Beauty and the Beast for $2.99

OK, here we go with another DVD/Movie deal at Toys R Us.  This is much simpler than the one I shared with you earlier and I am hoping it will work out better for all of you.  Here is is how to get the Beauty and the Beast DVD/Blu Ray Combo for $2.99 after coupons at Toys R Us:

  1. Print the Beauty and the Beast $10 coupon.
  2. Head to Toys R Us and do the following transaction:
  3. Buy one Beauty & the Beast Blue-ray/DVD combo (reg. $29.99) $22.99
    Plus Toy Story 3 Blu-ray/DVD combo Pre-order $5
    Get $10 for pre-ordering TS3 (automatically deducted when the pre-order card is scanned)
    Use $10/1 Beauty & the Beast printable
    Total = $7.99 + tax

  4. Pay $7.99 (plus tax) but $5 of those are towards Toy Story .  Plus there are these two  rebates available for up to $10 back don’t forget!

Use your $5 toward Toy Story 3 when it is released.  Plus I am really crossing my fingers (and have a really good feeling) that there  will be a coupon for $10 off  Toy Story 3.  Have you watched that movie by the way?  It is SO good!  So many great messages of friendship, loyalty and more.  I must confess to you I cried, I don’t want to tell which parts made me cried because I don’t want to spoil the movie if you haven’t watched it.  I don’t usually buy any movies but Toy Story 3 I definitely want to own.

Thanks Mama Cheaps!

  • Kyla

    I too am hoping for a coupon of some sort…I got Tinkerbell, BATB and pre-ordered Toy Story 3, once it’s all said and done…(If there’s a coupon for TS3) I will have gotten all 3 movies for about $20 or less OUT OF POCKET…and that’s only if there are no other deals on TS3…praying for good ones…mark down, plus coupon would be great… Thanks for all the tips!

  • Rei

    You need to purchase B&B with the TS3 pre-order in order to get the $10 discount. The $10 automatically comes off when they scan the pre-order card. You do not receive a $10 coupon from the pre-order. I did it yesterday :)

    1 Beauty & the Beast Blue-ray/DVD combo (reg. $29.99) $22.99
    1 Toy Story 3 Blu-ray/DVD combo Pre-order $5
    -$10 for pre-ordering TS3 (automatically deducted when the pre-order card is scanned)
    -$10/1 Beauty & the Beast printable
    Total = $7.99 + tax

    • Mercedes

      Thanks Rei!

      This is why these deals make my head spin. Some people call it a coupon and others a discount. I am modifying the post.

  • Laurie

    Did this on Tuesday and worked like a charm (plus my oop was less, since I’d already put down the $5 deposit/pre-order for B&Beast when I bought Tink). I am so stoked about all these fantastic Disney movie deals. Bought an extra copy of each to give away as a really nice (but very cheap) Christmas present. Can’t wait to submit for the rebates too!

  • ras

    Got this one yesterday. The best part is, I’d done your earlier deal with Tink/BATB, so I still have a $10 gift card to put towards TS3.

  • shiny

    what is pre order card?

  • Mary

    I’m confused. After I subtract the discounts I get $7.99 + Tax. How are you getting $2.99 + Tax.

  • Keri

    When it comes out, do you pick up your copy of TS3 for $15?

    • Mercedes

      It would probably be $24.99 and they will apply what you paid when you preordered ($5) to the cost to deduct it.


      • melissa

        but i thought the pre-order form is a coupon/discount of $10 off as an incentive to buy the movie. and the $5 is just a deposit to get the $10 coupon. so you’ll pay another $10 when you pick up the movie and will pay $15 all together ($5 now and $10 when pick it up)

  • shiny

    how do you pre order TS3? do yout ell this to the cashier?

    • melissa

      yes. i got the BATB movie and went to the cashier and said i want to buy this and pre order the TS3 movie.

      no problems at all. $9.18 OOP with tax.

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  • melissa

    last post about this =)

    when i was getting the BATB movie, there were 2 signs. one said $7 BATB and the other said get a coupon booklet when buy Disney movie. forgot to ask the cashier about it and they didn’t give me one.

    did anyone else see this sign and/or get the coupon booklet?


  • Erika

    Thank you so much for the heads up! I took advantage of this deal today at my local ToysRus. The cashier looked at me like I had ten heads when I handed her my $10 coupon from the Disney website, but did not say a word. She even told me that she was surprised it worked when the computer took the $10 coupon after the $10 instant savings from the Toy Story 3 pre-order. I then paid using a Staples Rebate Visa card and paid $0 OOP today. Then I went to Shaws, purchased the three soups for the $5 rebate and also paid using that Rebate Visa Card, thus leaving the rest of my spending cash intact for the week. Such a sweet deal so close to Christmas!!!

  • Kt I.

    I went in today to buy Beauty and The Beast and it seems that Toys ‘r’ us had a coupon for $6.00 off-ask the cashier about it. I paid $3.02 out of pocket and now have $5.00 towards TS3!!! This was amazing! I’m so glad because when I tried to do the deal with Tinkerbell it didn’t work out so well for me:(

  • kitsune

    Was anyone else refused this deal? I went in to Toys’r’us to ask about it and was told they weren’t honoring the offer anymore. I was so angry I went to Safeway and got free popcorn, water bottle and pumpkin instead.