Black Friday Sneak Peaks: Target, Walgreens, Kohl’s, Lowe’s and More

Are you wondering what kind of deals you may be able to get this upcoming Black Friday? I have been wondering this too, as I want to know what I can wait to buy and what I can buy now. Here is a list of the leaked Black Friday ads for the following stores  (Please be patient as some of these ad scans load up.):

There are some pretty HOT deals to be had at some stores! What is you plan for Black Friday?  What stores will you be visiting or will you be skipping it altogether?

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  • Pat

    The only stores I MIGHT go to on Black Friday are Walgreens and Ace hardware where there aren’t people standing in line for hours!

  • erika

    Is it just me or are these so called “sales” disappointing, i dont see anyhting that im willing to stand in line for hours at the crack of dawn for. Some of these “sales” are regular price like target has pillow pets for $19.99, there always that price.

  • andrea

    I have to agree about the “sales” prices. I saw one or two things I liked but nothing I’m willing to stand in line for!! I will be skipping Black Friday again this year. Sometimes if you watch prices throughout the year you can get just as good a deal or better.

  • shannon o

    I go mainly for the movies. It is my stock up time when they are that cheap. I also would like a king size down comforter and they are pretty cheap at kohls that do so I may try to snag one.

    • I am looking for a king size down comforter too!!! I will kep an eye out for a deal for us!


      • Courtney

        I too am not to impressed with the ads so far.

        As for down comforters I got one last year from Kohls for $25 now this year they are $40!! Crazy. I am really disappointed with Kohls usually that is one of our first stops but this year I am not sure we will even go!!

        If you have a Sears they have Colormate Down comforters for $25.

        Happy Shopping.

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  • Trina

    Does anyone know if the same deals mentioned in BF ads will be available at the same times online? I’d prefer NOT to be at target, but there is an item I’ve been watching I’d like to have as well as toys R Us…

  • Martha

    Thanks for the heads up on these great deals! I’ve actually never shopped Black Friday before, being a first-year couponer. I’ll definitely be out there at Rite Aid, CVS and Walgreens!

  • Erin

    I was wondering about online as well? Do you get the same sale prices without waiting in the long lines most places? The outlet mall by us opens at midnight…crazy!

  • Amber

    I will be hitting Sears for a down Comforter, and either sears or best buy for a new flat screen for my new house. 🙂 Other than that, nothing looks SUPER great, but we will see what I end up with.

  • Usually they run Cyber Monday deals online, but not sure if they are the same as in the ads. I find it kind of interesting that those of us who consider ourselves “couponistas” and “deal divas” don’t shop BF. Like Andrea said, sometimes you can get better deals by watching things thru the year.

    I have a ? about Target GC promotions. I see they are offering a GC with a $100 purchase. If you also purchace another item with a GC deal attached (like the itouch) will you get both?

    Thanks for the list mercedes. All the FREE tolietry items at Wags look good too. Maybe if I need to step away from the pie on Saturday I will make a run! 🙂

    • I was excited about the deals at Walgreens too!
      Regarding your Target questyion I think you would because they are two different promotions.


  • pennyscents

    Does anybody know of any good toy coupon match ups?

    • I have noticed that many of the toy coupons expire before black Friday. For example, there is a Tag Reading System $5 printable from Leapfrog, but it exp. On the 18th. Also all the toy coupons at target expire the day before, 24. This week I am going to use the $5 tag from leapfrog and stack it with the $10 tag target q to get it for $24.99. Same price as it will be during black Friday weekend, but I won’t have to fight the crowds.