… and I do love the list of freebies. That’s how we do it on our site. A list Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (usually). However, when a really good deal comes up, we’ll create a post just for that. We say it’s that deal’s reward for being such a good deal. 😉