Available Again: Five Blockbuster Express Rentals for Only $2

Groupon is offering a five one night rentals at Blockbuster Express locations for just $2. These are usually $1 each so you are looking at getting a 60% off discount. This deal is listed under the city of  Wilmington/Newark but anyone can take advantage of it. Don’t forget that if you purchase this deal through Swagbucks you can get 315 Swagbucks added to your account immediately. That pretty much pays for the movie rentals.

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  • peanutkla

    Do we know if this has to be used all at one time? Or do you get 5 different promo codes? Most Groupons are single transaction, and I didn’t buy last time b/c I wasn’t sure!

    • Dianne

      I bought the Redbox one and it was three separate codes that I could use individually whenever I wanted before the expiration date.

      I don’t see this under my Swagbucks account. Any ideas on how to find it there?

      • peanutkla

        It’s not on my SB account either, but I went to my local offer for Groupon, which for me was only 160SB, and clicked through Trialpay, then when I came to Groupon, I just went to Delaware cities, and just purchased, and just received my 160SB!

        • Dianne

          Thanks! I got it by following your directions! 🙂

  • Kelly

    I don’t understand how to change locations. I’m in CA and the blockbuster promotions is not offered. How do I change to see other offers?

    • Dianne

      At the top of the Groupon page it shows the current city and just beside it is an arrow which will bring up a drop down box when you click it. Then you click the letter of the state you want and it will show you all the cities.