Big Lots 20% off Coupon


Get a coupon for 20% at Big Lots if you are a Buzz Club Member.  All you need to do to be one is register with them.  You can use your coupon from 1/24-2/1.

It’s been a while since I have been to Big Lots but we are currently in the market for a futton.  If you shop at Big Lots, what kind of things do you think are good deals there?

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  • Mary

    Lots of good deals on weird food…I found Mrs. Leepers gluten free rice pasta for $1 a package and it had an expiry date a year out, so I bought all they had. That would have been $4-5 at a specialty store. And I find Quisp cereal there every so often for $1 a box. Tastes like Cap’n Crunch but it’s corn-based and no wheat, so I can eat it.

    I also found Smooshed Fruit boxes for $1 each – these are over $4 at my local grocery store. Organic, taste like fruit roll ups. Yum. Some of the stuff is a little questionable so I’m always sure to check the dates on them!

  • Cathrine

    We’ve been pricing mattresses for our 3-1/2 year old. BigLots already had the best price. This 20% off just makes it better. $200 twin set will be $160!

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  • Casey

    Thank you for the tip I used my today!

  • audrey

    Just got back from Big lots using my 20% off coupon and for 31.71 dollars I got…

    5 big boxes of white cheddar cheese its (1.36 each)
    12 taco shells (1.04)
    12 double rolls of Toilet Paper (4.01)
    big bag of napkins (.80)
    6 instant pudding mixes(.31 each)
    big thing of hypo sensitive lotion (1.60)
    9 bars of dial hypo sensitive soap (.80 per 3 pack)
    2 sets of nice in ear headphones (4.00 each)
    1 box of murray’s ginger snaps (.80)
    40 pack of tampons (3.20)