Babies R Us: Great Trade In Event and Organic Snacks Deals

You may know that I have a little 4 month old baby girl, the youngest of three.    Even though I have been able to re-use a lot of gear from my two older boys with her we have had to replace a couple of big ticket items.  First, we replaced her infant car seat for safety reasons.  Now I find myself in the need to replace her stroller.

As you can imagine I love a great bargain but I have not been lucky to find a clearance stroller.  Now I find myself out of time to keep looking for one as I am getting ready to take her to Nashville next Thursday to attend Blissdom with me.  I was very happy to hear from Penny Pinching Parent that starting  on 1/29 and through 2/20, Babies R Us has an on going Trade In event.  You can trade in an old baby gear item from the following catergories: car seat, stroller, travel system, high chair, play yard, toddler bed, bassinet or crib and get 25% off a new item from a participating brand in one of those same categories. Participating brands include Babi Italia, Baby Cache, Baby Trend, Bergamo, Bertini, Britax, Carter’s, Chicco, Coutours by Kolcraft, Cosco, Delta, Eddie Bauer, Graco, Jeep, Little Tikes, Safety 1st and Step 2.

So, I am going to take the old baby infant my oldest two used and get 25% off a new stroller for her. Plus I also plan on using the $5 eGift card I got this week from them.  Here are also some deals gathered by the Thrifty Couple that I will checking out:

Snikiddy Snacks 2/$4
Use $1/1 printable coupon
Pay $1 each after coupon

First Juice 32oz 2/$6
Use $1/1 printable coupon
Pay $2 each after coupon

So, I am thinking of getting a Chicco stroller to match her car seat.  Anybody wants to chime in with words about this brand or maybe I should consider another brand.  I am looking for a lightweight stroller.

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  • Sonjia

    Mercedes, I had a Chicco stroller for my daughter. It was by FAR the best baby purchase I ever made. The quality was outstanding, the fabric was easy to clean, it had simple one finger folding and would stand on its own, and it never developed the dreaded wheel squeaks cheaper strollers are plagued by. I would recommend a model that has shocks- you will be grateful for them when you hit a bump with a sleeping baby.

    It was such a quality stroller we were still using it when she was four and we would head to Disney for day. The stroller outlived its usefulness for us and I was able to donate it to my local teen pregnancy center for someone else to enjoy. Best part was, aside from dirty wheels, it looked practically brand new!

  • Sunny

    Not the brand you are looking at, but I got this one not long ago:

    (with a 20% off coupon & earned $5 in rewards with their program.)

    My daughter is also 4 months old and this has been wonderful. I LOVE the huge sun shade, it’s nice for bright lights in stores and wind etc. I’ve had quite a few strollers and this one has been a dream. I love that you can test drive at the store too. I’m very cheap but I really believe in spending smartly on long lasting items that make life easier. This was my birthday present, everyone sent cash so I decided to splurge. 😉

    I looked at the Mclarens, really light weight umbrella style, but they wouldn’t lay back which is just a pain with sleeping kids, esp when they are little.

    (Sorry for the ramble, typing one handed..)

    • I type one handed all the time!


      • Mandy

        Me, too! 🙂

  • Sunny

    It would help if I read the brands you could BUY with the trade in, sorry, surfing too late!

  • I attended the baby event however did not participate in the trade in event.

    I did purchase the new Combi EX Noche Stroller in Cranberry.
    My sister owned a Combi for 5 years and it is still going mind you will live in NYC. The neat thing is the full reclining back, easy small fold-up, plus a strap to be able to carry it almost like a book bag. Super convienient and super lightweight.

  • Karen

    I love my Combi stroller, I had a weight restriction of lifting when expecting my second and my 1st was only 2…so I bought a combi because of its light weight…I love it! I now use it with my second one – I wont ever buy any other brand!

  • Dale Streeter

    Hi, nice post. I stumbled upon this blog, but I will definitely come here again. Have a great day.

  • Alexandra

    I have a combi and a chicco stroller. the chicco I bought with my car seat. We bought it 3 years ago for our first son, and we’re now using it for our second son. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the chicco. The combi is nice and light weight, and actually we keep it in my husbands truck in case we’re ever in his car, but I would definitly recommend chicco, and in fact I do to every one I know having a baby. It’s quality you can trust!

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