Best Black Friday Sale

I read this interesting tip last year on Hotcouponworld and would like to share with you:

The day after Thanksgiving is the best time to buy beef, pork or chicken marked down. All those fancy cuts and whole roasts that were heavily promoted for Thanksgiving entertainment can be found heavily discounted the day after. Also be on the lookout for clearance partyware (plates, napkins, cups) as this needs to make way for all of the holiday themed items. This same sale can be found the day after Christmas.

I tried this last year at my grocery store but didn’t find any meat on sale. However I do live in a small town. I imagine larger grocery stores may overbuy and may be likely to have excess items the day after the holiday. Has anyone taken advantage of sales like this one?

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  • Anonymous

    I have bought discounted turkey the day after Thanksgiving but I would love to find a great price on the beef that I need to buy for Christmas and New Years day. Thanks for the tip!

  • Andrea

    Pick N Save/ Copps has a corporate policy to NEVER mark down meat, dairy, or produce. I’ve asked repeatedly, and they finally told me that corporate doesn’t want to be held liable. They just THROW THE FOOD AWAY. How wasteful!

    I’d check your nearest Superwalmart, Mercedes. I often find meat marked down there, and it is usually still a few days before the “freeze by” date.

    Good luck!