Babies R Us: Earth’s Best Diapers for $3.50 per pack (1/6 ONLY)

Need diapers and have a Babies R Us close by?  Then take advantage of this deal, unfortunately only available today.  Babies R Us released a store coupon to make the jumbo pack of Earth’s Best diapers only $5.  You can use that coupon to score the following deal:

Earth’s Best Jumbo Packs $5 (after this Babies R Us store coupon)
Use $1.50/1 Earth’s Best Diapers coupon
Pay $3.50 per pack

A similar deal was available last year and I know some of you were able to take advantage of it.  This is a good way to get cheap diapers.  The coupon is good for use only 1/6.  You will also need to be a Rewards member to use which you can get the card for free quickly in-store.

Thanks Saving with Shellie!

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  • Kayla

    Has anyone tried these diapers? How is the quality? Can they be compared to another leading brand?

    I am just trying to figure out if it is worth the drive this evening! = ) Thanks!

    • Amanda

      There was a limit of 3 per customer last year. But it was a regular sale plus a coupon not a combo of coupons that made them cheap. They let myself, husband, and 2 oldest children each buy 3 packs tho. The fit a little smaller than huggies, The baby never experienced leaks or rash with them. I think they only go up to a size 5 (fits like a 4) and I never see too many sizes in stock. When in doubt, call your store, ask how many you can purchase and make sure you get the name of who you spoke to.

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  • brandi

    Anyone know how many we can stock up on? Think if i try to buy 4 or 5 packs there will be a problem?

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  • magggie

    Does anyone know for sure if you can use two coupons together?

  • Rachel

    Thank you for posting this!!! These are one of the only brands of diapers my sensitive-skinned little man can wear. Thank you so much, headed over there when they open in 45min 🙂

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  • Blaire Ruch

    The quality is good. You can use both coupons together. I don’t think there is a limit on the $5 price, but there is a limit of one print per computer for the manufacturer’s coupon.
    My store charged me tax on the regular price of $10.99 though. 🙁

    Still worth it.

  • olivia

    today is january 6, 2011. I went to the babies r us on Touhy. In Niles, illinois. THEY NO LONGER accept Manufacturer internet based coupons. .They will take their own coupons that they send to your email or manufacturer coupons that you acquired thru the mail or newspaper.

  • smilingme

    Nope, my husband just tried and they only accepted one coupon. could not combine coupons

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  • Tara G

    I did the diaper deal last night and found another great deal in the process.
    They are having a Buy 2 Get 3rd FREE ALL baby wash, lotion, powder or diaper rash items
    I purchased
    1 – 20 oz Johnson’s Head to Toe Baby Wash ($3.79)
    1 – 20 oz Johnson’s Moisture Care Baby Wash ($3.79)
    1 – 20 oz Johnson’s Baby Shampoo ($3.79 – FREE with Deal)

    I used
    -$1.00 off Johnson’s Head to Toe Baby Wash from
    -$2.00 off any 2 Johnson’s Newborn Skincare Essentials from

    $7.58 (for the 3) – $3.00 (in coupons) = $4.58 + tax (that’s $1.53/each or about 0.08 per ounce)

    I’m not sure how long this B2G1F deal is for, but you can check out all of the items that are included in the deal (it’s not just for Johnson’s products so you may find an even better coupon match up deal with different items than I did)

    Hope this helps!

  • brandi

    I went late late last night and took my mom along. I printed 4 each of each coupon in hopes of talking them into letting us buy 2 each. When I was getting the diapers, I rea into a dad who was loading up and I noticed he had the coupons…so I asked if the store would let you buy more than one pack and he handed me the phone with his wife on it. She said she went earlier to buy 6 packs and had 6 each of coupons and the manager said she only needed one each of the coupons to cover all 6 packs. I was so excited. We then grabbed 7 packs. So at the register, they took one $5 coupon for all of the diapers, and then they took all 4 manufactuers coupons,………….SO, i got 3 packs for $5 and 4 packs for 3.50. I was irritated that I only had 4 1.50 coupons, but $5 is pretty cheap.

    • Great Job Brandi!!
      Thanks for lettign me know that’s how Babies R Us coupons work. Now I know for any future deals.


    • olivia

      any idea on how to clear the printing memory (history) on my browser so i can print multiple coupons when i’m only allowed to print one from manufacturer’s site???-chicago