Baby Wipes Deals: CVS, Target and Amazon

In need of a good deal on baby wipes?  Below you will find a compilation of the best deals available right now with couple of options as far as brands go even!

CVS Deal

Buy two Huggies Wipes, 360 ct — $17.98
Use two $2/1 Huggies wipes coupons
Pay $13.98 plus tax out of pocket and get back $3 extra care bucks.

This deal makes the wipes $0.98 per tub if you consider that each tub of wipes has 64 wipes.  Here is the math: 720 wipes comes to roughly 11.25 tubs.  Next cost of $10.98 divided by 11.25 tubs = $0.98 per tub.

Amazon Deal

Amazon has Pampers Baby Fresh Wipes, 720-count Box for $13.43 when you select subscribe and save and sign up for Amazon Mom (free to join and you get free Prime Shipping as well)

Target Deal

Buy three tubs of Huggies wipes $1.99
Use one $2.50/3 Huggies Baby Wipes (exp 10/2/2010)
Use two $0.75/1 Huggies Wipes (exp 10/13/2010)
Pay $0.65 each after coupons

Hopefully with these deals you can find the one that works the best for you and your needs.

Thanks My Frugal Adventures)

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  • Tracy

    I did the Target deal above. The computer did not give me the full value of the $2.50 Huggies coupon. I had a two-year-old in tow and couldn’t straighten it out at customer service, so I emailed the Target corp. They are sending me a $3 Target coupon to make up for it. Anyway, I don’t know why this happened, but if you use this coupon with your Target coupons, watch your receipt!

  • Lindy Ward

    Im confused with the wipe deal at CVS. It doesnt add up for me the way you say it should… Can you tell me how you got .98 per container? Thanks!

    • Lindy, I have added the math to the post to make it easier to understand.


  • Karin

    Wouldn’t the CVS deal be 1.24 per tub? You have it as a total of 13.98, then you say 10.98… A little comfused?

    • Trish

      You are forgetting to calculate the ECB you get too.



  • Jamilla

    Target has a issue due to the recent upgrade to their point of sale system. I had the problem of $1.99 being deducted instead of the $2.50 for the wipes and I left without buying them since niether the cashier or Guest Services could help. I emailed corporate and this was their response:
    Thank you for bringing this situation to our attention. We’re sorry you didn’t receive the type of service you’ve come to expect at our Lauderhill Target store.
    > We are working to fix this error in our system. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused our guests. Guests who do not receive the full coupon amount at the point of sale can bring their receipts to guest services for a refund of the difference.
    > We expect our team members to be helpful while you’re shopping. From the experience you described, it sounds like we didn’t meet your expectations. Your comments are very important to us, and I’ve shared them with the Lauderhill Store Leadership team for further review.
    > As a gesture of goodwill, I’m mailing a couple Target coupons to invite you back for a better experience. I realize that this may not completely eliminate your frustration, but I do hope it shows our service commitment to you.
    > Thanks for helping us make Target even better.
    > Sincerely,
    > Cheryl
    > Target Guest Relations
    > (800) 440-0680
    > [THREAD ID:1-7K7BPJ]

    I will take a copy of this letter and attempt to do this deal again.

  • Heather

    I had this same issue at two different Targets and they tried to say that $1.99 was right at first, but after pointing out it’s $2.50/3 not one, and sweetly being insistent, they were very nice and corrected it. I will say the one time I’ve called Target corporate they were very nice and sent me a $5 giftcard for my trouble, which I did not ask for. I would definitely encourage anyone who did not get the value of a coupon or had a problem with store personnel to call corporate.

  • Michelle

    I agree that while Target’s coupons are being a bit of a pain right now, their corporate personnel has been extremely kind and helpful when I’ve called. I’ve received a $3 off anything in the store coupon for something that I was just requesting a $1 off of something. Very helpful! 🙂 Makes me have a little more faith in Target.

  • Tracy

    Thanks for the follow-up comments regarding the Target issues with the coupons. My problem was, I should have written down which coupons I was using, because I used a LOT, and my “sixth sense” kicked in after the transaction, telling me something wasn’t right about the way the coupons were deducted. But The Huggies coupon was the only one I knew for sure wasn’t right. The rest, I couldn’t recall what I used, etc. That’s life with a toddler in tow! Anyway, in the future, when I coupon at Target, I will jot down the coupons I am using, and their amounts. Thanks, all.

  • AC

    Hi Mercedes, wonder why don’t you use three $2/1 Huggies wipes coupons on Target deals instead of one $2.50/3 Huggies Baby Wipes. Do I miss something? Thanks!

    • Hi Guys

      Sorry for the confusion! Yes, the best deal is with three coupons! I just often get emails from readers saying they only have access to one computer so I thought I would mix things up this time 🙂
      I think access to two computer is manageable. What do you guys think?


      • AC

        Actually, it only let me printed once $2/1 Huggies wipes coupons and go straight to the back that reach the print limit.

  • AC

    Oh I see your point. Thank you 🙂

  • Cherri

    I did the target deal for wipes with the 2.50/3 and 2 target coupons. I watched the guy scan in all the coupons and they went through as far as I could tell. I knew I paid too much though. Ends up that the $2.50/3 was not even on there! I ask a lady up front and she went and got my coupons and went over it. She just rang it up and gave me $2.50. She was very nice about it. I hate that you have to watch things so closely and feel like you are not going to get your deal if you don’t check your receipt.

  • dana

    i cannot print target coupons is there anywhere else i can get that coupons and is i cannot find huggies coupon on target can someone email me if they have. i have 2 kids and need it very badly

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